Sunday, November 21, 2021

Anarchists for NATO

"Dutch deaths more than 20 percent higher than previous year average".  What happens to the politicians/bureaucrats when it becomes obvious to everybody that the vaxx was a corrupt instrument of mass death?

"F.B.I. Agents Became C.I.A. Operatives in Secret Overseas Prisons" (Rosenberg):

"The two intelligence agencies secretly arranged for nine F.B.I. agents to temporarily become C.I.A. operatives in the overseas prison network where the spy agency used torture to interrogate its prisoners.

The once-secret program came to light in pretrial proceedings in the death penalty case. The proceedings are currently examining whether the accused mastermind of the Sept. 11 plot, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, and his four co-defendants voluntarily confessed after years in the black site network, where detainees were waterboarded, beaten, deprived of sleep and isolated to train them to comply with their captors’ wishes.

At issue is whether the military judge will exclude from the eventual trial the testimony of F.B.I. agents who questioned the defendants in 2007 at Guantánamo and also forbid the use of reports that the agents wrote about each man’s account of his role in the hijacking conspiracy.

A veteran Guantánamo prosecutor, Jeffrey D. Groharing, has called the F.B.I. interrogations “the most critical evidence in this case.” Defense lawyers argue that the interrogations were tainted by the years of torture by U.S. government agents.

In open court on Thursday, another prosecutor, Clayton G. Trivett Jr., confirmed the unusual arrangement, in which nine F.B.I. agents were “formally detailed” to the agency “and thus became a member of the C.I.A. and worked within C.I.A. channels.”

He said that the agents served as “debriefers,” a C.I.A. term for interrogators, and questioned black site prisoners “out of the coercive environment” and after the use of “E.I.T.s.”

E.I.T.s, or enhanced interrogation techniques, is a C.I.A. euphemism for a series of abusive tactics that the agency used against Mr. Mohammed and other prisoners in 2002 and 2003 — tactics that were then approved but are now illegal. They include waterboarding, painful shackling and isolating a prisoner nude, shivering and in the dark to break his will to resist interrogation.

Mr. Trivett offered no precise time period but made clear that the F.B.I. agents were absorbed by the C.I.A. sometime between 2002, when the black sites were established, and September 2006. On their return to the F.B.I., they took on the status of C.I.A. assets, he said, and so their identities are classified."

"Rittenhouse 2.0: Threats of New Litigation Fly in the Aftermath of Rittenhouse Verdict" (Turley).  Not much there for any side.  Jerry Nadler should stick to his only skill, shitting his pants in public.

"Kyle Rittenhouse, Project Veritas, And The Inability To Think In Terms Of Principles" (Greenwald). The internet means that the concept of 'journalist' is ridiculous. Things have completely changed, but neither the law nor common understanding seems to have come along. There shouldn't be any additional privileges or restrictions on anybody who deals in information.  All information should be equally protected, and allowed to be disseminated.  As we see over and over again, the vast, vast majority of those who now work in the (((media))) are either just outright liars (for the establishment and/or billionaires), or in PR, often for intelligence agencies and those who want wars.  The oddest thing is that when journalists were really doing journalism, they weren't highly regarded people (they were working class people, who thought of themselves as such, and were paid accordingly).  It was Watergate and Hollywood that turned them into heroes of the people, all the better to fool us in order to give the impression their constant lies were somehow on a higher plane.

The Rittenhouse trial was an excellent example of the new landscape.  The (((media))) outright lied, and lied, and lied.  They are still lying, vigorously.  A lot of the most useful information came from freelancers combing various information sources on the internet.  Of course, we've seen Bellingcat abuse the concept of 'citizen journalist' in order to sell NATO PR, but these guys are the real deal.

Antifa and the Atlantic Council!:  "Doxing the Doxers: Leftist Enforcer Jared Holt, Up Close and Personal—A Few Things He’d Prefer You Not To Know" (Luxemburg).

"How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation" (Hao).  Almost all information now has to pass through a Google or Facebook filter, and what gets through depends on what various political actors are prepared to pay.  This is going on now, and invisibly.  In that scenario, how can we even start to talk about journalism?  Nobody asked anybody whether this would be a good idea, it just happened (and just in the last few years).  The only political response seems to be to ask for a small kick-back from Big Tech to help fund the information creators.  This blog can't be on AdSense because of the picture at the top (too much truth for sensitive Khazar eyes not willing to face their collective handiwork), but Google has no problem deriving vast amounts of money from clickbait farms selling advertising on stolen content (note that the clickbait sites are a complex mix of scammers looking for money and PR operators pushing some political agenda).

Note how 'journalism' works in the real world:  "Nellie Bowles: the NYT's Kenosha Kover-Up" (Sailer).  "U.S. Blacklists Strategic Culture Foundation in Attack on Independent Journalism and Political Dissent" (Cunningham interview of Lazare).  When people doing real journalism run afoul of The Narrative, and the truth threatens to unseat the lies, somebody - either the (((media))) or government - puts their thumb on the scales.
"Frozen Deutschland" (Escobar). I'm afraid Germany is really going to miss Merkel, as everything seems to be falling apart already.  I always wonder what is really going on when politicians and senior bureaucrats suddenly start acting strikingly against the interests of the country they are supposed to be working for, particularly when they have a history of competence.

"Adept in Pan-Ottomanism, Erdogan Got Carried Away Playing Soldiers" (Kulikov).  The odd thing is he used to be good at foaming at the mouth and saying crazy things he was going to do, and then wisely backing off, but he seems to have lost his moorings, and just does crazy stuff all the time.
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