Monday, November 22, 2021

Very uncomfortable

A thread:

"Sitrep: Venezuela Elections – Landslide for United Socialist Party (PSUV)".

Along with Brandon/Harris (and it sounds like Harris will somehow be replaced when (((Brandon's teleprompter))) runs for reelection in 2024), the explanation for the intolerable delay in starting WWIII:  "Space Force General: US "Not As Advanced" As China Or Russia With Hypersonic Missiles" (Durden).  It would be hilarious if the levels of corruption in the MIC saves the world from total destruction in WWIII.

Thanks to the incredibly honest (((media))), the US has finally reached Charlie Manson's dream of Helter Skelter.
I know it is impossible to believe, but CNN is actually covering this, while stressing that the poor victim driving the car was "fleeing another incident":  "and we almost thought maybe it was Santa".

Strangely specific:  "He also has a post about how to get away with running people over on the street.":
"Jeffrey Epstein had a Private Audience with the Pope in 2003" (Anglin).  I'm sure the Vatican is a blackmail-rich environment.

"Verified Hate: the Meltdown Continues" (Hood).
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