Sunday, November 28, 2021

Strange imagery

"Greenwald: The Cynical And Dangerous Weaponization Of The "White Supremacist" Label".  "Acquittal Aside, The Rittenhouse Saga Shows America Is Still A Media-Run State" (revolver).  "California University Offers Students 'Counseling' to Cope with Rittenhouse Verdict" (Greenberg).

"Hillary Bemoans Lack Of Media "Gatekeepers" And Spread Of "Disinformation"" (Lifson).

"THE ANGRY ARAB: The Rise and Fall of Aljazeera":

"There are no reliable figures to document the decline of Aljazeera and the channel still claims to have a leading position among Arab media. But many factors have brought about the decline of Aljazeera:

  • the control by the Muslim Brotherhood of the network drastically undermined its professionalism;
  • U.S. pressure on Qatar softened the coverage of the U.S. The director-general of Aljazeera told me how the U.S. embassy in Doha submitted regular critical reports about the coverage of Aljazeera demanding that changes be made. In 2009, Haim Saban, the Israeli-American media mogul, tried to purchase the channel.
  • the use of Aljazeera either to first offend and then appease Saudi Arabia turned the network away from journalism and towards propaganda.
  • the rise of local channels in Arab countries damaged the ratings of all pan-Arab channels, like Al-Arabiya, Aljazeera and MBC.
  • the resort to sectarian agitation by some personalities on Aljazeera, and the pro-Taliban, pro-al-Qa'ida sympathies of some Aljazeera correspondents (like Ahmad Zaidan), hurt the image of the network with the larger Arab audience and narrowed the appeal and audience share of the channel.

Aljazeera was one of the most interesting cases of a new Arab media in the 21st century; it promised a break from traditional stale and rigid Arab news broadcasts but eventually failed in its mission. The early years of the network showed more professionalism in news than is seen on U.S. TV networks.

But the Qatari government’s control of the channel would inevitably cause a conflict between its professional mission and its propaganda role. Propaganda won and the Arab public is the worse for it."

"FBI And Other Agencies Paid Informants $548 Million In Recent Years With Many Committing Authorized Crimes" (Andrzejewski).

"Bricks in Kenosha? Again? Pay No Attention to the Brick Wizard Behind the Curtain...." (The Starfire Codes).

"Breaking: Arabella’s Left-wing Activist Network Raked in $1.7 Billion in 2020—a “Dark Money” Blowout" (Thayer/Ludwig).

If you consider all the wrongdoing of prosecutors, including lying to juries resulting in the conviction of many innocent people, this is quite the sign of the times!:  "Former Georgia district attorney charged with obstructing cops in Ahmaud Arbery murder case is booked into jail on the same day three men were convicted of murdering the black jogger" (Guzman):
"The ex-district attorney in the Ahmaud Arbery case was booked into a Georgia county jail on Wednesday, the same day his three attackers were convicted of murder. 

Jackie Johnson, 49, a former Brunswick Judicial Circuit district attorney, was booked into the Glynn County Jail after she turned herself in, authorities reported. 

She is accused of discouraging the police from making arrests in connection with Arbery's death.  

She was released the same day, reportedly on her 'own recognizance,' and did not have to pay the posted $10,000 bail, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  

She was indicted by a grand jury last week and faces felony charges for violating her oath of office and a misdemeanor for obstructing police work.

Johnson denied any wrongdoing and said she withdrew her office from the case because one of Arbery's attackers, Greg McMichael, had been an employee. "
"Independent Journalists Debunk Wicked Mainstream Media Lie that BLM Supporter Darrell Brooks’s Parade Attack was Accidental" (Hoft).  Many 'journalists' from many independent (((media))) outlets ran a few silly lying flags up the flagpole, but saluting was scarce, so they had to retreat to the partial truth, or just pretending the incident never occurred.

The alt-fruitcake crowd is going to be saying that the Waukesha terrorist attack was all crisis actors, just like Sandy Hook!:  "Strange Imagery from Waukesha Parade SUV Attack (Updated)" (Winter) (there is also a video which I can't bear to watch).

A thread on outrageous conflicts of interest on the Pfizer Board of Directors:
Some people in Greece got some shekels:  "Greek Model Who Said She Would Boycott Miss Universe in Israel Was Never Meant to Participate" (Hovav).

"NSO blacklisting: It is time for the US to end its Cold War ways" (Mack).

A thread, by an 'Israeli' lite Zionist, on the newly announced 'Israeli' squat, a particularly important theft in the process of stealing everything - now you see it, now you don't, now you see it again:
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