Sunday, October 10, 2021

Real versus fake

"They’ve Done This Before: Five Past Cases of FBI Incitement" (revolver): 

"When Simpson and Soofi drove to the site of the attack, an FBI agent was in a car right behind them. That informant was dressed in Middle Eastern garb, and looked the part so well that local police nearly shot him in the mayhem. That informant also actively abetted the attack. Merely a week before the shooting, when Simpson shared a link about the upcoming cartoon contest, the agent replied by urging him to “tear up Texas.” Simpson replied by saying the agent didn’t have to be so overt about what was to be done.

After the attack, the FBI claimed that despite their agent being in direct contact with one of the shooters beforehand, the entire thing was a huge coincidence. The agent, they said, was at the Muhammad cartoon contest as part of another infiltration operation, and was surprised as anyone to see the other two attackers there (so surprised, apparently, that instead of trying to stop the attackers he simply fled the scene in a panic). The fact an FBI agent was in a car directly behind the attackers at the moment they arrived and started their attack was just a huge fluke worthy of a sitcom like Arrested Development.

Of course, if the agent’s presence really was innocent, it raises the question of why it was kept a secret from the public for fifteen months afterwards, and why the FBI has avoided full transparency in the matter to this day (even now, the agent’s name isn’t public)."
"The Internet Archive's 'Wayforward Machine' paints a grim future for the web" (Holt).  Far too optimistic.

Click on the link and read the right side to see what Zuck considers to be 'false information':  Gab (Mikayiyl):

First post.

Facebook just censored me.

I just censored Facebook.

Peace Be With You."

"Haugen Isn’t Really a ‘Facebook Whistleblower’ – and It’s Dangerous to Imagine She Is" (Cook).  It shouldn't be much of a surprise that the concept of whistleblower has been weaponized.  It isn't much of a task to distinguish the false ones from the real ones.  Is he or she in jail or in hiding, or has been in jail for the whistleblowing?  Real.  Is he or she free as a bird and is in fact lauded to the skies by the (((media))) for 'bravery'.  Fake.  It wasn't always this cut and dried, but everything, especially the (((media))), has deteriorated so much, and Big Tech is consistently pure scum.

The chainsaw is a nice touch:
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