Saturday, October 16, 2021

The mind becomes the battlefield

"Bovard: When Barack Obama Got Away With Murder".

"The Chinese Outbreak Began in Spring 2019" and "The Earliest Infections" (eugyppius).

No change at CNN:
"Behind NATO’s ‘Cognitive Warfare’: ‘Battle for Your Brain’ Waged by Western Militaries" (Norton):
"Marie-Pierre Raymond, a retired Canadian lieutenant colonel who currently serves as a “defence scientist and innovation portfolio manager” for the Canadian Armed Forces’ Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security Program, also joined the October 5 panel.

“Long gone are the days when war was fought to acquire more land,” Raymond said. “Now the new objective is to change the adversaries’ ideologies, which makes the brain the center of gravity of the human. And it makes the human the contested domain, and the mind becomes the battlefield.”

“When we speak about hybrid threats, cognitive warfare is the most advanced form of manipulation seen to date,” she added, noting that it aims to influence individuals’ decision-making and “to influence a group of a group of individuals on their behavior, with the aim of gaining a tactical or strategic advantage.”

Raymond noted that cognitive warfare also heavily overlaps with artificial intelligence, big data, and social media, and reflects “the rapid evolution of neurosciences as a tool of war.”"
"NATO’s fantasy ‘cognitive warfare’ strategies expose its ongoing assault on the public mind" (Klarenberg).  The bright side is that these buffoons won't be any more competent at this than they are at conventional warfare.  It is just another in a series of boondoggles.

Can you imagine the good they could be doing if they were not traitors and were actually working for their own country?:  "Congress has introduced over 70 pieces of Israel-centric legislation so far in 2021" (Shihadah).

Tapper is horrible, but credit where credit is due:
I wonder if there is the slightest chance that a Sackler might do some time.

The Khazars find it hilarious to use airline passengers as human shields against preventing their missile attacks.  "Russia: Syria held back fire as Israel used civilian aircraft as cover in Homs raid".

"Colour Revolutions Fade Away" (Armstrong):
"To a degree, “colour revolutions” are waiting games and the incumbent, if he keeps his nerve, has certain advantages."
and (it is also wise to get rid of foreign social media):
"Former successes – in recent times, Ukraine twice, Georgia – are becoming failures: Hong Kong, Venezuela and Belarus. The targets have learned how to counter the attacks. The essential rules for defeating “colour revolutions” are:
  1. They come from outside. So cut out the outsiders and get rid of the foreign “Non-Government” Organisations. This is probably the most important preventative: the “colour revolution” operators were quite unhindered in, for example, Ukraine.
  2. Remember Alexander’s advice: don’t give up too soon. Maduro and Lukashenka are still there. To say nothing of Russia, China and Iran.
  3. Don’t be afraid that you’ll be blamed: you will be anyway. The Western propaganda machine is not interested in facts.
  4. Be tough. There’s a rhythm to these things; if you interrupt them, it’s hard for them to get back on track.
  5. Be patient, as we saw in Hong Kong, the outrage is mostly artificial and will run out of steam.
  6. Learn the techniques of how they’re done, watch for them and counter them.
  7. And finally: time is on your side. The West is not getting stronger. What the neocons call “the axis of revisionists” is."
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