Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Self-defense for everybody

Is the most basic competence about facts ever returning to American 'journalism' (question:  can they possibly be this incompetent, are do they lie constantly for a political agenda?)?: 

Statements made maliciously and for partisan political purposes by Brandon before Brandon was ballot-box stuffed into the Presidency:
"Kyle Rittenhouse speaks to Tucker Carlson in first TV interview".  I am not surprised at the poise - we've seen the videos! - but admit that I'm a bit surprised at the eloquence.
"Kyle Rittenhouse: “It was the Right to Self-Defense on Trial”" (LaChance).

"Rittenhouse: Can Kyle Avoid Being Sued Under WI Self-Defense Immunity Law?" (Branca).

There are way too many protections for public officials who commit serious wrongful acts:  "Why Kyle's Law Matters" (Branca).  Branca noted on the Rekieta Law livestream that Kyle is unusually lucky in his resources, while most people who are wrongfully prosecuted have their lives ruined even if they win.

The corruption takes your breath away (comment by Flanders at the Irish Savant site):
"It’s also distracting from the Maxwell trial.

Jewess dyke, Alison J. Nathan will be the judge for Ghislaine Maxwell trial
Who just happened to get to be nominated to be a federal appeals judge, just when she was given this case."

Days before, less than a week!  (((She's))) pre-rewarded (not that (((she))) needed to be)!

A thread (it is almost like it is a conspiracy!):

"Democrats are pushing tax breaks for the rich. They’ll cry when voters punish them" (Sirota):

"Why is there so much lying about this? Why are Democrats treating a hike in the SALT cap as such a must-pass part of their economic agenda?

Two reasons – both of which illustrate the Democratic Party’s core motives.

First and foremost, a SALT cap repeal is a precision-targeted enrichment scheme for the corporate attorneys, hedge fund managers, business consultants, real estate investors, and other affluent caricatures who host and attend Democratic fundraisers in wealthy enclaves. Democratic leaders answer to the donor class concentrated in these rich locales, and that donor class covets the return of tax breaks for its McMansions (as do the wealthy congresspeople who stand to personally benefit from a SALT cap repeal).

Just as significant, though, is the motivating power of tribal partisanship.

Corporate Democrats who want to enrich their donors with a cap repeal are constantly reminding liberals that the cap was originally imposed by the bogeyman Donald Trump, whose motive was revenge. He wanted to punish blue-state donors that funded his opposition, and a SALT cap was the perfect way to do that.

But motives aside, the policy itself made sense: It actually limited a few giant tax breaks for the rich."

"Pathologized Totalitarianism 101" (Hopkins).  

I remember being scoffed at when I discussed the FEMA kamps, but when governments build them, they will use them, and they have taken the final step to totalitarianism.  Australia seems to be the lab to see what they can get away with.

The irony is that the politicians and bureaucrats are acting this way because they realize that their corruption - particularly serving the billionaires to the exclusion of everybody else, misusing the opportunity of the pandemic to lead to the Great Reset - and sheer incompetence will lead directly to the guillotine, yet the actions they are now taking are the actions which will result in their mass guillotining.

I don't think it is alcohol, maybe some pill?:  "There is 'a lot of concern inside Number 10 about the PM': Downing Street insider briefs against Boris after PM's car-crash speech to the CBI in which he lost his train of thought and praised Peppa Pig World" (Tapsfield).  They seem to be setting up the transition from the frying pan of Johnson to the fire of Starmer, again, as with Biden, due to concerns about Johnson holding up during the stresses of a World War.

 I'll bet!:  "Israel signals confidence in its relationship with Biden" (Kelly).

"Syrian Christians Were Quietly Warned Before The War" (Hoff).  "British regime complicit in the mass exodus of Christians from war torn Syria" (beeley).

This is part of long-term PR prep for WWIII, but that war isn't imminent.  If it was, we'd be seeing screaming public statements from neocons to American politicians about the suffering of the poor Ukrainians at the hands of that monster Saddam Gaddafi Assad Putin, on the lines of the PR prep for the War For The Jews against Iraq [note: this tweet has disappeared]:

Refuse to enter the Belly of the (Daily) Beast (if everybody does this, where will their clickbait come from?):

"the parade incident" "some people were killed" . "Unclear How Bad Attack Is Until Authorities Release Details Of Everyone's Skin Color" (The Babylon Bee).

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