Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A proud recidivist in moral dereliction

This is an interesting treatment of the Faucian dystopia (Fauci's lying and corrupt incompetence has permanently wrecked the concept of public health):  "McKinsey, the Force Multiplier for the Opioid Crisis, Goes All in With Anti-Public-Health Messaging on Covid" (Naked Capitalism).  Things aren't going to go swimmingly if 'public health' is reduced to:

  1. maximizing profits for select pharmaceutical companies; and
  2. leading the sheeple into the billionaire-driven dystopia fronted by Schwab.

'The Science' has become a lazy way for people who should know better, and often do know better, to go with the career-safe flow.

On the other hand, I profoundly disagree with the conclusions of the commentator.  Protecting the vulnerable was the only sane way to go, and it is when the 'leaky', incompetently/crookedly developed, and, needless to say, untested, vaxx was introduced that the vaxx-caused variants started to hit much younger people.  The entire thing was a pure textbook example of how not to handle a pandemic (and that's not even getting into the issue that the wider sociological problems caused by lockdowns of society are going to cause a lot more problems than the virus, which would otherwise have just drifted away).  They frankly did an epidemiologically better job of handling the (similar) Spanish flu a hundred years ago.

Btw, I jumped the line yesterday and become one of the first Canadians to get the third-shot booster of the beastly vaxx (very slightly sore arm today!).  Special circumstances, though (I was only able to jump the line and the 6-month waiting time due to a letter from a specialist).  It is very hard to recommend it to a normie not in a risk group.
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