Saturday, November 20, 2021

It’s bonkers to play it any way but straight

"Despite Pledge, Biden Leaves Tap Open, Approving Billions in Arms Deals to Saudi Arabia" (MacLeod).  Iraqi thinktanker - Saudi money? - seems out of line with other opinions on the string of successes of the Houthis:  "Power Dynamics Shift in Yemen as Battle for Mareb Hits Up" (Shakdam).  Saudi frustrations about Yemen leads to Saudi attacks on Lebanon/Hezbollah:  "Yemenis Remain Unbowed as Saudis Intensify Bombing in Wake of Renewed International Pressure" (Abdulkareem).  "String of pearls: Yemen could be the Arab hub of the Maritime Silk Road" (Escobar).  "Nasrallah: Israel in deep existential crisis, Yemen victory to have huge regional effects".  As I've said before, the Houthis are going to have to rescue Yemen from the evil MbS by themselves, there are simply no 'humanitarians' who are going to lift a finger to help.  With the price of oil, and (((Brandon's teleprompter)))'s dire need for MbS to turn up the taps, plus the need to keep the MIC in ready cash before WWIII starts, the situation is even more dire.  The good news is the Houthis are doing remarkably well on the battlefield.

"Iran & Turkey working on strategic cooperation agreement: Report".

To be fair, when you kill so many children, even geniuses like the Khazars can't keep track:  "Israel returns wrong body to killed Palestinian teenager’s family".

There is no such thing as a 'liberal Zionist group', they are all genocide-supporting land thieves, and I will keep saying it:  "Liberal Jewish groups provide quiet support to Israel’s ‘terrorist’ smear of leading Palestinian human rights groups" (Weiss).

"NYT in Translation: Democrats Shouldn’t Challenge Oligarchy" (Solomon/Cohen).  Preaching to the choir.  It is amazing that the main feature of a much discussed 'progressive' bill is cutting taxes for rich people.  Mitch should go to Nancy and ask for pointers (also, stock tips).

"Taibbi: The Rittenhouse Verdict Is Only Shocking If You Followed The Last Year Of Terrible Reporting" (Taibbi/Orfalea).  The facts of the actual situation and trial didn't suit their Narrative, so the 'journalists' and politicians just made up a new set of facts, and then based their outrage on the new set of facts.  This outrage is going to have to do in the absence of most of what the Dems promised.

Way too late for telling the truth, but not terrible, except for the hilarious 'Unclear' section discussing the Soros employees:  "Kyle Rittenhouse didn't illegally bring a gun across state lines and 5 other myths surrounding the trial debunked" (Snodgrass/Mark).
The dignified thing for the families would be to shut the fuck up:  "Family of man Kyle Rittenhouse killed calls for ‘forcefully rejecting’ not guilty verdict" (Keane).
"Trans politics has driven the left insane" (Bartosch).

"In the Name of Saving the Climate, They Will Uberise the Farmlands" (Prashad).  Those goddamned sustainable small farmers are cutting into Big Ag profits.

Very wise not to trust Modi:
Make this look.
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