Thursday, November 25, 2021

An ever-widening suckhole of cringe

It is a good thing those reserves are still there.

What a surprise (I'll be watching for selective leaks, to keep the blackmailed in line):
"Assisted death only for vaccinated, euthanasia association says".

The (((media))) has decided to remake The Car, this time with a sentient SUV with murderous intent:  "See, I Told You, "SUV Violence Descended Upon Waukesha"" (Sailer).

"Taibbi On Activism Uncensored: Dueling Protests Outside The Rittenhouse Courtroom" (Taibbi).  I was bothered by those intentionally trying to frighten the jury into a guilty verdict.

'Anti-Semite' corner:
  1. "Was John Wilkes Booth Jewish?" (Picker);
  2. "Conspiracies about a ‘catastrophic takeover’ by Jews have long been an American problem" (Sarna);
  3. "Yossi Gurvitz: When Israel Is Mighty";
  4. "On Jews and Vampires".
Lucky it wasn't $14.88:
The concentration camp guard would like to remind you that holidays are an excellent time to gather information from your relatives to turn them over to the FBI:
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