Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Have you taken a beating, tubby?

"Demographic Changes Pose Significant Challenges for Europe" (O'Neill).  Sub-replacement fertility levels lead to the need for outside bodies to prevent a decline in economic power and growth.  Moral concerns about the plight of refugees has fuck all to do with it (though, of course, morality is how the (((media))) sells mass immigration to the normies).  In the US, mass illegal immigration exists as Republicans feel (probably correctly) that it leads to reduction of the cost of labor, and Democrats believe (incorrectly) that it leads to an eventual increase in permanent votes for them.  The entire legal/bureaucratic structure of the refugee system was overturned when it was discovered that refugees could be created, and used as weapons, by employing wars of choice to create them.

What the hell is happening with Germany, usually a haven for enlightened self-interest, or icy cold selfishness, depending on your point of view?  COVID has gone to hell.  Bullseye:  "US Nuclear Unit In Germany Reactivates With "Dark Eagle" Hypersonic Missiles" (Durden).  "Descent Into Madness: Germany Threatens Russia With Nuclear War" (Black). Seriously?:  "Germany halts Nord Stream 2 pipeline approval, gas prices soar".  I know people will excuse this as bureaucrats following their own rules, but this is supposed to be the biggest crisis facing Europe, and this isn't the action of a serious country.

Is Boris always drunk (for the record, I don't think he was drunk when he lunged at Macron - the presence of drama-teacher Trudeau pretending to hold him back proves it was a drama production - but it seems he likes to pretend he is drunk)?:  "EU must choose between Ukraine or Russian gas - UK PM Johnson" (Guest).

I'm seeing this odd phenomenon everywhere, where countries or states go through hell with COVID, enter a less terrible period (due to COVID having killed off a large chunk of the most vulnerable), and then go around wantonly lifting all restrictions, adding a racist component when they boast about how they beat COVID due to their wonderful government, and the peculiar national discipline of their superior people.  Then COVID, predictably, rushes back due to the 'leaky' vaccines causing the virus to kill a new age cohort.  And so on.  It is like we can remember nothing that happened a few months ago, or foresee anything happening a few weeks from now.

The 'norms' nukes:  "U.S. Supremacy by Any Other Name" (Crooke).  This stops working once everybody else stops sharing your delusions of your moral, and power, superiority.

"Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets" (MacLeod).  Guillotine Prevention Insurance.

You know you are in trouble when the Ukrainians are the sane ones:  "Ukraine gives its view on alleged Russian military buildup near border" (Tickle).  Even though it has been completely disproven, Zionist Politico's imaginary Russian border troop build-up, invented to lead to WWIII, a War For The Jews, continues to be beaten in the West like a rented mule.

Jury intimidation:  "Tucker: Why did they let Kenosha burn?"  'The enemies of civilization' is the polite way of referring to George Soros.  I really like the fact that Carlson expressly, and correctly, says the point of the riots was to get Trump out (though, to be fair, it actually backfired, which is why Trump won so convincingly, were it not for heroic efforts by Democrat ballot box stuffers).  Also:  'Have you taken a beating, tubby?'  I doubt that any 'normal' American voters, including minorities, could find much to criticize in this framing (which is part of the much bigger issue of Dems deviating from the interests of normal people).

I'm absolutely convinced that Scarborough is being blackmailed:

An attack on Iran, which was never going to happen, is even less likely now that the American economy is teetering on the brink of disaster due to oil pricing, and the history of various Zionist schemes and machinations means that the US no longer has any real control over Saudi plans, particularly while the Saudis are dithering over joining the all-important Abraham Accords.

Well, things could be, and will be, worse:

Why is no effort being made to fix supply chain problems?  There are many very good and relatively inexpensive and easy solutions out there.  It is as if (((Biden's teleprompter))) wants to see broken supply chains.

One of the few perfect films:

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