Sunday, November 21, 2021


"The #MSWL: Where Wokeness Starts Its Day" (Van Buren):

". . . if you are a recent or maybe not so recent AmLit grad who can’t work at the New Yorker because they stopped hiring Caucasians, you can be an agent. On Twitter, the mass of these agents are white, straight female or gay male, with a tendency toward pink or blue hair, and liberal to the point where it physically hurts. Their bios (here’s a typical one) seem to describe the same person, just switching Sarah Lawrence for Oberlin and favorite TV show from The Office or Friends to “anything with queer representation.” They love cats. They love coffee. They love pronouns. They just hate racism, you guys.

Just because their dreams were crushed when the trumpet player in high school band turned out to be just weird, not gay, they want to take it out on your kids. Through the #MSWL they demand only books with BIPOC characters, or LGBTQIA+ stories. They beg for marginal representation in tales, and often combine themes so the actual request is for a fantasy magical realism story featuring queer vampires who also excel on the school lacrosse team. Here’s one actual list: “anything set on an HBCU campus, all of the magical realism, mythological retellings, romance/love stories, all the millennial joy and adulting hardships.” They don’t like things, they “celebrate” them. They don’t promote women, they “champion” them. Oddly, often their comps — comparisons, things that they want to see more of — are based on TV shows and movies instead of actual books. So it is “send me the new Avatar” not “send me drama like Hamlet.” If they do list Hamlet as a comp, it’s only because some modern version appeared on Netflix with Lady Gaga playing the prince. One asks for books that will remind her of Nancy Drew computer games, seemingly unaware of the iconic book series."
"New York Times Invents 'Sexual Assault' #MeToo Case To Blame China" (Moon of Alabama). It is all theater.  "Hunter Biden's firm helped Chinese company purchase rich cobalt mine in $3.8 billion deal: report" (Aitken).  "EXCLUSIVE U.S. asks Japan, China, others to consider tapping oil reserves -sources" ( Hunnicutt/Renshaw/Gardner).

The problem with the 'left' completely abandoning universal application of constitutional protections to score partisan political points: "The Last True Believers In Liberalism" ('Hunter Wallace'):
"In Charlottesville, we saw how the whole system of free speech and free assembly and federal courts and constitutional rights and civil liberties and civil rights and the police as a neutral authority with the responsibility to equally enforce the law could crumble in practice. It is highly relevant to this debate that the most extreme groups on the Right were relying on and defending liberal norms and were championing traditionally liberal causes like free speech.

As things stand today, only one side is defending these liberal norms. The ACLU itself no longer believes in civil liberties which it pointedly abandoned after Charlottesville which was the turning point. The Left no longer believes in non-violence, free speech, free assembly, equality under the law, pluralism, equal justice, tolerance, due process and so on. They do not believe in “agreeing to disagree” or a neutral public sphere. They do not believe that the other side has constitutional rights which they have a duty to respect. They are ardent believers in censorship and the heckler’s veto. It is one thing that progressive activists believe this. It is another thing when their values are reflected in the system itself.

It appears that the Right will soon find itself back in power and possibly even in an overwhelming position of strength. Donald Trump is the favorite to be the next president. Should the Right continue to champion conserving liberalism and liberal norms which the other side has abandoned? Should we continue to believe in liberalism and liberal norms after Charlottesville?"
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