Monday, November 22, 2021

It was probably self-defense

"Illinois Democrat ties Waukesha tragedy to Rittenhouse case in mocking posts: ‘It was probably self-defense’" (Betz).  One would hope this monster is forced to resign.

It is very early, but it seems possible that this was a revenge attack based on the many lies told by the (((media))) on the Rittenhouse trial (I continue to see these lies reported as established fact), who could easily have known that their repeated irresponsible behavior would lead to something like this.  I suggest a list of advertisers for CNN and MSNBC be created, and normal Americans promise to permanently boycott all of these advertisers permanently if they do not cancel all connection to these lying (((media))) outlets.  Firing all the lying 'journalists' for cause might be allowed as a way out.

Added:  "Wisconsin: Five Dead After SUV Crashes Into Christmas Parade" (Anglin).  The thing that is odd, and makes me wonder if a mistake has been made in early blaming, is that the driver does not seem concerned in the least about being caught, though if he watches the (((media))) he probably thinks he will be lauded as a hero, and given his own parade.

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