Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Plausible and ridiculous

"Cuban exile told sons he trained Oswald, JFK’s accused assassin, at a secret CIA camp" (Gámez Torres).  It remains the case that there is still more good information coming out on the JFK assassination than on 9/11.  "Out-Thought, Out-Bought, Out-Fought: Why the "9/11 Truth" Movement Failed" (Sabrosky).  Perhaps come up with something that doesn't sound like it came out of a comic book, or John Candy.

"Was the 1949 “Suicide” of Defense Secretary James Forrestal the First Major Domestic Political Assassination of the Emerging U.S. Deep State After WWII?" (Kuzmarov).  Forrestal is in the line of Zionist assassinations, including Lord Northcliffe, Jacob Israel de Haan, Count Bernadotte, Phil Graham, Olof Palme, Yasser Arafat, Rafic Hariri, many Iranian physicists, etc., etc., etc., etc.

"Author of a Dozen Fake Letters Published in Slate's Woke Advice Column Comes Clean" (Sailer):

"… After a few false starts, I learned that a good letter is defined by two opposing values: it must be plausible, but it must also be ridiculous.".

"Israel to Attack Iran? Washington Gives the Green Light to the ‘Military Option’" (Giraldi).

"Blinken’s ‘Indo-Abrahamic Accords’ unravels" (Bhadrakumar):
"Indeed, the strange thing about Abraham Accords is that it cannot be left unattended. A standstill would mean attrition and risks ignominy. Kushner’s original plan was that Saudi Arabia would come on board, which would have been a game changer. But, instead, a Saudi-Iranian normalisation got under way. 

Credit must be given to Iranian ingenuity to figure out that Abraham Accords would eventually come to haunt the UAE. Iranian analysts saw advantages insofar as the torrid affair between the Emiratis and the Israelis that had been going on for years was at last in full public view, and the sheer incongruity of it would start worrying the Sheikhs until its legitimacy got established regionally. "
"Bezos Leads Parade Of 400 Private Jets To COP26 With $65M Gulfstream As Greta Accuses Leaders Of Betrayal" (Durden).  "Global Warmists on Private Jets: Heating This Bitch Out to Talk About How This Bitch be Too Hot?" (Anglin).  The hypocrisy proves to themselves how powerful they must be.

(((Zuck))), who only seems to care about money, also cares about the genocide being conducted by his people:  "New platform for documenting digital censorship of Palestinians" (Al Tahhan).

"Why A Conservative Conference in Florida?" (Giraldi) (see also, from 2018:  "Naive philosopher or far-right propagandist? U of T awards PhD to translator of sanctioned Russian neo-fascist" (BREAN) - note how his thesis defense was almost cancelled by the woke!), based on "Exclusive: America's Most Important Right-Wing Conference of the Year Is An Israeli Influence Operation" (Striker):
"The conference is being hosted by an Israeli, Yoram Hazony, through his non-profit, The Edmund Burke Foundation. According to the description of the event, the National Conservatism Conference seeks to chart a new path for the American right… Yet despite the large number of Jews and even Rabbis set to speak at the conference, the Edmund Burke Foundation and Yoram Hazony do not mention a pertinent fact: the conference is a Zionist influence operation being directed from Jerusalem. According to The Edmund Burke Foundation’s Form 990 tax filings …, the group shares the same Israeli staff as the Jerusalem-based Herzl Institute: Yoram Hazony, Ofir Harvry, and Rabbi Raphael “Rafi” Eis. Burke Foundation employees not listed on the Herzl Institute’s website, such as David Brog, belong to other pro-Israel activist groups like the Maccabee Task Force, whose sole purpose appears to be to fight Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns. The Herzl Institute is, according to its own description, a propaganda initiative that specializes in training Christian scholars to advance Israeli and Jewish interests around the world."
"When The Edmund Burke Foundation began maneuvering in conservative circles in 2019, I examined it and its leadership, observations that are worth revisiting in light of the current developments. Interestingly, the Foundation aimed from the start at becoming a leadership cadre, something akin to what Lenin might have called “The vanguard of the proletariat [which] means that the [Bolshevik] party, by infiltration and subversion, will occupy positions of influence or control in government and in all mass organizations until it can replace these methods by outright force.” Now, if one inserts “and use of financial inducements” after “subversion” that is pretty much what the friends of Israel have succeeded in doing to subvert government processes in the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany and France. In The US, the major contributors to the two major parties in the last election cycles were both Jews and Israeli citizens, Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban. In Britain. Germany and France all the major parties and governments support legislation making it illegal to criticize Israel. In Britain in particular the local Jewish community uses its money and media access to force potential critics like Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn out of politics.

In America, the Israeli Yoram Hazony, under cover of The Edmund Burke Foundation, has configured himself as a fervent nationalist who is more conservative than the conservatives to justify his leadership role. And he is doing it on behalf of Israel. Ironically, one of the last genuine conservatives in US politics was Pat Buchanan, who was attacked by the usual suspects for putting Americans first, calling Congress an “Amen corner” for Israeli interests and referring to the national legislature as “Israeli occupied territory.” For that he was vilified.

In documents relating to the 2019 Burke Foundation debut Hazony has perverted the very concept of nationalism, claiming that “The return of nationalism has created a much-discussed ‘crisis of conservatism’ that may be unprecedented…The conference on ‘National Conservatism’ will bring together public figures, journalists, scholars, and students who understand that the past and future of conservatism are inextricably tied to the idea of the nation, to the principle of national independence, and to the revival of the unique national traditions that alone have the power to bind a people together and bring about their flourishing.” 
Reading between the lines, what the conference organizers are really seeking is a revival of unabashed nationalism as the excuse for countries when they behave badly while promoting their own interests without regard for the interests of others. Israel and the United States are the prime contemporary examples of such behavior and the argument that they have a special entitlement to justify their actions is frequently made, most notably by other Israel-firster groups like the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). FDD argues that democracy promotion by force is a legitimate foreign policy of powerful countries like the United States, while “threatened” democracies like Israel must be protected. That, of course, is a complete misrepresentation regarding just how democratic the two countries actually are and the idea that being democratic empowers some sort of leadership role or exempt status is in itself ridiculous."
The Zionists are always coming up with new spins, and the latest is that (white) nationalism is both good, and a shared value between Israel and the United States, but just requires more commitment to the shtick from white Americans.  The alt-right has already seen right through the trickery of Yoram Hazony, but the traditional Republicans just lap this nonsense up, no doubt with a lot of shekels.  What it comes down to is following the Israeli model, which is 100% a celebration of genocide, while mocking those who lack the balls to deal with minorities (or, for that matter, majorities!) using defiant tribalism enforced with extreme violence.  You can really get a feel for why 'Zio-nazism' is a term (soon to be banned and subject to long jail terms).  Keep this in mind, as we are going to be seeing a lot more of it, particularly as we move into a new period of complete Republican rule.

"Elections Canada probed how many Canadians have a 'conspiracy mindset'":
"When it came to conspiracy beliefs, the study, recently posted to a government website, reported 17 per cent believed the government was trying to cover up the link between vaccines and autism, and 30 per cent thought new drugs or technologies were being tested on people without their knowledge.

The research also found 40 per cent of respondents subscribed to thinking that certain big events have been the product of a "small group who secretly manipulate world events.""
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