Thursday, October 21, 2021

Much faster than we expect

"Yellow Vests ‘Season 2’ begins – are Season 1’s always better?" (Mazaheri):

". . . don’t forget the victories: they stopped Macron’s privatisation of the airports, they forced him to back down on yet another austerity budget (thus ending 9 years of austerity), they got €10 billion in concessions (which was credited to raising France’s 2019 Q3 growth rate of 0.3% (remember how many years of awful quarters they had when 0.3% quarterly growth would be trumped up as proof of austerity’s success!)), they must get credit for inspiring the 2019/20 General Strike (France’s longest labor movement in history) and also – they refused to give up.

These are low numbers, because how many hurt protesters (including tourists) didn’t report their injuries, but the 1-year tally in late November was 11,000 arrests, 2,000 convictions, 1,000 imprisoned, 5,000 seriously hurt and 1,000 critically injured."

"Photo of College Lecture on 'Right-Handed Privilege' Goes Viral" (Dutton).

Even better is that the joke is terrible, relying entirely on the shock value of the last words, the saying of which would now result in immediate cancellation: 

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