Thursday, November 25, 2021

Police Kicking Young Woman to Death

"Terror in the Capitol Tunnel" (Kelly):

"Nichols’ account is detailed in an appalling new court filing that confirms what American Greatness has reported for months: on January 6, D.C. Metro and Capitol police assaulted nonviolent protesters with explosive devices, rubber bullets, tear gas, and in some cases, their own fists and batons. A tunnel on the lower west side of the Capitol building became a dangerous—and, likely for at least one protester, deadly—battle scene as police viciously attacked American citizens on the “hallowed” grounds of the U.S. Congress."

It goes on to detail the extremely violent murder by a policeman of one of the protestors.  Also:  "Newly-Released Jan. 6 Footage Appears to Show Capitol Police Kicking Young Woman to Death" (Trejo).

"The Demonization of Thanksgiving" (Roberts):
"The New York Times has been a Jewish newspaper since 1896 when it was purchased by Adolf Ochs for $75,000. Only in insouciant America would a people let the newspaper of record be in the hands of a tiny minority of Zionists hostile to the gentile majority that they believe is anti-semitic and persecutes them. A proud independent people would not permit a hostile minority to have the power over their country’s record with the ability to decide the facts and control the narrative of the country. But Americans did."

Sounds like a catastrophic takeover (see previous posting). 

"‘NYT’ often cites thinktank on Iran without saying it was founded to promote Israel’s image" (Weiss).

"“THY HAND, GREAT ANARCH!”—Is George Soros A Sabbatean Frankist?" (Welton).  There can be no other logical explanation.

"To keep troops in Syria, US leaders are lying like in Afghanistan" (Maté).  Pure Yinon.

"Corrupting science: in Syria probe, OPCW erased experts’ inconvenient findings" (Maté).  Bleaching the chlorine.

"Prestigious Weaponry Expert Censored After Demonstrating that a Deadly Poison Gas Attack—Blamed on the Syrian Government—Was Really a False-Flag Operation by U.S.-Funded Terrorists" (Kuzmarov):

"Bizarrely, in one of these cowardly letters, Gregory D. Koblentz, a Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), even compared Postol to a Holocaust denier."

More accurate than he perhaps intended, particularly when you consider why, and for whom, the White Helmets and al Qaeda did what they did..

"Five Trump-Russia 'Collusion' Corrections We Need From the Media Now -- Just for Starters" (Maté).  Imagine winning the Pulitzer Prize for retyping what is essentially a novel written by Hillary Clinton.  Unfortunately, there is no way to embarrass these liars into doing the right thing.

Stonetoss:  'Tabloid'.  'Affirmative (Re)Action(ary)'.  'Regal Aliens'.  'On The Nose'.  'Sacrifice'.  You can see why (((they've))) cancelled his NFT:  "Crypto Censorship: NFT Marketplaces Opensea, Rarible, Ban Works From Political Cartoonist Stonetoss" (Bokhari).

"Comments From the Locked Ward" (Armstrong).  Never forget that the deep point of all this nonsense is to get to WWIII, literally the worst thing in the world you can do.

"Catastrophe since 2017: How to cover France’s presidential election?" (Mazaheri).  Sounds like a catastrophic takeover.

Trump looks to be in very good health, having lost a lot of weight.

The dangers of pushing the envelope a bit too quickly:
"The American Academy of Pediatrics, COVID-19 Vaccines and its Links to Big Pharma" (Viable Opposition).

More evidence of the continued problem of CounterPunch:  "Vigilantes on Parade: Rightwing Extremism and the Threat of National Implosion" (DiMaggio).  There are still a few good writers at CounterPunch - though never a case where the same material can't be found at a proper website - but many seem to have fled in disgust.

"Steven Donziger’s First Letter From Prison".

Tribunals, 'genocide', Rwanda, imperialism: "Phoney ‘Tribunals’ Perpetuate Historical Fictions" (Karganovic).

"EXCLUSIVE: Innocent black man, 61, who was jailed for raping author Alice Sebold after she wrongly identified him had NO idea she made millions off the story while he lived in windowless squalor after finishing 16-year jail sentence" (Smith).

More evidence that we are suffering under Peak Khazar  (i.e., Peak Blackmail/Peak Bribery), it is unmistakable:  "Australia slaps ‘terrorist’ label on all of Hezbollah":
"Hezbollah poses a “real” and “credible” threat to Australia, Karen Andrews, the country’s home affairs minister, said on Wednesday."
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