Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Ire (and respect)

"‘Waive the Patents’: Moderna Still Refuses to Share Covid-19 Vaccine Recipe" (Corbett). 

"Molnupiravir ugh" (Berenson):

"Yes, molnupiravir - a pill to treat Covid - seems to reduce hospitalizations and deaths, assuming Merck’s press release from last week holds up.

But it is yet another story of the US health care system and drug development gone awry.

A Miami hedge-fund manager and his wife - Wayne and Wendy Holman - are likely to make hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly billions, on it - and they took almost no risk. They basically got in the way of Merck licensing it from Emory University, where taxpayers had paid for its early development (this is how we make drugs in the United States, friends).

Added bonus: almost 20 years ago, Wendy Holman, who at the time had a different husband and a different last name, saw her name pop up in the same insider trading scandal that ensnared Martha Stewart. It too involved a drug company.

(Wendy Commins Blake aka Holman denied wrongdoing, was never charged, and eventually married Wayne Holman. A few years later the newlyweds found their way to Miami's Star Island, where they bought a mansion for $28.8 million and the one next to it for $18 million. You read that right.)"

"Member of Parliament Says Pfizer and AstraZeneca Paid Lobbyists to Direct Australia’s Leaders to Push Vaccine Mandates (VIDEO)" (Laila).  I don't know if it is true or not, but this is exactly how modern politics is run.  This kind of thing is why, for example, 'Israel' still exists.

Ha, ha, ha!:  "NATO honors Nancy Pelosi with first-ever “Women for Peace” award" (Rozoff).  She should win the Women With Miraculous Stock Returns award.

Ha, ha, ha!  I wonder how much this cost the Liberal Party of Canada.  No doubt a future Women for 'Peace' award winner:  "KGB archives show how Chrystia Freeland drew the ire (and respect) of Soviet intelligence services"  (Miles). 

From the parody Twitter: The funniest part is the utter incompetence of the lies told to hide the real reason for why the flights aren't flying: "Southwest Airlines Cancels 1000s of Flights Due To Air Traffic Control Walkouts Over Vaccine Mandate" (Panzerhund, etc).
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