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Conspiracy aspects to the Rittenhouse trial

Conspiracy aspects to the Rittenhouse trial.


Ziminski and his wife were at the scene of the shooting of Rosenbaum the pedo, and the Rittenhouse-Ziminski encounter forms part of the prosecution argument that Rittenhouse's provocation removed his privilege of self-defense.  Despite this, the prosecution called neither Ziminski or Mrs Z (who was also at the riots).  In his rather rambling closing argument, the defense lawyer Richards made strong insinuations that the reason for not calling Ziminski was that he was a glowie.  Ziminski has been in considerable legal troubles all his life, making him an easy target for law enforcement to turn him into some kind of government asset, and we have to assume they have assets present in any big riot situation.  He seems to have been acting particularly belligerently, and it was his two gun shots that occurred just before Rittenhouse's act of self-defense had the pedo heading straight to hell.

The origins of the high-resolution video.

The prosecution claims it was sent to them very late in the trial through an iPhone AirDrop, and they have no way to tell who sent it to them (raising immense issues about chain of custody and 'deep fakes', i.e., the entire video, or crucial parts, could be manufactured in a computer).  It was said to be produced by a drone video company that mysteriously wound itself up before the Rittenhouse trial.  Part of the extreme weirdness is that the FBI claimed they 'lost' the high-definition version of the video, and that was the Official Story until it appeared in the AirDrop.

"REPORT: FBI Lost HD Rittenhouse Video, Never Told The Defense It Existed" (Mautone):

"The FBI footage was shown to the jury during the testimony of one of the agents who captured the footage with the drone, FBI agent Brandon Craimin. However, the FBI allegedly testified, in private, that they were in possession of another version of the video in HD that they did not supply the members of the defense, according to Human Events. When asked for a copy of the tape, the FBI allegedly denied the defense’s request, saying that the video no longer existed, according to the report.

After prosecutors questioned Craimin about the aerial footage, the defense cross-examined the witness and asked for the tail number of the FBI plane. However, prosecutors objected. Judge Bruce Schroeder then asked to sidebar the issue and discuss the aerial footage, and jurors left the courtroom.

The lead lawyer representing Rittenhouse, Mark Richards, then said he believed that there was other video footage, captured by the FBI, that was no longer available. Richards reportedly said it is “preposterous” that the FBI allegedly lost the footage.

Thomas Binger, the lead prosecutor, then told Schroeder in regard to the FBI’s plane footage, that “the federal government is not under our control.” Schroeder reportedly balked and said, “I beg your pardon,” interrupting Binger.

“I don’t get this,” Schroeder reportedly went on to say. “This is a criminal prosecution … if there is going to be cloak and dagger stuff. What’s going on?”

Schroeder later told prosecutors to call a different witness, and that they would come back to the issue of the plane."

The nature of the high-resolution video.

Many, many people were filming cell phone videos during the riots.  The most strikingly clean and clear video of the scene of the pedo offing is interesting for many reasons.  The drone video produced for the FBI provides the main evidence for the prosecution's provocation argument.  You can actually see the drone take off and rise in the sky just above where the Rittenhouse pedo-shoot occurred, which raises immediate questions of how it was that the drone operator had such prescience to video the most important area, at least from the prosecution's point of view, of the riots that night.

The FBI conspiracy would not have been directed specifically at Rittenhouse, but at creating a video record of whoever was provoked into violence by Ziminski's actions (which included a lot of angry yelling and firing of his gun).  There would be no luck involved if they were manipulating a crime scene waiting for a crime to occur, if the 'criminal' was white, and thus useful for Democrat politicians, who are predominant in Kenosha (and who, as we've seen nationally, are massively overrepresented in political dirty tricks these days, like the Whitmer 'kidnapping', or ballot box shenanigans to 'elect' Brandon, or January 6, or Russiagate, etc., etc., etc.).  A 'white supremacist' vigilante 'active shooter' - the term used by Prosecutor Binger - would be just the ticket to deflect criticism from local politicians for doing fuck all to stop the rioting (which, ironically, was stopped by the actions of Rittenhouse).

The altering of the high-resolution video.

The prosecution delivered the video to the defense after the trial had begun, and sent it by email to one of the defense team.  The defense naturally assumed that was the video being presented by the prosecution.  It later turned out that the prosecution's video was much bigger in size, had a different aspect ratio, was cropped less, had a date in the meta-data 21 minutes before the date on the video sent to the defense, and had a different name.  Prosecutor Kraus attempted to argue that this must have been the fault of the defense's phone, though it was sent to a laptop.  He also produced a list of other possible explanations, none of which made much sense (the lawyer who received the lower-quality video immediately shredded the various claims of Kraus).  As it is the prosecution's job to ensure full discovery, and, for whatever reason - malice or incompetence - did not, that in itself is grounds for mistrial. 

The difference between the quality of the video disclosed to the defense and the video used by the prosecution in the trial is striking.  It was a detailed frame-by-frame analysis of the better video that formed the crux of the prosecution case based on Rittenhouse's 'provocation' removing his privilege of self-defense.  The lower quality video would have been useless for this.

Some commentator on the Rekieta Law live stream noticed that a screen shot from Prosecutor Kraus' laptop showed he had the program HandBrake on it, which could have been used to make the relevant alterations to degrade the video sent to the defense, though Kraus claimed he had absolutely no computer technical skill.

"Kyle Rittenhouse defense accuses prosecutors of withholding key video" (Brown).

"Kyle Rittenhouse defense team seeks mistrial, claiming prosecutorial misconduct" (St. Clair).

Gaige Grosskreutz.

The fact that Grosskreutz honestly stated that he had a loaded gun pretty much sunk the prosecution's case, and he has to be given credit for that.  Nevertheless, he is apparently suing the city for 10 million bucks for his arm owie (I don't know what possible chance he has of winning, unless he convinces a jury that the city had a duty of care to him to remove illegally armed rioting street rats like himself from the city!), so Richards made a point of using that to attack his credibility on the basis that his chances of collecting his street rat payday - in addition to whatever Soros pays - would drop below zero with a Rittenhouse acquittal.  

"EXCLUSIVE: Prosecution's star witness in Kyle Rittenhouse case is a career criminal with a history of domestic abuse, prowling, trespass and burglary - but had charges DROPPED just six days before trial began and jury never learned of his past" (Collins).  Not suspicious at all!

Binger scuttlebutt.

Right-wing internet sleuths have found or produced some stuff on one of the prosecutors (I have no idea whether any of it is true, or whether it matters, but it is part of a bigger argument concerning Kenosha corruption).

"Thomas Clair Binger and his buddy Judge Chad"


"One Of The Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutors To Resign, The Other Has Been Living With A Kenosha Judge: Sources"

The male panelists at the Rekieta Law live stream - basically, working defense attorneys who feel Rittenhouse is obviously completely innocent and are very frustrated at the passive, laid-back stance taken by the defense, particularly in refusing to insist that the judge rule on their motion for a dismissal with prejudice of all charges based on the many instances of prosecutorial misconduct, most recently altered to a dismissal without prejudice, a retreat with no seeming reason or purpose, were having great fun about this (in the old fashioned way that men still do, in spite of wokenness), to the evident disgust of the one female panelist!  Male prosecutors and defense counsel consider themselves to be gladiators, so this kind of banter is par for the course.  

This is the kind of thing which still leaves officials open to pressures that most people don't face.  Binger consistently displayed a strongly personal animus against Rittenhouse which seemed over the top and completely unjustified by Rittenhouse's demeanor or actions.  

Kenosha class/family system

"The Kenosha Family Secret…":

"The mayor who let Kenosha burn, the DA, and the lead detective in the Kyle Rittenhouse case are all members of the same family. "

"Lead Detective In Rittenhouse Case Has Family Ties To Five Democrat Politicians Including Mayor Of Kenosha, His Uncle" (McCue):
"Antaramian is the detective who opted not to record Kenosha PD’s interview with armed rioter Gaige Grosskreutz, the only witness or person of interest where this was done. Kenosha police also opted not to execute a search warrant they had obtained in order to seize Grosskreutz’s phone."
The prosecution used a massive amount of cell phone videos, but had no interest in the phone of their main witness!

Barnes, who is an impressive fellow, and part of the Rekieta Law live stream, is upset that his expert advise on jury selection was not followed, and is concerned about the 'Yankees' - the original Kenosha families who now form a small part of the population but still have huge influence over local politics - may have ended up in the jury pool, tainting it from a defense perspective.  The amount of effort spent by American lawyers and specialized consultants on constructing ideal juries is bizarre to me, and seems to be largely concerned with the race angle (in other words, the massive amount of money spent on experts is based on their special ability to stare at a juror and determine their race, although class and some other ethnic differences may also form a part of the grift).


George Soros is ready:
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