Friday, November 19, 2021


I don't think the American 'left' has ever been more disgusting (and the majority of the population is increasingly coming to realize it). After completely mischaracterizing the Rittenhouse case as 'white supremacist', they are now furious that the verdict didn't go their way. They are literally insisting on a conviction of a completely, and inarguably, innocent person (17-years-old at the time) - there is no doubt of innocence, and it is apparent that they are delivering their opinions either without knowledge of any of the facts of the case, or because they really don't care what the facts are - in order to further their ideology.

Am I crazy to remember when the left believed that putting innocent people in jail was wrong?  In fact, justice used to be a key component of leftist thought.  That ship has clearly sailed.
Narrative trumps facts:
As demented as he is, Brandon's political instincts are still sharper than those of (((Brandon's teleprompter))):
GoFundMe should be boycotted:
I've completely stopped reading St. Clair except when I run into this crap by accident, because Teh Stupid, It Burns, but Kenosha, if you know anything about the facts, was basically Rittenhouse's emotional home town (place of work, home of family, etc., etc, and he was there in a perhaps - his actions stopped the destruction of the minority part of the town which local libs wouldn't step up to do - ill-advised desire to protect it from destruction by Soros goons), even if he wasn't living there at the time:
Here's an excellent example of how these freaks think (note that the Ahmaud Arbery case is completely distinct, and the Georgia knucklehead vigilantes are 100% distinguishable, if you care to look at the facts, from Rittenhouse, and aren't defended by any of the high-level analysts, who don't consider the case worth looking at): "Kyle Rittenhouse’s Acquittal Sets a Dangerous Precedent. But That’s Not What Was on Trial." (Chidi).  I feel I have lost 10 points of IQ just reading this crap.

""F**k This Murderer": Left Becomes Unhinged After Rittenhouse Acquitted" (Durden).

I suppose it helps that the 'victims', to a man, were/are monsters (not a coincidence, as that is what Soros hires):
But hey, don't let me stop you, as far as I'm concerned when you are in a hole you should really keep digging. Wait and see how your stupidity turns out for you.  The worst part of this is that, by abandoning all your principles, you dingbats are handing total political control of the entire country to the Republicans, on a silver platter (and don't for a moment think it is unintentional), who will promptly start WWIII and blow up everything.  The twelve jurors, who have literally put their lives at risk to do the right thing, are a billion times more moral than the best of you.
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