Monday, October 18, 2021

Long-haul anthrax

"'Saudis showing utter contempt for Biden’s human rights policy': Report".  MbS has never paid the slightest heed to entreaties for reforms, based on human rights and/or international law, concerning either Yemen or Khashoggi or his numerous human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia.

"Free Alex Saab Delegation at the African Bar Association" (Philpot/Harris).  It is Meng 2, but Venezuela has a lot fewer tools than China did.  It looks to me that Cape Verde jumped the gun on letting the Americans kidnap him before finishing all the local legal procedures, due to the extremely imminent election coming up.  Once the kidnappers grab you, though, the legal niceties become moot.

"Smollett Redux: Hoax Stunt in Germany" (Steil).  The Mystery of the Missing Medallion.

"Bellingcat Funded by U.S. and UK Intelligence Contractors That Aided Extremists in Syria" (Klarenberg).

"Colin Powell’s E-mails – Re-posted 18 October 2021 on the occasion of his death" (Lang).  I wonder why Powell thought Rumsfeld should have been fired.
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