Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Butcher of Libya and her people

"The Spy Business" (Giraldi) (as Niqnaq notes, Giraldi has altered the Pissgate story by swapping pisser and pissee, the latter of which is apparently not a word according to Blogger). Comment by Zachary Smith:
"I must assume Mr. Giraldi knows far more than most people about the details of the RussiaGate scam, and I appreciate his sharing his knowledge.

That said, I must stoutly disagree about the motives of the Butcher of Libya and her people.

In my opinion defaming Trump wasn’t of any importance at all. This was a hatchet-job attack on Russia! Hillary had no doubts at all about the outcome of the 2016 election. She was going to become President, and was making advance preparations for the conflicts she intended to ignite. Staring with a no-fly zone in Syria.

Does anyone believe the RussiaGate con would have ever been investigated if the cackling bitch had become President? The FBI sure didn’t, or they’d have not cooperated so completely with the fraud. The baying at the moon by the Corporate/Zionist Media would have been something to behold. Russia. Tried. To. Elect. Donald. Trump!

Bill Clinton and Obama (and Lord only knows who else) alternately stroked and taunted Trump in the direction he had always wanted to go – to make a run for the Presidency. The idea was that even somebody as unpleasant as Hillary could beat a low-life like Trump.

Fortunately they were all wrong. Trump was indeed a disaster in every way, but he didn’t get us all killed in a nuclear war. When Trump finally goes to Hell, he’ll be responsible for hundreds of thousands of Pandemic lives, but not billions. Hopefully the Devil will keep that in mind when Hillary shows up there – what she had in mind when she finally got her mitts on Presidential Emergency Satchel – the nuclear football."
"Illegally Crossing State Lines or: Escape From Planet Mental" (Ho).  This is exceptionally good from beginning to end.

I've been musing about the odd woke state of the US these days. Bad as he was as President, I can't imagine Obama saying things to score political points by interfering in the conduct of an ongoing criminal case by directly attempting to damage the constitutional rights of an accused.  Everything went sideways with Hillary Clinton (and has continued with Brandon).  The basic motivation behind what she did was that Trump represented an existential threat to the United States, and thus anything, legal or illegal, could be used to defeat him and crush the Deplorables who supported him.  She had no need to defeat him prior to the 2016 election, as he had no chance, so the dossier was crafted solely to allow her to start trouble with Russia on the basis of election interference, and earn some quick shekels, in January 2017.  Once Trump won, the dossier was repurposed as an attack on both Trump/Republicans, and Russia.  We've now seen multiple examples of Democrat dirty tricks, led by Russiagate (but including ballot box stuffing, etc.), and all based on the idea that anything is permissible if Trump and the Deplorables are stopped (not to mention that anything is possible to advance the Divine Right of Killary to call all the shots).  

Of course, the bigger issue is the ongoing failure of the Dems to deliver any of the concrete material benefits, even those that they manage to promise, with the deflection being a steady diet of more and more bizarre and intrusive identity politics, to the extent that even sensible black people are starting to say, as they do, hol' up.  You mean we should allow white street rats to burn down our communities so you might win an election?  You mean we should eliminate the concept of self defense, putting many more black people in jail, because a few of said street rats fucked around and found out?  You mean you should constantly torment normie white people to make some kind of puerile political point and show that you can (leading inevitably to  response which won't end well)?

All this crap originates with Killary, drawing, of course, from weird ideas originating in colleges in the past twenty years.  Taking down a Lee statue and cutting it in half, or making some tranny an Admiral (Chappelle nailed a lot of this crap), or using schools to teach seven-year-old white children that they are inherently evil, does not help one poor person, minority or not, buy a home, or get an education or a job (Trump kept boasting about black unemployment rates being low, but it was true), or avoid being jailed, or avoid being shot by police, and the final upshot is you are going to end up, inevitably, with President Cotton, and WWIII.
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