Friday, October 29, 2021

The spaces left between

"Poland asks Russia for new discount deal with cheaper gas to slash its energy bills amid shortages & price rises across Europe".  Literally at the same time they are doing everything they possibly can to provoke WWIII in order to lead to the complete nuclear destruction of Russia! 

The parody account which consists of imagined pitches for stories made to CBC producers:
There is already considerable angst about Tucker Carlson's 1/6 documentary: It is striking that 'The Science' has conclusively and completely shifted regarding the success of the vaxx, but the bureaucrats/politicians continue on their totalitarian path as if nothing has changed:  "The Science: Covid Vaccines Don’t Reduce Risk of Spreading or Catching Virus, Useless After 3 Months" (Dunderhoff).  It is obvious that they needed the vaxx totalitarianism to lead to the Great Reset totalitarianism (that's how it was drawn up on Schwab's whiteboard), so any changes to the facts which undermine vaxx totalitarianism must be ignored.
Barry's coddling of the crooked billionaires led directly to Trump's election:  ""Meltdown": How "Hope and Change" led to MAGA" (Taibbi).  I am still reading and hearing stories about how many lives were profoundly wrecked by the 2007-2008 billionaire thieving housing 'crisis' (or opportunity, for those friends of Barry).

The Khazars win everything these days, and the perfect Khazar double is more American arms to kill civilians in Yemen, in return for Saudi Arabia joining the Abraham Accords:  "Facing Pressure to End Yemen Blockade, Saudis Want More US Arms" (Ditz).

Is the fact that MbS is such a flaming, spectacular, psychopathic piece of shit ever going to have any real world consequences?

For the 'good' kind of electoral challenge (an unusually telling unconfident move from the front-runner):  "Terry McAuliffe Hires Controversial Ex-Clinton Lawyer Marc Elias" (Turley).  If McAuliffe loses, it will be because of that tranny rape and the police state tactics used against normal people who had some issues with it.

Hoe Savile 'groomed' politicians and royals:  "Jimmy Savile: Establishment Hero" (Kinney).

It has become clear that the real supply chain shortage under which we are suffering is that of guillotines.
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