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I wonder what kind of evidence of perversions (((they))) are holding over this latest degenerate:  "Same Old Same Old" (Giraldi).  Giraldi also covers the mostrosity known as the Virginia Israel Advisory Board, one of the most outrageous examples of a government ceding control, and money, to a foreign, malign, crime scene which tries to pass as a country.

"Miriam Adelson picks up where late husband and GOP kingmaker left off" (Clifton).

When the dust settles, and we add up the total of dead caused by government reactions to the pandemic - toxic 'vaccines' which make the pandemic worse (and, despite massive (((media))) and (((social media))) cover-ups and cancelling, are starting to directly kill or severely injure a noticeable number of people), shutdowns which have led to inflation and supply chain problems, making life more difficult for normal Americans, not to mention depression and drug use due to stress and boredom, and the overriding problem that the whole response has been crafted solely to protect the increasing wealth of the billionaires and lead us into Schwab's dystopia, I suspect there will be an order of magnitude more dead from corrupt and incompetent government actions than would have been caused by the virus itself.  We definitely have a serious supply chain problem - no where near sufficient guillotines.

COP26 was only about ensuring that the billionaires don't miss grasping any of the huge amount of moneys that are going to be thrown at 'fixing' climate change.  Obviously climate change itself could not be tackled, as that would reduce the profits from the grift, not to mention all the money that is still to be made from hydrocarbons.  It turns out when Carney said he was 'too busy' to run in the Canadian elections, this was what he was busy with.  "UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System" (Webb).  Our need for guillotines is beyond critical.

It would be even funnier, and much more accurate, had the judge decided NSO was part of the 'Israeli' government:  "WhatsApp can sue Israeli firm NSO Group, US appeals court rules".

"The Facebook Team that Tried to Swing Nicaragua’s Election is Full of U.S. Spies" (MacLeod).

"Was The Ashley Biden Diary Bait to Kill Project Veritas?" (Johnson) (for some reason you have to click on '2' to see the rest of the article, which sounds normal but is easy to miss).  It used to be that it was the Republicans who were the ratfuckers and dirty tricksters, but those jobs are now dominated by Democrats.

"A New Memoir Reveals How Brzezinski’s Chessboard Led to U.S. Checkmate in Afghanistan" (Parry):

"Never mind that Moscow’s help had been requested by the legitimate Afghan government to defend itself against the U.S. dirty war, a harbinger of the Syrian conflict more than three decades later when Damascus appealed to Russia in 2015 for military aid to combat Western-backed “rebel” groups. Paul and Liz also uncover C.I.A. fingerprints all over the suspicious February 1979 assassination of Adolph Dubs, the American Ambassador to Afghanistan, whose negotiation attempts may have inadvertently thrown a wrench into Brzezinski’s ploy to draw the USSR into a quagmire. Spurring Carter to give his foreign policy tutor the green light to finance the Islamist proxies, the timely kidnapping and murder of the U.S. diplomat at a Kabul hotel would be pinned on the KGB and the rest was history. The journo couple even go as far as to imply the branch of Western intelligence likely responsible for his murder was an agent from the Safari Club, an unofficial network between the security services of a select group of European and Middle Eastern countries which carried out covert operations during the Cold War across several continents with ties to the worldwide drug trade and Brzezinski.

Although he was considered to be of the ‘realist’ school of international relations like Kissinger, Brzezinski’s plot to engineer a Russian equivalent of Vietnam in Afghanistan increased the clout of neoconservatism in Washington, a persuasion that would later reach its peak of influence in the George W. Bush administration. In retrospect, the need for a massive military buildup to achieve Pax Americana promoted by the war hawks in Team B was a precursor to the influential “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” manifesto by the Project for the New American Century cabal preceding 9/11 and the ensuing U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. Fitzgerald and Gould also historically trace the ideological roots of neoconservatism to its intellectual foundations in the American Trotskyist movement during the 1930s. If a deviated branch of Marxism seems like an unlikely origin source for the right-wing interventionist foreign policy of the Bush administration, its basis is not as unexpected as it may appear. In fact, one of the main reasons behind the division between the Fourth International and the Comintern was over the national question, since Trotsky’s theory of “permanent revolution” called for expansion to impose global revolution unlike Stalin’s “socialism in one country” position which respected the sovereignty and self-determination of nation states while still giving support to national liberation movements.

The authors conclude by highlighting how the military overhaul successfully championed by the neoconservatives marked the beginning of the end for U.S. infrastructure maintenance as well. With public attention currently focused on the pending Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to repair decaying industry at home just as the disastrous Afghan pullout has put President Joe Biden’s favorability at an all-time low, Fitzgerald and Gould truly connect all the dots between the decline of America as a superpower with Brzezinski and Team B. Even recent statements by Jimmy Carter himself were tantamount when he spoke with Trump about China’s economic success which he attributed to Beijing’s lack of wasteful spending on military adventures, an incredible irony given the groundwork for the defense budget escalation begun under Ronald Reagan was laid by Carter’s own foreign policy. Looking back, the spousal team note that the ex-Georgia governor did not need much coaxing after all to betray his promises as a candidate, considering his rise to the presidency was facilitated by his membership alongside Brzezinski in the Trilateral Commission, an elite Rockefeller-funded think tank."

Countries getting stung when they rely on American promises based on phony American 'values':  "Frogs Slow-Boiling in Their Pans" (Crooke).  I think Ukraine is beyond hope, and has squandered any chance at negotiated help from Russia, but Taiwan would be very wise to set up back-channel negotiations with China over some kind of loose federation, with no recourse to American 'help'.

Greenwald is always getting into fights on Twitter where he finds himself attempting to defend people who are indefensible (almost always involving his financial position at the time), including Bari Weiss, one of the great cancellers of our time, bizarrely attempting to associate herself with a 'free speech university':

Gab by White Boy on Tophet and child sacrifice.

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