Monday, November 01, 2021


The start of a thread from the spring on health passes:

"Remembering Israel’s Brutal massacre of Palestinian Civilians in Kafr Qasem" (Ahmed).  "Still No Accountability From Israel Over the 1956 Massacre of Kafr Qasem" (Wadi). I see this speech, by a German politician, Christine Anderson (a right-winger - about as right as you can get in Europe - in the European Parliament) being praised all over the internet, proving perhaps that they are not all trash: "Russia’s ‘Greens’ Revolution" (Doctorow).

It's a bill Mitch McConnell would be proud of:
"I've Been Driving Trucks For 20 Years, I'll Tell You Why America's "Shipping Crisis" Will Not End" (Johnson).

"Barclays boss resigns over links to billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein after Financial Conduct Authority investigation".

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are engaged in a concerted effort to cancel Nicaraguan leftists prior to the election.

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