Saturday, November 20, 2021

Fashionable trends

"Judge Declares Mistrial In Billy Chemirmir Capital Murder Trial After Jury Fails To Reach Verdict":

"Chemirmir was arrested in March 2018 after 91-year-old Mary Annis Bartel survived an attack by a man who forced his way into her apartment at a senior living community in Plano.

The man told her “don’t fight me” as he tried to smother her with a pillow and left with jewelry.

When police tracked Chemirmir to his nearby apartment the next day, he was holding jewelry and cash.

A jewelry box police say he had just thrown away led them to a Dallas home, where Harris was dead in her bedroom, lipstick smeared on her pillow.

After his arrest, authorities announced they would review hundreds of deaths, signaling the possibility that a serial killer had been stalking older people.

Over the following years, the number of people Chemirmir was accused of killing grew to at least 18.

Most of the victims were killed at independent living communities for older people, where Chemirmir allegedly forced his way into apartments or posed as a handyman.

He’s also accused of killing women in private homes, including the widow of a man he had cared for in his job as an at-home caregiver.

Chemirmir’s attorney called the evidence against their client circumstantial." 

Which is a nice way of saying he killed inside residences with nobody else around and didn't leave his victims alive (except the one time that resulted in his arrest).

Classic white nationalist site, but . . . :  "Blacks Commit 73 Per Cent Of All Justified, Self-Defense Killings—Mostly Of Other Blacks" (Fulford).  Wisconsin:  "Chrystul Kizer, a Black Woman Who Allegedly Killed Her White Trafficker, Can Now Claim Self-Defense" (Spencer).

"From Kenosha riots to Kyle Rittenhouse trial, biased media coverage makes everyone angrier" (Turley).  Which is their intention.

Jerry Nadler, the Dem politician who is most famous for pioneering the now fashionable American political trend of shitting himself in public - only to be trumped by Brandon, who shit himself before the Pope, take that, Jerry! - wants another crack at Rittenhouse:  "Jerry Nadler Says Rittenhouse Acquittal Sets A ‘Dangerous Precedent,’ Calls For Justice Department Review" (Kerr).

"The Fear Pandemic and the Crisis of Capitalism" (Todhunter).

"the world erupts (again) in protests against tyranny" (el gato malo).  We've also got an increasing amount of anecdotal evidence of relatively young and healthy people suddenly dying in the days after getting the vaxx.  This could be studied, scientifically, but it doesn't suit the Narrative so who will be funded to do it?  'Science' is now no more than a billionaire-supporting cult.  The realization of that is the best thing we can take from this clusterfuck.

"Fact Check Sites Serve to Control the Narrative for Their Funders" (Roberts).

How much protesting will it take before people realize it is making no difference whatsoever on the increasingly totalitarian, billionaire-driven, actions of the elites?:
"Did Klaus Schwab Create an Army of Davos ‘Yes Men’ to Facilitate His Great Reset?" (Bridge).  He is just a tool for Henry the K.  Either we somehow get rid of all these people, or it is 1984.  It really is as simple as that.

"Professor who said pedophiles should be called ‘minor-attracted persons’ placed on leave" (Freiburger).  More evidence that the woke tide is turning?  

The purest example possible of American imperialism:  "Iel, iels" (Leddy).  Americans are monsters.  It brings to mind that Assange, like Jesus - along with misled trannies - is taking the sins of the world on his physical body:  "Revealed: The shocking conditions at Belmarsh Prison to which Julian Assange is exposed" (Klarenberg).  "Julian Assange & the Crisis of British Public Service" (Mercer).
"“Honest mistakes”: How the US and Israel justify the targeting and killing of civilians" (Cook).

"‘He is responsible for torture’: nominee for Interpol chief accused by detained Britons" (Michaelson):  "for wearing a Qatar football shirt".  Vile man, vile country.
"Mackindergarten Lesson" (Armstrong) (what happens to the Empire when it's ridiculous stupidity unites the Heartland which then becomes connected and united?):
"There is a great weakness to the Heartland’s power. Mackinder began his 1904 paper by listing the difficulties with the Heartland. Its rivers flow the wrong way – either into the inaccessible Arctic or into internal lakes like the Caspian or Aral Seas. There are too many deserts and too many mountains. There isn’t enough rainfall. Much of its territory is too cold, too far north and too forested. Distances – from the perspective of muscle-powered transport – are immense. The Heartland is simply not hospitable and therefore, will never have much of a population. The Rimlands, on the other hand, are much more populated and always will be. In short, the Heartland can never have the population to dominate the Rimlands and, without sea power, it can’t get to the Islands. Perhaps the closest that the the Heartland peoples came to conquering the world was when Temujin unified the Mongols. But there, as history has many times shown, when the horse people arrive in the cities, the cities win in the end; only in the Russian lands did the khanates linger for much longer than three generations. Therefore – and it seems that Mackinder came to realise this – the Heartland is less of an actor in geopolitics than a subject: it is valuable if possessed by, say, Germany, or if its controlling power can break through and gather some of the Rimlands."
"The Spilhaus Projection-A World Map According To Fish":
"The map was designed by a renaissance man who also invented the skyways of Minneapolis and the secret weather balloon that caused the Roswell Incident. "
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