Saturday, November 27, 2021

All the devils are here

"Army officer who reported prisoner abuses dies at age 42".  Reading between the lines, it appears that he was harassed until the US government could make his death look like a suicide.  It is a warning to other whistleblowers.  The two spook newspapers, the JYT and Washington Post, are harping on 'mental illness'.

"Ethiopia Warns US Against ‘Spreading False Information’ About War" (DeCamp).  The Official Story, even by those sympathetic to the central government, was that everybody in Addis Ababa was just waiting around to die at the hands of the rebels, but that seems to be the standard reporting procedure that publishes as fact what the (((media))) wants to see happen.

"Is Big Brother Israel a ‘stalker state’?" (Jansen).  Each day it becomes clearer that we are all Palestinians, and we are going to receive our just rewards for allowing the Khazars to steal a state so they could commit genocide.

"The Truth About Kushner" (Taki).  Low-life grasper.  He's going to do well in the Gulf now that it appears Trump will win the next Presidential Election in a landslide:
"Metro newspaper apologises for publishing letter claiming Jews are part of ‘privileged majority’ " (Kaplan) (another in the series of amusing stores where the (((people))) who definitely aren't privileged throw their considerable weight around).  "Downfall of Britain's WOKEST head: She makes £400k a year at a school loved by the rich but is leaving after a revolt by parents who said pupils are indoctrinated about 'white privilege' - as we reveal how a staff meeting sparked claims of anti-Semitism" (Adams):
"I can reveal that the governing board of trustees at the school, which has many Jewish students, decided to launch what a spokesman calls the ‘complaints process’ amid claims that highly offensive remarks had been made at a meeting of ASL’s entire faculty of teachers, which Appleby chaired.

Details of what occurred at that meeting, which took place on November 3, are heavily disputed.

But two written accounts passed to the Mail — at least one of which was seen by members of the board — suggest that the words ‘Nazi’, ‘swastika’ and ‘Hitler’ were used by members of Mrs Appleby’s staff during a heated conversation about the reaction of parents to the school’s efforts to educate children about race relations.

The school — which holds a tape recording of the whole conversation — denies that the contentious terms were ever ‘used to describe parents’ of pupils (many of whom, particularly Jewish ones, believe the issue is being taught in ways that are divisive and politically biased).

It will not comment on whether the inflammatory terms were used in a different context.

In a statement, the school’s spokesman did, however, concede that remarks made during the meeting ‘could cause offence to the community’.

The statement adds: ‘There were questions asked about whether the response to racism is always as strong and immediate as the response to anti-Semitism.’"
and (another example of the paradox that woke studies are starting to identify the JQ as a problem, which is not what (((they))) intended when (((they))) shoved it down everybody's throat):
"Some Jewish parents, who believed Black Lives Matter’s leadership to be anti-Semitic, further complained of a ‘culture of fear’ in which their children had been ostracised by peers following lessons — seemingly influenced by the DEI programme — focusing on Israel.

At one point, the head of ASL’s middle school was instructed to issue a formal apology to them, for allowing students to be shown a highly partisan video about hostilities in the Middle East.

Complaints also began to reach Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. A spokesman says it is aware of ‘concerns that the school is teaching that Jews are part of a privileged elite’, adding: ‘It is outrageous that the school seems not to have tackled its problem suitably forcefully and seriously.’"
Both of these stories concern repression of minorities who are starting to identify the JQ as a problem, particularly when 'anti-Semitism' is used to replace the possibility of making any other kind of discrimination claims.  Just as BLM was largely shut down for angering Dersh with its recognition that Palestinians face the same discrimination, or worse, than American blacks, and the ACLU has lost any interest in civil liberties after it had served its (((purpose))), we may be saved from imposed woke pedagogy by the fact that the intellectual consistency of its proponents is not 'good for the Jews', highly ironic as woke culture clearly started as a Khazar project.

"REVEALED: The middle-class actress who let trans hate mob loose on JK Rowling - and once got an award from a Harry Potter star" (Bracchi/Stewart).

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