Monday, November 22, 2021


"Russiagate: Proof It was Hillary All Along" (Van Buren): 

"If a genie granted me a wish, I would want a conversation with Robert Mueller under some sort of truth spell. Did Mueller “miss” all the lies in his lengthy investigation, hoping to protect his beloved FBI? Or did he see himself as a reluctant white knight, having realized during his investigation the real crime committed was coup planning by the FBI and thinking that by ignoring their actions but clearing Trump he would bring the whole affair to its least worst conclusion?

I suspect Mueller realized he had been handed a coup-in-progress to either abet (by indicting Trump on demonstrably false information) or bury. He could not bring himself to destroy his beloved FBI. But the former Marine could also not bring himself to become the Colin Powell of his generation, squandering his hard won reputation to validate something he knew was not true. Mueller split the difference, and kept silent on the FBI and left Trump to his own fates."

Bill thinks a virus is just like a computer virus, a view which hasn't worked too well:  "‘Ideological Fanatacism’: The Folly of Seeing Human Systems as Hardware" (Crooke).  Take two CDs of McAfee and call me in the morning.

What did Brandon do to the power of the Empire?:  "OPEC+ warns of response as Biden readies to tap strategic reserve" (Smith/El Wardany/Dlouhy).  Getting the price of gas down is like pushing a noodle.

If everything is 'anti-Semitic', does that mean that nothing is 'anti-Semitic'?:  "Yair Rosenberg moves to ‘Atlantic’ to be the Israel expert who ignores all the news from Israel" (Weiss).

"Illinois County Democratic Party Official Resigns After Calling Sunday Parade Massacre "Karma" For Rittenhouse Acquittal" (Durden).  Read through for the even better story of Mark L. Feinberg.  Can we now get his company, OTHRSource - a company that, when you do business with it, feels like running over both a grandma and a child - hollow costed?  What kind of bubble do these Dem psychos live in that they can be so callous without realizing what normal people would think and feel?  What about the families of the dead and injured?

Is there anything she can't do?:  "Photo of Kim Kardashian with Egyptian Coffin Solves International Mystery" (Lusina).  For $400,000, you'd think they could have spent a few bucks to get the label lined up:  "Rudy Kurniawan & Global Wine Auction Fraud Thread (Merged)" (Wine Beserkers).
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