Wednesday, November 10, 2021


I think the technical term is suborning perjury:

The new masters of dirty tricks, exemplified by the Soros employees, not to mention a crooked prosecution for the worst political reasons:
Amazing prosecutorial incompetence in failing to prep the star witness:  "Survivor of Rittenhouse shooting says he pointed gun at U.S. teen, tried to disarm him" (Layne).

We're literally seeing the Zeitgeist change in the course of one trial (when you have lost a nasty Young Turk . . . ):
Fair Tucker Carlson summary:
There is a video of the long examination and cross examination of Rittenhouse.  It is long but worth watching (although the cross examination is stupid and unfocused - compare it to the crispness of the direct examination - and is only interesting to see Rittenhouse easily brush aside attempted traps). It is always dangerous for a defendant to testify, but his lawyers must have seen he had a good head on his shoulders, and he appears to be at least twice as intelligent as the prosecutor.  Note how the prosecutor, knowing he is going to lose due to incompetent witness preparation, tries to create a mistrial by knowingly asking prejudicial questions, evoking the sputtering anger of the judge (the judge should recommend the prosecutor be brought up on disciplinary charges).

This is where the trial was decided.  Soros monsters are a terrible thing.

I'm a Canadian, so I have trouble with the concept of walking around with a gun, but anybody has to admit if Rittenhouse didn't have a gun, he'd be dead right now.  Three times dead (and the Soros-owned prosecutors would never dream of prosecuting the culprits for his inevitable murder)!  These Soros Employees of the Month who came after Rittenhouse are just like the Walking Dead, and Rittenhouse does a masterful job of convincingly describing what kind of murderous scum he was up against.  The bottom line is that all this occurred solely because public officials completely abdicated their responsibility to protect public safety, leading people to have to take matters into their own hands.

I hate all prosecutors as a matter of principle, but these ones are particularly sleazy and incompetent.  

I suspect Rittenhouse will be acquitted, and, if he wants, has a bright future as a politician.  The defense, judge, and Rittenhouse are all impressive, and, say what you will about the American judicial system, a good judge who strives to protect constitutional rights is nice to see.

The latest . . .  I'd be shocked if this incompetent prosecutor manages to land any blows.
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