Friday, November 12, 2021


"Monetizing nature is Wall Street’s latest scheme" (Brown).  The road to being allowed to sell you the oxygen you breathe as a commodity now owned by some billionaire.  Could the need for guillotines be any more pressing?

See also:  "This Land is Their Land" (Lane).  It is the tragedy of the commons on steroids.

((())) galore: "An Open Letter in Defense of Democracy".

"Censorship is the last gasp of the liberal class" (Haiphong):
"On November 8, 2021, Twitter locked my account for a period of one day for responding to corporate media darling and Russiagate fanatic Keith Olbermann’s slanderous reply to journalist Wyatt Reed’s coverage of the Nicaraguan election. The flagged tweet simply restated Olbermann’s question, replacing “whore for a dictator” with “whoring for the American oligarchy.” Twitter demanded that I delete the tweet or send a time-consuming, lengthy appeal with no assurances as to if or when my sentence in “Twitter jail” would end. This prompted me to delete the tweet and wait for the 12-hour suspension to end. Keith Olbermann’s account went unscathed."
"Reminder: The Media Smeared Rittenhouse as a ‘Terrorist’ and Doxed Donors to His Legal Defense Fund to Get Them Fired" (Menahan).  There has already been an overt threat to the lives of the jurors if they dare to decide to acquit, coupled with an overt attempt to identify them, so it is just a normal trial in America.

"NYT's Stunning Revelation: Project Veritas Employs Lawyers to Make Sure It Doesn't Break the Law!" (Sailer).  Comment by Moral Stone:
"This accusation of spying from the NYT that has miraculously “obtained” privileged information following a spurious FBI investigation into a political enemy."
"Anti-Zionism could bring on another Holocaust, Bernard-Henri Levy tells NY synagogue" (Weiss).  Actually, saying anti-Zionism could bring on another Holocaust is what could lead to another Holocaust. In Da Club:  "“He’s Hanging Out With the Stars of the Gossip Column”: The Eric Adams Era Has the Makings of a Tabloid Gold Mine" (Klein).

WWIII news:  "Fun fact: US special ops are in 33 of 44 countries in Europe today" (Turse).
"Dispensing With Indispensability: The US Failed To Improve the World" (Larison).

"Ex CIA Analyst on Hidden Realities of Syria War and New Novel ‘Damascus Station"’ (Maté).  This is long and contentless except as a reminder of how delusional even 'well meaning' CIA officials actually are.

"Iran Puts US NAVY in a Peculiar Situation Yet Again" (Platov):
"The video of the incident circulated on the Internet shows the emotions of the American sailors. The details of the incident caught on camera are being actively discussed on the web. The reason for the jokes was the actions of US sailors who were frightened, as in the events of January 2016, of clashing with Iranian special forces, which were significantly inferior to the Americans both in numbers and firepower. What is then visible in the footage is a series of “very close encounters,” at least between The Sullivans destroyer, which came close to the Sothys tanker, and the Iranian warships. IRGC personnel are seen pointing deck-mounted machine guns at an American ship, although there is no evidence that any shots have been fired."
WWIII, which will be against Russia, not Iran, is going to be an excellent display of how nobody wants to Die For The Jews.  This is why fighting wars for the sole benefit of another country - a country that would literally blow up the world so that its killing people and stealing land isn't interrupted in Syria - because your degenerate politicians are bribed and blackmailed isn't going to work out as you planned.

"HELLER: The Federal Court system is corrupt":
"The legal trials and tribulations of Donziger began in 2014 — four years after he won a $9.5 billion judgement against Chevron for polluting the Amazon — when he was sued in American courts for alleged ethical impropriety. Chevron had no real grounds to sue Donziger — leaked Chevron documents have proved that the company explicitly sought to “demonize” him. Instead, Chevron took advantage of how America’s court system effectively allows a wealthy party to bury another in a complex lawsuit until they run out of money to fight it.

It’s a concept called SLAPP — or a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation — and the sole goal is to harass critics into silence. Even though the U.S. court system does have in place penalties for meritless lawsuits, getting to the actual point where a lawsuit is deemed meritless takes time — often years — meaning that defending oneself against them will take millions of dollars in legal fees. And in most of these cases, one is ineligible for a public defender, so they will be paying out-of-pocket for their legal defense. These are completely permissible in federal court because our legal system doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to protect victims of SLAPP lawsuits.

For Donziger, things were much worse than a retaliatory lawsuit. The judge presiding over his case, Lewis A. Kaplan of the Southern District of New York, held investments in funds with large Chevron holdings. In other words, the judge in Donziger’s case had financial ties to the company seeking to prosecute Donziger.

While you’d imagine that such a conflict of interest would disqualify a judge from sitting in on a case, they’re actually extremely common in federal court. A recent Wall Street Journal investigation found that since 2010, over 130 federal judges have violated laws or ethical rules by hearing cases involving companies in which they or their family owned stock. Of the 685 affected court cases, about two thirds of the rulings favored the companies that they had ties to. Such conflicts of interest undermine confidence in a judge’s ability to fairly preside over a trial, yet are encouraged by a lack of monitoring and transparency of judge’s financial disclosure forms, as well as the common practice of federal judges earning supplemental incomes.

These conflicts of interest played an even greater role in Donziger’s case. First, Judge Kaplan permitted testimony at trial against Donziger by an Ecuadorian official who had accepted money from Chevron — and would eventually admit to lying — in a blatant conflict of interest. Second, when Donziger refused to hand over phone records during the trial, Kaplan ordered Donziger be tried separately for failing to comply with the court. The federal government refused to intervene so Kaplan took the abnormal step of picking a judge and a private law firm to try the new case against Donziger, rather than picking randomly. Both the private law firm and the judge had direct and indirect financial ties to Chevron, demonstrating further conflicts of interest that should not be permissible in any fair system of justice. 
All of these details — the retaliatory lawsuits and the conflicts of interests — ought to be repugnant to anyone who believes that every citizen, no matter what they are alleged to have done, deserves a free and fair trial. The fact that what has happened to Donziger was not an isolated incident, but rather a high-profile demonstration of systemic failures within the federal judiciary, making it clear that our federal court system is an institution in urgent need of reform."
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