Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Rittenhouse conspiracy by /pol/

The /pol/ thread on the Rittenhouse conspiracy. 

A posting (11/18/21(Thu)02:25:17 No.348166038):

"I have spent three days (20 total hours) reviewing this video.

I enhanced several times, applied an advanced filter called "grayscale" and pinched to zoom as far as android technology permits, then slowed down to half speed.

If you focus on the lanky Jew Ziminski's right hip, you will notice he has a pistol drawn. As the Kenosha kid is about to pass him in frame, he moves his right pistol wielding hand behind his right ass cheek, as if to conceal it.

I have determined the order of events that evening to be as such:

>Pedo lights fire
>Kyle extinguishes fire
>Pedo and lanky Jew hatch plan to ambush Kyle as he finishes extinguishes fire
>Kyle begins to return to Pajeet used car dealership lot
>Lanky Jew brandishes incel pistol as he gets close
>Kyle brandishes Chad AR in response
>As planned, pedo yells "gun gun gun" and begins chase, with full intent to rape
>Kyle neutralizes pedo threat, ginger Jew threat, and disarms the faggot commie
>Ffw 14 months
>Kyle wants to tell truth about the Ziminski/pedo ambush plot to point the pistol at him so he would point his AR back, giving them an excuse to attack
>Dipshit attorneys tell him to lie about it on the stand because there's no video and Ziminski can't testify
>Kyle says he never pointed AR
>LittleBinger receives last minute hd drone footage showing the brandishing from suspicious FBI source
>Tells Lunchbox to compress the file to the point where relevant details aren't visible before sending to defense so they are unprepared and tell Kyle to lie
>Boomer judge too technology illiterate to understand the Jewish mind trick
>Kyle gets life without parole
There is still complete confusion about the FBI video.  Did the prosecution have both the original and degraded copies, and made up the AirDrop story to explain the late arrival to the defense of the good copy?  Was it AirDrop, or dropped off personally (AirDrop is better for the prosecution as if it was dropped off personally they surely would have had a responsibility to question the deliverer for chain of custody purposes, which is still a live issue which should have been pressed by the defense)?  Given the horrible misconduct of Binger in open court, there is apparently no depths to these people, so we can never assume bona fides.  Did the prosecution make the degraded copy for a specific cross-examination purpose, as described above, or did it arrive from the FBI along with the original?  Did Kraus whip up the degraded version himself, as suggested by the presence of suitable programs to do so on his laptop?  It is a complete mess.  It is important to note that the mysterious delivery of the video, and the creation of the degraded video, are two separate issues.

The  Rekieta Law stream is on again.
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