Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Jewsplaing the Panoptikhon:  "In Israel’s dystopia, surveilling Palestinians ‘improves their quality of life’" (Noy):

"There is nothing new about Israeli soldiers turning the abuse and mistreatment of Palestinians into a game. During the Great March of Return, snipers stationed along the Gaza-Israel fence competed with one another over who could shoot more Palestinian protesters — the vast majority of whom were unarmed and posed no threat — in their knees. Such dehumanization, after all, is central to maintaining Israel’s regime of racial supremacy."

"More than a metaphor: Why Palestine is Ferguson" (Tamari).  (((They))) haven't gotten anywhere rhetorically, so (((they))) arrange to stop the funding.  (((They))) did that with the first iteration of BLM, and (((they))) appear to have done the same thing with the second.  (((They))) will fund any kind of anti-societal action - these are thought to be 'good for the Jews' - but the money stops when the principles of the movement interfere with Khazar genocide.

"Pfizer Posts Bad Meme on Twitter (Weird Flex But Okay)" (Dunderhoff).

"Debunking US & OAS Claims on Nicaragua Election" (Faure).  "Sandinistas Win By a Landslide! U.S. Dirty Tricks Fail in Derailing Nicaraguan Democracy" (McCurdy).  It has reached the point where Americans are so discredited they will have to employ reverse psychology - next time they should claim that they support the Sandinistas!

"World and Regional Powers Shape the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia Bites the Dust" (Stanton).

If you can't kill him, claim he is dead anyway:  "On the Campaign to “Bury” Erdogan in Turkey and Abroad" (Odintsov).

13,000 employees, one (anonymous) whistleblower - people are either actually in favor of the program, or, more likely, terrified to speak out:  "Whistleblower: Texas State Department Requiring ‘Critical Race Theory’ Training For Employees" (Murdock).

"John Durham Is Getting Close to the Jugular" (Lipson):

"The bureau continued to use the bogus information in applying for secret warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on Carter Page and, through him, on others connected with Trump. Officials told the court, falsely, that the warrant information was reliable and verified when they knew it was neither. 

What the warrants say, in essence, is, “We need to spy on Carter Page because we think he’s an enemy agent.” But the FBI already knew he wasn’t. That means they were trolling for other information. How did the FBI know Page was on our side? Because they asked the CIA and were told, quite explicitly, that Page was helping them, not the Kremlin. The CIA gave that exculpatory information to FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, who altered the message to say Page was not working for the CIA. His alternation was criminal, and he plead guilty after Durham charged him. 

The story gets worse. Although Clinesmith altered the CIA message for FBI use, he also gave his superiors the CIA’s true communication. So, his bosses knew the real story. They weren’t interested in the truth, which they kept secret from the FISA court to continuing spying on Page. If there is any justice left in Washington, those responsible for this travesty will be held criminally liable. Page may well have a civil case against them, too. 

As the FBI blundered forward on its political mission, it made other revealing missteps. The most important was Director Comey’s meeting with the incoming president in early January 2017. Comey told Trump the FBI had acquired some damning materials about him but emphasized they were still unverified. As Comey’s own aides warned him, that communication could be seen as a kind of blackmail threat, the kind that marked J. Edgar Hoover’s tenure. 

Comey’s meeting with the president had another major consequence. Until then, even anti-Trump news outlets had been wary about mentioning the dossier (which the Clinton team had been shopping to them) because they couldn’t actually verify any of the vital details. That reticence changed with Comey’s briefing, which was news in its own right. The story now became, “FBI chief briefs president-elect Trump about salacious dossier, revealing damning info Kremlin could use to blackmail Trump.” One online outlet, BuzzFeed, went further. It published the full Steele dossier, and the media frenzy began. 

Remember, this whole story was concocted and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and fed to the FBI and the media by her attorneys and associates. The FBI, which should have been able to quickly prove the story was false, plodded on with its investigation and fed the frenzy.

Although the dossier was commissioned to sink Trump in November, it was still useful after he won the election. Trump’s adversaries could exploit it to hamstring his embryonic administration, and that’s exactly what they did. With the whole-hearted backing of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff spent three years beating the drum of the “Russia collusion” hoax. Schiff’s constant media appearances claiming he had conclusive evidence of Trump-Russia collaboration continued long after he had received classified briefings that demolished his story. The briefer was former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, and he has confirmed those meetings with Schiff and his Senate counterpart, Mark Warner. No matter to Schiff, who kept repeating his claims and pursuing his full-scale investigation. First the verdict; then the inquiry. It was all part of a four-year-long battle, first to prevent Trump’s election, then to undermine his presidency, and finally to damage his chances for reelection."

Read the whole thing. 

A comment to a Sailer article on Bari Weiss U for (((Selective Cancellation))) referenced some tweets:

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