Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Putin staying put

"Joe Biden lambasts China for Xi’s absence from climate summit" (Harvey).  Both Xi and Putin are drawing attention by noticeably staying close to home.  Putin in particular seems concerned that WWIII might start while he is out of the country, and, given the inability of the Americans to stick to any rules or morality (while constantly whining about the 'rules-based order'), is probably concerned that the Americans would try to kidnap him while he was trying to get home.

"Ukraine appoints former leader of ultranationalist neo-Nazi paramilitary organization ‘Right Sector’ to senior army advisory role".  An increasingly desperate and crazed Ukraine:  "Will Ukraine Run Out Of Energy Soon?" (South Front). While the (((media))) instructs us to focus on China.

As an example of how the now obsessively Zionist Politico operates, this is a lie:  "Satellite images show new Russian military buildup near Ukraine" (Swan/McLeary).

Every day at AntiBellum, Rozoff documents new provocations by American lackeys against Russia.  Some are just talk, but most are military exercises or the supply of weapons.  There are a few stunts against China, but nothing like the constant war preparations taking place west and south of Russia.

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