Friday, November 19, 2021

Best left unsaid (in western circles)

"UK moves to ban Hamas as ‘terrorist organisation’".  Shekels.  Patel is clearly the most corrupt British cabinet minister, and that is an incredible accomplishment.  This is part of the new 'muscular Zionist' approach of the Khazars around the world, representing their total control over all western politics at this time.

"Israel lobbies hard to get controversial spy firm off US blacklist" (Giorno).  I was absolutely shocked when this happened, and expect (((Brandon's teleprompter))) and the (((Khabinet))) will get right on it.

"Taxi of Plato's Guns sends us this comment:" (Dinh).  This is from Dinh's own blog, which contains a lot of his travel photography.  This comment is why I choose to see the positive - the Khazars give us unique insight into how primitive prehistoric peoples thought and acted.

'Israel' has lots of photos of Erdoğan's house.  It is there for all to see.  This is not an intelligence operation.  This is a threat:  "Outrage After Turkey Arrests Vacationing "Israeli Spies" For Photographing Erdogan's Residence" (Durden) and "Turkey releases Israeli couple detained on espionage charges".

"What if the 29 November JCPOA Talks Fail?" (Crooke):

"That is the JCPOA today -- a relic from an era now gone. And no more than that we can revisit the scenes in those old fading postcards; can conditions of ‘classic’ JCPOA be reconstituted? Israeli defense experts acknowledge that the genie of accumulated technical knowledge never can be pushed back into the bottle. It exists. It is there. It is and rests in the Iranian cerebrum. 

Israeli experts say that even were the Iranian nuclear facilities to be utterly destroyed (a highly questionable premise, given their dispersal across the country; their concealment of key parts; and the depth to which they are buried), it would delay Iran’s nuclear program by just two years max. 

The above hypothetical gaming strategy of threatening the military option, however, usually omits one other vital factor: That the attempt would likely trigger a regional, multifront war, for which "Israel" is not prepared. This mostly unstated addendum, of course, is the game-changer. For not only has Iran’s nuclear program advance rendered the JCPOA to an archaic postcard from the past, Iran’s smart missile, and swarm drone deployment encircling "Israel" has knocked the floor out from beneath both the US’ and Israel’s Plans ‘B’.

They do not have Plans ‘B’. Why? Because the US and Israeli ‘military option’ (the stick to be waved in the event of Iranian non-compliance) and so often touted during the Obama era is not ‘gone’. It is there - as the US tried to remind all recently, by flying a B-1B heavy bomber, capable of carrying its heaviest ‘bunker busters’, in a circuit around Iran - but it is just that the risks of such action have grown, one thousand-fold. An all-front war in the region might witness the end of "Israel" as we know it today. It is as stark as that. And best left unsaid (in western circles)."

Hence all the frenzied and unsuccessful efforts from the Gulf and elsewhere to get rid of Hezbollah.

Note that this entire article (and the magazine cover by the concentration camp guard), parts of which are common sense (and common sense coming from Applebaum is so bizarre as to be suspicious), is directed at blocking 
Turkey from getting F-35s:  "Anne Applebaum is peddling a democracy trope that no one is buying" (Larison).

"Turkey - A Crazy Economic Theory Is Ruining The Country" (Moon of Alabama).  I've been reading for some time that the falling lira is going to rein in Erdoğan, but it never seems to work.

"Jan. 6 Riot "An Attack" On NATO: Jens Stoltenberg" (Durden).  No comment required.

It turns out it was Kyle Rittenhouse, crossing state lines:  "J. Edgar Hoover hid that some witnesses to Malcolm X’s murder were F.B.I. informants." (Closson/Bromwich).  "'Fundamental justice:' Judge clears 2 in Malcolm X slaying" (Sisak/Peltz).  "Two men convicted of killing Malcolm X to be exonerated". 

Serious point though - who is the politically correct new replacement patsy for our woke times?

The honorable thing to do - not that they would know anything about honor - is to return them voluntarily:

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