Friday, November 05, 2021


A fine reading of the indictment: "The Igor Danchenko Indictment" (Techno Fog).  The crux:
"Here’s an important observation: Danchenko wasn’t a necessarily a source – he was a go-between, providing Steele with information from the Democrat PR Executive (Dolan)."
Old news:
Russiagate? What's Russiagate? The JYT never heard of it!:
"An Anonymous Legal Professional Wonders If The 25th Amendment Could Lead To An Unelected President Michelle Obama".

"Putin marks Russia's Unity Day in Crimea, Ukraine protests".  The Americans forced Belarus into agreeing to this, for protection from the Empire:  "Meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State: Russia-Belarus".  Two cases of strengthening Russia due to imperial meddling.

"Meet the Nicaraguans Facebook Falsely Branded Bots and Censored Days Before Elections" (Norton).
The CIA doesn't care for jokes:  "NBC News treating 'Let's Go Brandon' as danger to Biden's life, contacts Secret Service" (Jones).

Even in Canada, the cultural tides are shifting, as the normies tire of the relentless circus: "Committee backs right to freedom of expression after Ottawa prof uses N-word" (Williams).  This is particularly striking as U of O is a world famous 'no freedom of speech' zone (ha ha ha!).  Feeling 'unsafe' is the biggest crock of shit on the planet.

Now do Jean Spangler:  "Kirk Douglas Was Named By Natalie Wood’s Sister As Her Alleged Assailant" (Mieka).
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