Friday, November 19, 2021

More fodder for the insatiable beast

From the TPM Rittenhouse crying fest (this isn't a parody of the 'left' - they actually mean what they write):

"Today’s verdict is more fodder for the insatiable beast that is right-wing grievance politics. Almost immediately after the verdict, various right-wing pundits and politicians began to suggest that the country — and the media and Democrats, in particular — owed Rittenhouse an apology.

It’s a nearly reflex reaction, part of a siege mentality which saw the attempt to prosecute Rittenhouse as itself unjust. But as the right celebrates Rittenhouse’s acquittal, it’s leaning more and more into the idea that Rittenhouse was the main victim of the whole saga." 

All the legal experts on the law of self defense are unequivocal that he was completely innocent, and there was so much excellent video evidence that there was no way he should ever have been charged. He was also subject to incredible prosecutorial malpractice, on multiple occasions. So he was clearly the victim. He was charged by the woke to produce another trophy for their collection, to score political points against the deplorables, and to distract from the fact that local and state politicians completely abrogated their duty to protect the city from Soros-funded ruffians. 

One of the commentators at the Rekieta law stream, Ty Beard, made the point that these prosecutors end up in power due to massive outside funding by an outside source (which we all know is George Soros).  Americans have to realize just how dangerous Soros is before he literally burns down the entire country.

We're starting to see a turn in America from the long national nightmare of wokenness.

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