Monday, November 22, 2021

A shame Trump didn't listen to his Iranian friends

"DoJ Charges 2 Iranians Posing As Proud Boys With Election Meddling" (Durden):

"An indictment unsealed in New York Thursday charged two Iranian nationals for their alleged involvement in a "cyber-enabled campaign to intimidate and influence American voters, and otherwise undermine voter confidence and sow discord, in connection with the 2020 U.S. presidential election," according to a Department of Justice (DoJ) press release.

Seyyed Kazemi, 24, and Sajjad Kashian, 27, Iranian nationals, were indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan federal court this week. The indictment claims Kazemi and Kashian obtained voter information from one state website while attempting to access others. The duo posed as a "group of Proud Boys volunteers" and created bogus videos showing a person hacking state voter websites to create fake absentee ballots. The video was widely distributed ahead of the 2020 presidential election to Republican members of the House and Senate, Trump administration officials, and Trump's re-election campaign.

Both men are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit cyber fraud and abuse, intimidate voters and transmit interstate threats."
"Given that Kazemi and Kashian are likely in Iran, and both countries have poor relations, it's unlikely the pair will be brought to justice."
So it appears that the 'crime' is researching possible American Presidential vote fraud by the Democrats, and making a video posing as Proud Boys - for credibility - to try to warn the Republicans about it, a warning that fell on deaf ears allowing Brandon to win by cheating!  Surely if they really wanted to interfere with the election they wouldn't disseminate a video about how they did it!
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