Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Patience running out

All you need to know about the phony manipulators at PETA: 

Are they using the same Republican coach, or is DeSantis just mimicking Trump?: This is how to run a serious country: "Beijing Tells Evergrande's Billionaire Founder To Repay The Insolvent Company's Debts" (Durden). "Jewish Overlords Issue Decree on Children’s Halloween Costumes" (Anglin):
"You can say “oh, I don’t have to follow these Jews.”

But you are mistaken.

These Jews are in charge of the entire country. If you cross them, you risk being completely obliterated.

If you reject the Jewish guidelines, and allow your child to dress up as a racist and sexist goblin or ghost costume, you risk paying the ultimate price.

They will get you fired from your job, sue you, put you on blast in the media as an evil hater and terrorist. They can literally do whatever they want to you. Your only choice is to bow to the will of the Jews, or risk total annihilation.

Seriously: these are the most powerful people in the world, and you’re not allowed to question them.

How do you think that works?

They crush people like ants.

Ask me what happened when I questioned the Jews.

(No but seriously – don’t ask.)

These Jews slaughtered Our Jesus and they are planning on wiping out the rest of us. 
Of course, with people already losing their jobs because of the Jewish vax agenda and the Jewish economic collapse, some people might have less to lose."
"Shock as Jews Whining and Bitching That Everyone Hates Them" (Anglin).

"Noam Chomsky Endorses Holodomor 2.0 Strategy to Starve The Unvaxxed Into Submission" (Menahan).

"The Slithering Sarah Silverman, Part 1" (LeBlanc).  Some contradictions in the product.

"Trudeau speech latest example of weaponizing antisemitism to defend Israel" (Engler).  He's just a ventriloquist dummy for the Bronfmans.

All this pretend whining, even by the spokes-country for the Rothschilds, won't make any difference:  "Israel’s ‘terrorist’ designation of Palestinian rights groups credits ‘apartheid’ label U.S. political establishment denies" (Weiss).  As I keep noting, the Khazars are absolutely brimming with confidence these days.  See also:  "Israeli Official Threatens To Cut Power & Water To Proposed US Consulate For Palestinians" (Durden).  As Anglin wrote:  "Seriously: these are the most powerful people in the world, and you’re not allowed to question them."

"Russian and Chinese Patience with the United States Finally Shows Signs of Running Out" and "Significant Changes of Direction by the West in Relation to China" (O'Neill):
"Brenner points to the recent development of the AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom and the United States) as a political gesture that is designed to achieve two ends: first, to place an immediate obstacle in the way of Sino-Australian relations, and second, to tighten the United States grasp on Canberra’s foreign policy options in the Asia Pacific region.

He describes the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison as someone who is just posturing, Brenner is not the first person to point out that there will be economic losses as a consequence of Australia’s posture toward China. It is difficult to understand how Australia could, in fact, follow a foreign policy that is so detrimental to its economic relationship with China, which is far and away its biggest trading partner. One of the alarming features is that Morrison’s suicidal conduct toward trading relationships with China has had so little effect on his popularity. The Australian media has played a major role in not alerting the readership to the economic dangers of Australia’s blind adherence to American foreign policy wishes with regard to China."
"The Syrian Charity Scam" (Larudee).  Please give to the suffering orphan head-loppers of al Qaeda.

"Sinister Rockefeller Food System Agenda — They Created it and Now Want to Destroy It" (Engdahl):
"This agenda is not surprising when we look at the background of the key actors at Rockefeller Foundation. The President, Rajiv Shah, came out of a background at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he was Director of Agricultural Development. At Gates Foundation Shah worked with the Rockefeller Foundation to create the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. He is intimately tied to the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) of Great Reset guru, Klaus Schwab, where Shah recently co-chaired the WEF Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Economic Growth and Recovery. There he wrote that “governments must actively shape markets towards green and inclusive growth.”

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is a project that has tried to force GMO seeds and related pesticides at huge cost on poorer African small farmers. It has been an agriculture disaster for African farmers. The AGRA model plays a key role in understanding the unspoken agenda of the Rockefeller Foundation and allies such as WEF and Gates Foundation. The person responsible under Shah at Rockefeller for the agriculture program is Roy Steiner, the foundation’s Senior Vice President for Food Initiative. Steiner was with Shah at the Gates Foundation and worked with Shah to create the pro-GMO AGRA in Africa.

The deep role of both Shah and Steiner in AGRA and its GMO agenda gives a very good idea how Rockefeller & Co. plan the radical transformation of US agriculture, and it is not good. The report says that it will reduce CO2 and methane emissions and introduce plant-based alternatives. Bill Gates co-funded the startup of the imitation meat company, Impossible Foods, using lab-grown fake meat and gene-editing. He insists synthetic beef is a necessary strategy to address climate change and declares that Americans and other Western nations must switch to a diet of 100% synthetic beef. No more cows no more gas emissions

The agriculture agenda of the influential Rockefeller Foundation, the agenda of Davos WEF and of the UN all converge on the Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030 for “sustainable agriculture.” On September 23, 2021 in New York the UN hosted Food Systems Summit 2021. The chair of the summit was Agnes Kalibata UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to the 2021 Food Systems Summit. Her selection was vehemently opposed by dozens of NGOs based on the fact she is President of the Gates-Rockefeller AGRA in Africa. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres announced the summit as a part of the Decade of Action for achieving Agenda 2030 sustainable goals. Olivier De Schutter, former UN special rapporteur on the right to food, stated that the Food Summit was the result of “closed-door agreements” at the World Economic Forum in Davos. 
In June 2019 at the UN, WEF head Klaus Schwab and UN’s Guterres signed a formal partnership “to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” One year later amid the covid pandemia, Klaus Schwab announced launch of the technocratic Great Reset together with Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN; and Kristalina Georgieva of the International Monetary Fund. Davos, the UN and Rockefeller Foundation are all on one agenda and it is not good for the future health and food of mankind. This is no conspiracy theory; it’s the real conspiracy."
"Nation-State Attacker of Telecommunications Networks" (Schneier).

"Release Georges Abdallah: a demand for justice!":
". . . Georges Abdallah co-founded the Lebanese Revolutionary Armed Fraction (FARL) which claimed responsibility for several operations on French soil, including the executions in 1982 of Yacov Barsimentov and Charles Ray, active Mossad and CIA agents. Arrested in Lyon on October 24, 1984, Georges Abdallah was sentenced to life imprisonment for complicity in the assassinations, following a politically motivated trial riddled with irregularities. As an example, let us note the case of his first lawyer, Jean-Paul Mazurier, who later revealed, after the trial, that he had been in the employ of the French intelligence services. Or even the ludicrous accusations (officially disclaimed some time later) against the Abdallah brothers, naming them as supposedly responsible for the attacks on the rue de Rennes in Paris in 1986. The response to these attacks designated Georges Abdallah as a scapegoat in a period when the authorities and the media of the time sought to name any culprit, with the bloody attacks which make the headlines. While the prosecutor in his case requested a 10-year prison sentence, Georges Abdallah was sentenced to life imprisonment: Exceptional justice running at full speed."
Yet another case of government employees doing bad things:
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