Sunday, November 14, 2021

100% not obvious

"The Washington Post corrects, removes parts of two stories regarding the Steele dossier" (Farhi).  I assume the 'journalists' are now sweeping floors in an Amazon warehouse.

The original 'reporting' was from December 2017:

This is quite the whopper, even for the JYT:

"The day we sang to Colin Powell in Ramallah" (Golan):
"When Powell arrived, we international solidarity activists sang “We shall Overcome” from our room behind the door so that Powell and the delegation of White House approved journalists could hear us. We added verses to the song with “Refugees will return,” “Prisoners Will be free,” and “We shall have one state…”

Our song reached Powell’s ears but not his heart. Unfortunately, our showers and the fact that we kept singing pretty much non stop until the siege was lifted were the only benefits of Powell’s visit. We discovered that singing did wonders for our nerves that were shot by hunger, thirst, and the threat of the occupation forces invading the building.

After the first meeting between Powell and Arafat our Palestinian hosts were pleased. Powell had listened to President Arafat. But when Powell returned again after meeting with Ariel Sharon, who took Powell on a helicopter ride over the Lebanese border, he simply parroted all the Israeli positions. Some negotiator."
"Man who wore Hamas T-shirt in Golders Green admits terrorism offences".  The headline is clumsy, probably on purpose.  There weren't additional 'terrorism' offenses, wearing the t shirt was the 'terrorism'.  There were Jews around, so it was the hollow cost of sumptuary offenses.

"Debunking myths about Nicaragua’s 2021 elections, under attack by USA/EU/OAS" (Norton).  Not one (((media))) outlet will acknowledge any of this.

Context, back to Clinton's shivving of Bernie in 2016, for the American infrastructure negotiations:  "The Democratic Centrist-Progressive Alliance Hinges Upon Build Back Better" (Rall).  American 'progressives' are like some comedic construction that gets beat up every time, but keeps coming back for more abuse.

"New Great Game in the Caucasus and Central Asia (Updated: Maps)" (Escobar) (also at Unz without the three maps at the end, but with a different map of its own).  A Trans-Caspian corridor.

"Bashar Assad getting accepted by Arab leaders. US and Israel losing their chance" (Inlakesh).  Since Turkey is continuing to attack Syria, and, Israel-like, wants to steal Syrian land, and Turkey is Muslim Brotherhood, and MbZ fears the Muslim Brotherhood, there's an 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' angle here for Syria.

Double tracking:  "Reflections on Events in Afghanistan-34" (Bhadrakumar).

"Another Bogus Russian War Scare" (Robinson).  WWIII will have to await the next President, but it is like any preparation period for any War For The Jews, where the (((media))) sets up ideas that will be ginned up when the US thinks it has caught up in weaponry, and has a President with a functioning brain.  We are in a period of PR, like when the Jews, along with the traitors they own, started sending letters to Clinton advocating the War For The Jews against Iraq.  Of course the Ukrainians are crazy, and incompetent, and desperate, and unpredictable, so any of this could suddenly blow up.  There are many reasons why putting ideas in the heads of Ukrainians is a bad idea:  "In Ukraine The U.S. Is Risking War" (Moon of Alabama).

"Russia Aims to Shut Down Soros Group Attacking Russian History" (Anglin).  From Kinosha to Moscow, Soros is everywhere.

"How the U.S. Hid an Airstrike That Killed Dozens of Civilians in Syria" (Philipps/Schmitt).  "“Worse than a Crime”: Pentagon Inspector finds Kabul Drone Strike Killing 10 not a Violation of Law (!)" (Cole).  ""Shocker": Pentagon Review Finds 'No Misconduct' Or Legal Violations In Kabul Drone Strike That Killed Children" (Durden).  "That no one will resign for killing Kabul children shows American empire’s true face" (Malic).  "‘Over-the-horizon’ is just the newest buzz phrase for American incompetence – as proven by recent drone strikes in Afghanistan" (Ritter).  "Murder By Any Other Name" (Ritter).

"Ghislaine Maxwell meets her reckoning on Monday: The hot-shot lawyer who brought down El Chapo, the defence expert who'll claim 'victims' have false memory syndrome and the big question: Will she implicate Prince Andrew? " (Leonard).  "Jack Ruby: Israel's Smoking Gun" (Guyénot).

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