Thursday, November 04, 2021

PR Executive 1

"Russiagate's Steele Dossier, Paid For By Clinton, Had Clinton Operative As A Key Source" (Moon of Alabama): 

"The whole story again puts a bad light onto the FBI. The transcript excerpt above makes it obvious that the FBI knew by mid 2017 that Danchenko was lying about his sources and that the dossier was pure nonsense. But the FBI held back on that because its leadership was anti-Trump. It took four years and two special investigations for this to come out. The FBI, special counsel Mueller or even the current special counsel Durham could have revealed all this much earlier."

I'm always going to feature the CanCon:
This keeps circling closer and closer to Killary, but Garland is there to make sure it stops short of her.  Durham's seeming lack of urgency, coupled with a sense of relentlessness, must be causing a lot of sleepless nights in Washington.

As this story progresses, and the amount of effort put into the operation, not to mention the deep involvement of the Killary campaign, almost a preoccupation, oozes out, I'm still struck by the dichotomy between the certainty of Killary and the Clintonistas that she was going to win, and the amount of work and campaign attention put into what was essentially worthless oppo against Trump.  It is as if they resented Trump for daring to run against her, and all this was generated merely to punish and embarrass him.  Of course, in retrospect, tying Trump to Putin allowed Killary to explain her loss by blaming it on Russiagate, Russian interference in an American election, which sounds better than a terrible candidate running a terrible campaign.
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