Thursday, November 04, 2021

Meat processing

The start of a thread on what can only be described as corruption at the JYT: 

"The Red-Pilling of Loudoun County, Virginia" (Taibbi):
"Also complicating the “Lee Atwater” narrative is the role of Asian and South Asian parents in yesterday’s results. “A lot of immigrant families came here specifically for the school system,” is how one Indian-American parent put it to me yesterday. “When you start messing with that, and say, we don't have a say, that’s when people who’ve always voted Democratic will flip on them.” Reporting about Asian and South Asian families upset about new initiatives to deemphasize admissions criteria like test scores has often been dismissive or caricatured, and that certainly seems to have been the case in Loudoun County, where a significant portion of the people seriously being cast today as dupes answering a dogwhistle are immigrant, minority residents who’ve given Democrats their votes for decades.

One of the biggest stories in electoral politics in the Trump years has been the near-absolute conquest by the Democratic Party of places like Loudoun County, i.e. well-heeled districts with high percentages of college-educated voters. With Trump on the ballot, voting red became all but impossible for residents in these places, not just intellectually and politically, but socially. In certain suburbs, voting Republican while Trump still breathes air is an act that will put you “a notch below child molester” in the community, to use the Woody Allen phrase.

The significance of Youngkin’s win is that it signals Republican competitiveness in those districts again, something that would have been unthinkable even a year ago. These white-collar, highly educated voters, the kind of people who get their shots, don’t watch wrestling, and send their kids to Harvard and Princeton, are the Democratic Party’s base. It took something pretty weird and intense to drive them to defection, and don’t trust anyone who tries to explain it in a tweet. This one really is a long story, and a wild one at that."
"How Glenn Youngkin beat the Democrats in Virginia" (Lipson):
"McAuliffe’s obsession with Trump was costly in two other ways. First, it ‘nationalised’ the Virginia race just as the national party was plummeting with independent voters. It was those voters who carried Biden to victory. They’ve turned sharply against him after seeing the dismal results of his presidency. Fewer than one in three independents now supports Biden. Less than 40 per cent think he is competent.

Second, McAuliffe’s focus on a national candidate who was not running left local issues to Youngkin, who grabbed them with gusto. Voters know that a governors’ main responsibility lies with these local issues, such as state taxes, vaccine mandates, and public education. Those are especially important this year because parents are furious about schools’ indoctrinating children with Critical Race Theory and other propaganda. That’s true across the country, and its epicentre is Loudon County, Virginia.

McAuliffe stepped into this fragrant cow patty by saying that teachers, not parents, should control what children learn. The party elite in Washington poured salt into this self-inflected wound by endorsing an over-the-top memorandum that linked angry parents to domestic terrorists. That memorandum was written by the National School Board Association in conjunction with the Biden White House and was passed on to the Department of Justice. Attorney General Merrick Garland effectively endorsed it, without mentioning ‘terrorism,’ and told US Attorneys around the country to get busy investigating these parents.

It was a grotesque overreach, and Republicans pounced. At a Senate hearing, Republicans directed withering criticism at Garland, who stuck to his untenable position, even after the School Board Association apologised. This on-going controversy hurt McAuliffe because it kept K-12 education on the front page and positioned him and his party against concerned parents. The education/indoctrination issue will continue to hurt Democrats unless they can disentangle themselves from their unpopular positions."
You keep pushing people, and pushing people, and pushing people, for the most part with no response.  People are basically polite, and have other things to worry about, and acknowledge there are some injustices motivating the pushing, and are worried about the consequences of sticking out - things are so bad that court cases are being decided by juries on the basis of fear of violent retaliation against themselves and their families should they produce a 'racist' verdict - so they keep their heads down.  But they are quietly seething with rage, especially when their children get pulled into the nonsense/shared delusion (to the extent of being unable, sometimes, to avoid touching the third rail).  A secret ballot is the only place to safely express that rage.  So they vote.  Then the Dems/race grifters/pedos are astonished and outraged at what has happened.  Not to the extent that there will be any change in behavior - of course the pushing will continue - but they are guaranteeing similar electoral outcomes in the future.

The United States is basically a very conservative country, and its electoral system, for all its flaws, is very good at giving expression to that fact.  We can actually see the exquisite balance in the current composition of the Senate, which gives the Democrats the courage to be intrepid, but not the votes to succeed.  Bernie has had a long career of realizing that any progressive measures are going to have to be inserted stealthily - a line or two carefully inserted in a huge bill - but he seems to have lost the thread in the current Build Back Better imbroglio, pretending not to understand that Manchin and Sinema are doing exactly what Democrat donors want to see.

"Yacht Full of Climate Scientists Plots Giant Sea Gate to Save Manhattan" (Mosendz).  Hymietown, and the hedge fund offices, are going to be just fine.  Trillions will be spent.  Sucks to be anywhere else in the country, or the world.  Those climate decimating Wars For The Jews must continue.

"FB Deletes Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed's Post For Inciting Violence" (Majeed).  Calls for self-defense - perhaps 'mis'-translated - lead to cancellation of this Nobel Peace Prize winner.

I wonder why South Front, usually very informed, is siding with the American-stooge terrorists:  "Ethiopia’s Central Government Continues Kicking the Tigrayan Wasp Nest". 
The very idea that Mother Jones actually thinks of itself as either smart or fearless is hilarious: "The Legal War Against Mother Jones Keeps Getting More Intense" (Bauerlein).  Just another bunch of worthless hacks taking up space on the 'left', with a crippling (((donor))) problem.  Thee is a reason why there is never any content there that is worth mentioning.

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