Monday, November 08, 2021

No rock bottom

"Russiagate has no rock bottom" (Maté) (again, the Clintons are the ones with the Russian corruption problem): 

"According to Durham, Steele's claim that Trump cavorted with prostitutes in Moscow's Ritz Carlton was likely embellished from benign information that Dolan gave to Danchenko. During a June 2016 visit to Moscow in preparation for an upcoming conference, Dolan toured the Moscow Ritz Carlton, where he met with the hotel manager and visited the hotel's presidential suite. Danchenko then met with Dolan at the same hotel before flying to the UK to meet with Steele.

Three days after Danchenko's arrival in London, Steele produced his first report, which included the allegation about Russia possessing a pee tape of Trump in Moscow's Ritz Carlton. As Durham notes, Steele references "the Moscow Hotel, the Presidential Suite, and a Moscow Hotel manager and other staff."

According to Durham, Dolan and an associate learned from a hotel staffer that Trump had stayed in the Presidential suite. But Dolan claims that no one at the hotel mentioned anything to do with "sexual or salacious" activity.

Dolan's account suggests that Danchenko took the basic details about Trump's stay at the Ritz Carlton and added his own creative spin about the pee tape.

Whether Hillary Clinton and her campaign were aware of Dolan's role– and Dolan insists that they were not – it's yet one more embarrassing Clinton tie to the Steele dossier, revealed long after the damage was done.

Dolan's place in the Steele supply chain offers yet another glaring (and hilarious) irony: after four-plus years of fanatical and ultimately fruitless efforts to uncover any damning Trump connection, financial or otherwise, to Moscow, Durham reveals that this key Steele dossier player and Clinton ally has far deeper Russia ties than anyone in the Trump orbit.

According to Durham's indictment, Dolan, while an executive at the PR firm Ketchum, was hired by the Kremlin "to handle global public relations for the Russian government," as well as its state-owned energy company, Gazprom.

This is far from the Clintons only inconvenient Russia tie, right to the top of the chain. Although much was made of a Trump Tower Moscow project that ultimately involved zero dollars exchanged and never got off the ground, the Clintons have a lucrative Russia tie that their campaign worked hard to memory-hole.

Back when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the Russian firm Renaissance Capital paid Bill Clinton $500,000 to deliver a speech at a Moscow conference. At the time, Renaissance openly opposed the Magnitsky Act, which imposed sanctions on Russian officials. Hillary Clinton came out against the sanctions during that same period. Campaign emails later released by WikiLeaks show that Clinton staffers "killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC's opposition to the Magnitsky bill" to Bill's half-a million-dollar payday."
There must have been a lot of high-level (((media))) meetings on how to massage the problem that their 'journalists' have now been definitively caught in a series of extremely dangerous warmongering lies.  Retconning turned up to 11.  Buzzfeed, one of the main culprits, has decided to do a Stalin and whitewash the issue out of existence:
"Ray McGovern: The Man Who Got Russiagate Right and Tried to Warn the Public—To No Avail" (Bradley/Kuzmarov).  All the alt-journalists were all over this, right from the beginning, so no argument that nobody could have known, or the dossier 'turned out' to be a complete fraud (the JYT spin), will fly.

"Michael Hudson: Did the Squad Give Away Their Bargaining Power?":
"Here’s what the Progressive caucus should do from now on: When any National Defense bill comes up, they should emulate the “conservative” tactic and insist on reviewing the budget to see that it won’t increase the national debt. I understand that something like $6 trillion (could this really be the number) is unaccounted for by the Pentagon. Insist on seeing it, and stretch the inquiry out until the bill is killed."
The 'progressives' had a solid strategy whereby the smaller bill, which the billionaires really want (the the extent that Mitch and other Republicans had no problem voting for it), was held up until the bigger bill, which the billionaires really hate, would be passed as well. After the Virginia debacle, Pelosi appears to have scared the 'progressives' into giving up their principles on the basis that Virginia represented a complete voter rejection of their policies. Now they have to wait for the costing of the bigger bill, which will no doubt give Manchin yet another excuse to claim that bill is dangerously and recklessly expensive, and the paring away will commence again.

The Dems are making the most of it in an ill-advised attempt to repurpose Let's Go Brandon.

"A Retired New York Lawyer Says If We Think A President MICHELLE Obama Would Be Bad, Imagine The Return Of Barack!".

"California Governor Out Of Public Sight Since Vaccine Booster Shot 11 Days Ago" (Falun Gong).
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