Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Not always the wisest heads

"The Rise of Iran Poses Both Opportunities and Dangers" (O'Neill): 

"Unfortunately, it is not always the wisest heads that prevail in the United States. This is especially so when they are at one with the Israelis who often give the impression of being prepared to fight to the last American."

"US Continues to Show That it doesn’t Fully Appreciate That the World has Changed" (O'Neill):
"The United States has no modern experience of its homeland being the subject of a military attack, let alone one by such powerful opponents as Russia and China. It is difficult to forecast what the effect on the United States population would be were they to be the actual object of attack, particularly by two powerful allies such as Russia and China whose weaponry is years ahead of any United States equivalent.

It is recognition of this military reality that led United States figures to retreat from Bidens open threats to China of an aggressive United States military action in the event of China making a serious move against Taiwan. It is obvious that the United States military high command has a more realistic appreciation of China’s actual military power (especially when combined with that of Russia) and are anxious to avoid a deterioration in the relationship to the point where they actually start shooting at each other.

One has therefore to expect a continuation of the status quo, with the United States and its allies such as Australia continuing with provocative actions in the South China Sea, but being careful to ensure that it never deteriorates to the point of a shooting war. That at least is the rational view. Unfortunately, the United States has regularly shown itself to be something less than a rational state."
"Bumbling Menace Blinken Says Taiwan Should Join the UN" (Anglin).

"US B1-B Bomber Flies Over Mideast With Israeli & Saudi Escorts In Warning To Iran" (Durden).

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