Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Everybody clapped

"Merkley Statement on Rahm Emanuel Nomination".  This was an horrifically corrupt appointment, not to mention an insult to Japan, and there seemed to be some doubt what sinecure, if any, Rahm would get from (((Biden's teleprompter))).  The appointment went through, presumably at the instance of some (((donor))) who was still thrilled that Rahm actually volunteered for a short stint in actively participating in the genocide by the Khazars that is always going on in Israel.

"McAuliffe says ‘everybody clapped’ after he said parents shouldn’t be involved in classroom" (Pattteson).  Unforced error.  Typical Clintonian arrogance which almost certainly cost him the election.

Never fear, though, the Democrats have already identified the problem, it's those damned progressives (all hail President Manchin!):

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