Friday, December 31, 2021

Pandemic totalitarianism

Pandemic totalitarianism has to be organized and formalized:  "The World Health Organization and the Next Global Pandemic" (Viable Opposition).  "The Everlasting COVID Crisis" (Lippincott).

"Biden’s Foreign Policy Record May Be Worse than Trump in His First Year" (Kuzmarov).  The TDS title of this is ridiculous.  Apart from two horrible incidents of Violence For The Jews - the attack on Syria and the assassination of Soleimani - and the usual ongoing upkeep of the innumerable Wars For The Jews, Trump cannot be compared in any way to (((Brandon's Teleprompter))), who seems on his way to blowing up the entire world.
"Will China Beat Us Back to the Moon?" (revolver).  Americans have forgotten how to make the rocket engine.

The Americans don't like the candidates in the Libyan election, so no Libyan election.  "Libyan Elections Got Disrupted by the US and UK Intervention" (Odintsov).

"Ansarullah retakes key Yemeni region after 60 years of defacto Saudi control: Report".

"Top Three Ways Israeli Policies Caused the Oslo Peace Accords to Collapse – According to former Shin Bet director Ami Ayalon" (Rudolf).  The bizarre idea that Khazars aren't just a gang of thieves has caused a lot of problems.

"Media Forget Afghan Plight as US Sanctions Drive Mass Famine Risk" (Hollar).  The Dems like women and children theoretically, and rhetorically, but practically, not so much.

"The Real Noam Chomsky" (beeley).  "On Chomsky" (Day).  "Noam Chomsky: Something Rotten in the State of China?" (Petersen).  "Manufacturing our consent for medical apartheid? ‘Libertarian socialist’ Noam Chomsky comes out in support of a two-tier society" (Clark).  "Noam Chomsky Endorses Holodomor 2.0 Strategy to Starve the Unvaxxed Into Submission" (Menahan).  Noam is just an ultra-supremacist Zionist with a flimsy disguise.

Birds know better

"Despite His Promises, Biden Is Still Serving Fossil Fuel Interests" (Pitt):

". . . birds know better than to shit in their own nest. This is an instinct the president of the United States has yet to develop . . . . "


"Adding insult to injury, the Biden administration held a massive lease sale for oil and gas drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico scant days after the conclusion of the summit. Some 80 million acres of sea floor — which could contain more than a billion barrels of oil and more than 4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas — were up for grabs. According to an analysis by The Center for American Progress, “[T]he offshore lease sale alone has the potential to emit 723 million metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere over its lifetime, equivalent to operating more than 70 percent of the United States’ coal-fired power plants for a year.”

As if this were not bad enough, there is the timeline. The companies that bought leases to drill in the Gulf — Exxon and BP stand tall in the crowd — will need years to install the infrastructure required to get to the oil and gas. This means the actual extraction and burning of these fossil fuels will not even begin until around 2030, a year many climate scientists have set as a hard deadline for reversing course on our ecological dissolution.

The whole thing felt like a deliberate finger in the eye of the environmental movement by the Biden administration, but the president and his people begged for understanding: The courts are making us do this, they claimed. We paused all new leasing a year ago but got slapped by an injunction that required us to do the auction. It is out of our hands.

“We’re required to comply with the injunction,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in November as all this was unfolding. “It’s a legal case and legal process, but it’s important for advocates and other people out there who are following this to understand that it’s not aligned with our view, the president’s policies, or the executive order that he signed.”

And if my cat had wheels, she’d be a wagon. The Guardian reports:
The Biden administration admitted that a court decision did not compel it to lease vast tracts of the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling, shortly before claiming it was legally obliged to do so when announcing the sell-off, the Guardian can reveal.

The president’s administration insisted it was obliged to hold the lease sale due to a court ruling in favor of a dozen states that sued to lift a blanket pause placed on new drilling permits by Biden. But a memo filed by the US Department of Justice before the lease sale acknowledges that this judgement does not force the government to auction off drilling rights to the gulf.
“The administration has been misleading on this, to put it mildly. It’s very disappointing,” said Thomas Meyer, national organizing manager of Food and Water Watch. “They didn’t have to hold this sale and they didn’t have to hold it on this timeline. We know this will exacerbate the climate crisis, it undermines US credibility abroad and it contradicts a campaign promise by Biden.”"



Hero of the Year

"Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted. Who is next?" (Techno Fog). Nobody.

"U.S. ends case against Jeffrey Epstein's jail guards" (Stempel).  "Prosecutors Quietly Dropped Case Against Epstein Jail Guards During Ghislaine Maxwell Trial" (Durden).  It is just a coincidence that the six months ended just after the Maxwell verdict was delivered, but it still emphasizes the outrageousness of government misconduct in this obvious cover-up.

"Ghislaine Maxwell Convicted" (Giraldi).

"Transportation Versus Destination: Maxwell’s Conviction Leaves Glaring Questions Over the Lack of Prosecutions" (Turley).

From June:  "Revealed: Epstein and Maxwell implicated in multiple UK abuse claims over a decade".

Mother Jones!: 

"British Newspaper Cancels ‘Person Of The Year’ Poll After J.K. Rowling Runs Away With Top Spot  " (Basham). 

"Seven ways in which the left is now the right" (Carl). 

"Billionaire Peter Thiel Hires Austria’s Disgraced Former Chancellor" (Eder).

"Putin, Al-Assad exchange cables affirming cooperation".  "Missile strike on Syrian port once again exposed Israel’s true face: Lebanon".

"Jake Tapper's Producer Resigns From CNN Amid Pedo Scandal" (Emmons).

"After Conviction For Sex Crimes, Ghislaine Maxwell Announces New Job At CNN" (The Babylon Bee). 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Maxwell verdict

"“What Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking trial means for Prince Andrew” Telegraph" (Lang). Now I know that Lang isn't stupid, or misinformed, so what the hell is this?  MI-6!  I've seen this trick repeated elsewhere, even with Robert Maxwell, where the obvious overwhelming Mossad connections are buried under the general rubric of 'intelligence'.  It's ridiculous. We all know who she works for, and why. 

"Live Talking Maxwell Verdict w/Whitney Webb 12/29/21" (Elmwood interview of Webb).  Webb is disappointing here, as she seems to accept the idea that this was a real trial - somebody did something illegal, law enforcement became involved, Ol' Jizz was found, arrested, and prosecuted, and everything was just normal 'justice'.  Obviously, none of these things happened like that.  There would have been high-level Mossad-CIA-FBI meetings, and detailed meetings between Maxwell lawyers and the federal prosecutors.  The (((judge))) was hand-picked for the job. Maxwell, who could have been anywhere else in the world, including completely protected in Israel, made herself, or whoever is playing her in court, available to be arrested. The entire procedure was a show trial, following a tight script.

The sole American government interest was keeping creepy criminals like Bill Clinton out of trouble, while appearing not to ignore an obvious sex trafficking case.  The sole Israeli government interest was keeping the pressure on the blackmail victims. Both sides got exactly what they wanted.  You can literally see the success of the blackmail operations in the staggering power now wielded by the Khazars.  They now get almost everything they want.

I've also been seeing some opinions that these honeypots are obsolete, replaced by data mining and the kind of snooping done most famously by the NSO Group.  I don't agree.  This type of operation is still required for the degree of control over western politicians required by the Mossad.  It is not traditional blackmail, and, if it is done correctly, blackmail never comes up. It is the personal connections, introduction to the wild world of bribery by Khazar billionaires, and cultivation of the proper attitude towards Israeli genocide and land theft.  'We're all friends here goy, joined by our love of plucky Israel, succeeding against all odds with your help, motivated solely by your humane sympathy for the plight of the long-suffering Jewish people.'  Becoming a forced Zionist is like entering a cult, and requires the kind of hand's-on operation run by Maxwell.  You can be sure there are still many of these operations still running, including the very important - particularly for the Euro-trash - boy rape clubs.

"Ghislaine’s Jury Falls for the Coverup" (Roberts).  A bit harsh, as juries can only answer the questions they are asked.  The entire structure of the trial was set up to achieve this result.

We will look into how this happened

"BBC criticised for interviewing lawyer implicated in Ghislaine Maxwell case" (Sleator).  "BBC admits interview with guest pundit Alan Dershowitz about Maxwell verdict was a mistake and says it should have told audience he was Epstein's lawyer and is accused of sex assault by Virginia Giuffre" (Duell/Craven).  "Alan Dershowitz Interview on Ghislaine Maxwell Leaves Viewers Outraged: 'Inexcusable'" (Roche).

At the very least, today's high standards of 'journalism' would require a producer to check if he had his underwear on. 

By the way, Dersh's 'analysis' is crap, the reason the prosecution carefully picked its witnesses was to protect the Bill Clintons of the world.  Giuffre wasn't called because they couldn't be sure she wouldn't name names, including that of Dersh.  It is outrageous that the prosecution's wrongdoing in protecting monsters gives a monster like Dersh another chance to mislead.

I should add this is obviously another example of the absolute Khazar dominance we are seeing all over the world today.  (((BBC producers))) and (((Dersh))) are so full of themselves and their power that they thought they could slip this through.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Treated like loons

Personal - not early - life.
Serious lack of discipline in the late-pandemic messaging/lying:

Russia continues to (slowly) take out the trash:

"Moderna faces shareholder pressure over vaccine costs" (Temple-West):
"Moderna is in a particularly unusual position because it developed its vaccine in conjunction with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Barney Graham, one of the NIH scientists involved in the development process, told the FT earlier this year the government’s role in producing the vaccine would give it “leverage” over Moderna when it comes to setting prices.

However, Moderna has pushed back heavily against this suggestion, recently issuing a public statement rejecting the idea that Graham and two other government scientists had co-invented the vaccine."

The Nazi will be devastated: 

Congratulations to the honorees: "BBC and Jewish group ranked with Iran and Hamas on 2021 anti-Semitism top ten list".  I guess the BBC is on their list to draw attention to themselves, as it certainly does not deserve such approbation.

"Salafis Throwing Bombs: How American and British Planners Partnered With Al-Qaeda Affiliated Groups At the Start of the Syrian Civil War" (Van Wagenen).  Lots of detail, a textbook on how Americans run color revolutions.  An example (note the vile role of (((HRW)))):
"Reports of events on the following day, Monday April 18, were once again distorted by local opposition activists, and uncritically passed on by the Western press. Funerals for the supporters of Sheikh Abu Musa who were killed on Sunday April 17 were held on Monday April 18 and turned into protests. Activists then took the decision to march to the New Clock Tower Square, located in the center of Homs, and to establish a sit-in there to resemble that established in Egypt’s Tahrir Square previously. The sit-in would set the stage for another alleged massacre that was used to suggest the Syrian government was using appalling levels of violence to suppress peaceful dissent. 
Human Rights Watch obtained testimony from an alleged defected intelligence officer claiming that “We were there with Air Force security, army, and shabeeha. At around 3:30 a.m. [early Tuesday morning, April 19], we got an order from Colonel Abdel Hamid Ibrahim from Air Force security to shoot at the protesters. We were shooting for more than half an hour. There were dozens and dozens of people killed and wounded. Thirty minutes later, earth diggers and fire trucks arrived. The diggers lifted the bodies and put them in a truck. I don’t know where they took them. The wounded ended up at the military hospital in Homs. 
Al-Jazeera similarly reported that “the early hours of dawn on Tuesday [April 19] saw an intervention by security forces to break up the sit-in of thousands of protesters, who spoke of a ‘real massacre.’ Omar Adlabi, a human rights activist, spoke to al-Jazeera about heavy gunfire at the demonstrators and said there was a ‘massacre,’ while an eyewitness from Homs named Abu Essam said, ‘that shooting was being carried out directly on the demonstrators.’” 
It turns out that there was no massacre, however, and that such claims were propaganda disseminated by opposition activists to demonize the Syrian government. Time journalist Rania Abouzeid reported the alleged clock tower massacre, “was a turning point in the struggle for Homs, although years later some of the men present that night would admit that claims of a massacre were exaggerated, even fabricated, by rebel activists to garner sympathy.” 
Instead, the violence at New Clock Tower Square likely involved armed clashes between opposition militants and Syrian security forces under the cover of the protests and sit-in, as was the case in the wake of the death of Sheik Abu Musa two days previous.  
Such a view is consistent with the observations made by Father Frans Van der Lugt, a Dutch priest who lived in Homs for nearly fifty years. Van der Lugt explained that “From the start, the protest movements were not purely peaceful. From the start I saw armed demonstrators marching along in the protests, who began to shoot at the police first. Very often the violence of the security forces has been a reaction to the brutal violence of the armed rebels.” He notes further that, “from the outset there has been the problem of armed groups, which are also part of the opposition…And that opposition is armed and often proceeds cruelly and violently and then blames the government. Many government people have been tortured and shot by them. Van der Lugt’s testimony is valuable because he is an objective, on the ground source. Van der Lugt refused to leave Homs despite the violence of the subsequent years and was respected by both government and opposition supporters at the time of his assassination by an unknown gunman in 2014."
Modi is on the election trail for his BJP, and his wonderment at dealing with the real world reminds me of George Bush shopping for groceries (the deboonking):
Nathan Robinson has the bad idea to step into a Greenwald thread, and it didn't go well for him (note the particularly nuts TDS, and the utter failure to even attempt to live up to his promise/lie):

“The CDC” is belatedly a meme for bad, questionable and/or random advice

"While Ontario considers changes, CDC’s new guidance on COVID isolation becomes a meme about bad advice" (Kwong):

"While doctors, scientists and health care workers are speaking out against the CDC’s decision, many others are turning to dark humour, which has often been the response to a pandemic now raging into a third year. How? By turning the “The CDC” into a meme for bad, questionable and/or random advice.

“BREAKING: the cdc is now saying u can isolate if u want… but if not no worries!!,” a Twitter user said.

“the cdc announced that you can now lose a guy in just 5 days,” another shared."

More examples follow.

"Flight attendant union slams new CDC COVID guidelines that airline CEOs supported"

Even Snopes has trouble deboonking the conspiracy theorists:  "Did Delta’s CEO Influence the CDC on 5-Day COVID Isolation?" (Liles).

In a very late conspiracy where all the CEOs are expected to pull with their class interest, it is not surprising that a few decide to peel off and look after their own bottom line, even if it may confuse the sheeple. 

I had to wrestle with the fact that I’m not a nice person

"Democrats need to send ‘harsh’ message to Palestinians and accept that Palestinians won’t think they’re ‘nice’ –advice from ‘Democratic Majority for Israel’" (Weiss): 

"Israeli author Einat Wilf, a former Laborite politician now a visiting professor at Georgetown University, spoke to the Israel lobby group “Democratic Majority for Israel” this month and offered advice to American Democrats. They need to issue some “not pleasant” messages to Palestinians about the Jewish right to a state. And Democrats must accept that Palestinians won’t like them.

“I had to wrestle with the fact that I’m not a nice person,” Wilf explained. “And I accepted it. Because ultimately I do believe that the right of the Jewish people to self-determination is one of the most justified ideas.”"
Jewsplaining that everybody has to act like a psychopath because all Khazars act like psychopaths is my favorite form of 'splaining.
The old joke, still good for a laugh: "AIDS and the Revival of the Duesberg Hypothesis" (Unz). It would be funny if over-using Fauci to kill people with pseudo-science might eventually lead to the GRIDs cat being let out of the bag.

"Does the ruling class want to see fewer of us?" (Buyniski).

A thread by Trung Phan on ASML.

"Israeli Army loses control of Squatter-Settlers who are attacking Palestinians ever more Brutally" (Abu Amer).  They are not 'losing control' - if you look carefully all of these operations are joint efforts by settlers and the I'D'L.
"‘Everything living is dying’ in Iraq" (Billing). Environmental Catastrophe For The Jews.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Unacceptable & irresponsible

The other option would have been for Dersh to say nothing about the Bishop: 

Statutes?  With a 't'?  Is Dersh getting bidenized?

"Editor’s note: Yesterday, we incorrectly used the word “restrictions” instead of “measures” when discussing today’s press conference. This was an unacceptable & irresponsible editorial decision & we are sorry. We will do better. We sincerely apologize for any stress that the headline caused."

I was stressed out until I realized the police state operations by the jack-booted thugs are not restrictions, but only measures.

Seahorse paste

The blackmail possibilities explain the seemingly insane positions of the Greens:

"Russia declares record gas exports to China" (Guest).  Do you want some, Europe, or should Russia just send it all to China?

Where's the lie?:  "‘Goyim Defense League’ blamed for antisemitic flyers in Beverly Hills" (Keene).  "Antisemitic flyers found Christmas morning, spreading COVID conspiracies in Springfield" (Sullender).

How would he know?  "Henry Kissinger: AI Will Prompt Consideration of What it Means to Be Human" (York).

"Ashley Biden’s Diary: Will The FBI Raid The New York Times?" (Turley) (the diary contains evidence of the incest-pedo problem of Biden which is presumably the basis for how he was (((controlled))), before he lost his mind):

"According to the Times, on Oct. 16, 2020, Project Veritas wrote to then candidate Joe Biden and his campaign that it had obtained a diary Ms. Biden “abandoned” and wanted to question Mr. Biden on camera about its contents. The letter did not threaten publication of the diary (which PV had already declined) but added “should we not hear from you by Tuesday, October 20, 2020, we will have no choice but to act unilaterally and reserve the right to disclose that you refused our offer to provide answers to the questions raised by your daughter.”

That line was declared to be part of “extortionate effort to secure an interview” and one of his lawyers, Roberta Kaplan (who represented ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo), wrote “[t]his is insane; we should send to SDNY.” Shortly thereafter Ms. Biden’s lawyers alerted prosecutors at the United States Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, which dutifully turned this into a federal investigation.

But compare the line from the New York Times email on November 11, 2021, telling O’Keefe that it planned to publish the contents and asking for a response. Unlike PV, it expressly stated that it was going to publish the contents of the stolen confidential memos and gave PV a date to respond. According to the court, it then “without waiting until the stated time…the Times published on its website full copies of the privileged legal memoranda.”

That however was not viewed as “extortionate” and the unlawful removal of confidential material was not viewed as a basis for an investigation by the SDNY of a publication just six miles away in Manhattan.

The many questions in these cases should be answered by both the Justice Department and the media. For the FBI, the concern is whether it is now acting like a type of Praetorian Guard for the First Family. For the media, the concern is that some outlets are now acting like a type of state media for the Biden Administration.

In the end, I would oppose a raid on the Sulzberger home just as I opposed the raid on the O’Keefe home. However, Sulzberger really had no reason to worry even after the O’Keefe raid. That is precisely the problem."

This steaming turd of Zionist propaganda - by a standard Swamp flatterer who has won many awards for such fluffing - is one of the worst things I've read - admittedly a limited amount, as who has time to waste time reading shit? - from the horribly floundering Jew Yorker:  "The Looming Threat of a Nuclear Crisis With Iran" (Wright).  Nice reminder, though, that Iran now has a magnificent missile program, ready, willing, and able to push the Khazars into the sea.  No reminder that even the hint of an American or 'Israeli' military attack on Iran would push the American price of a tank of gas so high that no Democrat would ever win a political seat again.

Khazar power levels over the west are at 300% and climbing rapidly (thanks to the efforts of Jizz-laine, etc.): This was the key tip-off that they were scamming everybody:

Boss des bécosses

"Palestinians pay tribute to Desmond Tutu" (Abunimah).  "South Africa’s moral compass… Desmond Tutu and Palestine in pictures".  "Desmond Tutu Opposed Capitalism, Israeli Apartheid and U.S./UK Imperialism, Too" (Rovics). The (((media))), of course:

"Top 20 Media Stories CNN's Brian Stelter 'Overlooked' On His Show Dedicated To Media Stories" (Durden).

If you think Khazar power over the west is at levels never before seen, with literally comical levels of abasement by bribed and blackmailed 'leaders', you haven't seen anything yet:  "A More Aggressive Israel Lobby Is Coming in 2022" (Giraldi).

"CDC Admits that the Covid Pandemic Was the Product of an Inappropriate Test" (Roberts).  "Bombshell: CDC No Longer Recognizes the PCR Test As a Valid Method for Detecting “Confirmed Covid-19 Cases”?" (Chossudovsky).  "This Scientist Created a Rapid Test Just Weeks Into the Pandemic. Here’s Why You Still Can’t Get It." (DePillis).  The false positives were a big bonus when they were trying to increase fear levels (to the point of getting to the Great Reset), but are no longer required for a very transmissible variant. The big question is what happens if Bill Gates' worst nightmare, that the current variant doesn't lead to the need for mass hospitalization, comes true.  Vaccines, lockdowns, mandates, passports, the Kamps, Great Reset - all gone.  Something drastic and deadly will have to be done or all this effort will have been wasted.  It is time for a new virus!

"How Not to Explain the Ukraine Crisis" (Madden).  "Four Western provocations that led to U.S.-Russia crisis today" (Carpenter).

"Bambi: cute, lovable, vulnerable ... or a dark parable of antisemitic terror?" (Ferguson).  Ok, Herod.

"Ever-expanding list of banned words at Quebec’s National Assembly offers a portrait of a distinct province" (Andrew-Gee).  Quebec is probably the most secular place in the world right now, yet you wouldn't know it by the street signs (background):

Monday, December 27, 2021

After throwing a knife and a gas canister out of a 5th floor window

"US Rep. Cawthorn, wife seek divorce after a year of marriage".  "Congress Cripple’s Whore Wife Divorce-Rapes Him" (Anglin).  Typical silly and misogynistic Anglin.

Watch the video.  It looks like the Russians found him a wife.  You'd think the phony cross-fit competition story from the 'American' would have set off some alarms.

Btw:  "Who is Rachel Cartmill? Alexander Vindman’s Wife; Bio, Wiki, Age, Nationality, Parents, Children, Instagram".  There is a lot going on here.  Maybe this was a Ukrainian intelligence operation.

Also, with a lot going on:

But at what cost

"Saudi expert defends intensified bombardment in Yemen, Ansarullah vows painful response".  Slaughtering civilians for Peace!

"Polish president vetoes controversial media bill slammed by US".  Early life.

"China Does Great So Let's Question Its Cost" (Moon of Alabama).

"Fact Checking Facebook's Fact Checking" (Viable Opposition).

"What! No Russian Invasion of Ukraine?" (McGovern).  Put on the back burner until the US feels ready for WWIII.

"America’s Foreign Policy Death Spiral" (Hixson).

"Turkey's Inflation Is Erdogan's Hail Mary Move To Save Himself From IMF Interference" (Moon of Alabama).  "Desperate Times: Erdogan’s Scheme To Avert A Bank Run" (Heisenberg Report).  As a move from the US to Russia/China:  "Is This Erdogan’s Exit Strategy?" (Luongo).  Erdoğan and elections:  "Turkey’s Economic Difficulties and the Fate of Erdogan" (Mikhin).

"Get ready for libertarian outrage over de-identified cellphone data being used to promote public health" (Smith).  The Georgia Straight, which used to be good, has gone full Panopticon 'for your own good' woke on secret, mass surveillance.  It is not clear to me how using a third party, an operating cell phone company, to strip identifying data should lead to any comfort that privacy is indeed protected.  "Canada Admits To Secretly Tracking 33 Million Phones During Covid-19 Lockdown" (Durden).  The airy dismissal of the program, hidden until caught, is the kind of thing that should lead to immediate firing for cause of the bureaucrats involved.  If it is true they have found a loophole in the law, that needs to be fixed. 

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Just absolutely unhinged

"Killer Robots Aren't Science Fiction. A Push to Ban Them is Growing." (Satariano/Cumming-Bruce/Gladstone).  No progress made, as you would expect.

"The Shadowy CIA Data Firms Behind the Creation of Digital Vaccine Passport IDs".  The pandemic means we are told we need digital vaccine passports, which means some spooky companies get to create a worldwide digital id.

After Fred Hiatt at the Post:  "A NY Times editor has died of a heart attack at 49, one day after receiving a Moderna Covid “booster” shot" (Berenson).  Also, a lot of soccer players.  Also, a lot of young people with sudden heart attacks, something which used to be extremely rare, almost unheard of.  If these were any other kind of drug for any other kind of disease they would be completely shut down by now.

Ontario is experiencing a massive increase in COVID cases, with the first Omicron cases showing up about a month ago, but only a slight increase in hospitalizations or admissions to ICUs.

"PG Special Report: With shadowy money, Ukraine oligarch became Cleveland's biggest landlord" (Sallah/Murray).  'Shadowy' means 'taken fraudulently from a Ukrainian bank'.  "Ukraine's tycoon and governor Kolomoisky confesses to holding 3 passports" (the most Khazar answer possible):

"When asked how his holding three passports fitted Ukrainian laws, he said the constitution prohibits double citizenship but triple citizenship is not forbidden"

Of course, that's (((Kolomoisky))).

"Edward Bernays: Propaganda and the U.S.-Backed 1954 Guatemalan Coup" (Skvarla).  Manipulating 'liberal' opinion through lies is still the main method of setting up the PR to promote Wars For The Jews.  We are currently seeing the foundations being laid for the promotion of WWIII.

"Why the Fuck Do You Trust Harvard?" (deBoer):

"Why on earth would you put the onus on the test instead of the schools? You think, what, they would prefer to admit kids whose parents can’t possibly donate? The whole selection process for elite schools is to skim a band of truly gifted students from the top, then admit a bunch of kids with identical resumes whose parents will collectively buy the crew team a new boathouse, and then you find a kid whose parents moved to the states from Nigeria two years before he was born and whose family owns a mining company and you call that affirmative action. And if you look at all this, and you take to Twitter to complain about the SAT instead of identifying the root corruption at the schools themselves, you’re a fucking mark, a patsy. You’ve been worked, you’ve been took. You’re doing the bidding of some of the wealthiest, most elitist, most despicable institutions on earth. You think Harvard gives a single merciful fuck about poor Black teenagers? Are you out of your goddamned minds?

It was in their best interest to use the SAT before, so they used it. Now it’s in their best interest to have even more leeway to select the bumbling doofus children of the affluent, and you’re applauding them for it in the name of “equity.” Brilliant."


"To the extent that any Black students are added to the mix by these policies, it’s going to be the Jaden and Willow Smiths of the world. If you think Harvard has any actual, genuine desire to fill its campus with more poor American-born descendants of African slaves you are out of your fucking mind. Just absolutely unhinged."

Test Your Stupidity

"Early Zionist leaders tried to keep out thousands of 'unhealthy' Jews fleeing pogroms".  One of the reasons behind the Holocaust that Khazar leaders concocted with Eichmann was an attempt to clean up the Khazar gene pool, corrupted by interbreeding with Slavs, and keeping the crime scene known as 'Israel' as pure as possible fits with that motive.

"After 70 years on the sidelines, AIPAC will now officially fundraise for politicians" (Kampeas).

"Israel’s cyberwarfare industry had a bad year" (Nassar).

"Meet Edward Isaacs, the student waging a campus war for Israel" (Klarenberg).

"Israel says will ‘double settlements’ in occupied Golan Heights".

Test Your Stupidity.  Of course, it is a lot more than $38 billion.

The next one would get our attention

"Albert Bourla of Pfizer is the CNN Business CEO of the Year" (La Monica). 

"The Beginning of the End? The virus part of the pandemic will probably soon be over." (eugyppius):

"In the longer term, things look much more uncertain. It is hard to shake the feeling that Corona has swept away the last vestiges of liberal democracy in Europe, and perhaps in the whole world. I don’t think these political systems have been very good for the West, but our new theocratic regimes steered by the Corona astrologers have been vastly worse. As soon as the hysteria boils off, many of these villains will begin trying to get the panic machine up and running again. The alternative is a future where nobody much cares what they have to think, where they’re no longer able to interfere in millions of lives, and – perhaps most crucially – where a lot of politicians, journalists, and ordinary people begin to realise what utter failures they and their policies have been. There are failures that lose you your job, there are failures that make you a public disgrace, and then there are their failures, the kind that lead to arrest, indictment, imprisonment, and worse."

If Omicron doesn't kill enough people, endangering the plan of riding out successive waves of 'variants' until the entire Great Reset is in place, Gates has Plan B: "Gates: “The Next Pandemic: Marburg?”".

Reindeer games

"Putin hits out at plans to block Nord Stream 2".  "Exit Nord Stream 2, Enter Power of Siberia 2" (Escobar).

"German media names date of Russia-NATO meeting".

"JOHN KIRIAKOU: Those Nasty Russians".  "Greeks Commemorate 1973 Massacre by U.S.-Backed Junta" (Kiriakou).

"The Self-determination Struggle in Russian Crimea and the Pro-autonomy Struggle in Donbas (formerly eastern Ukraine)" (Annis).  I have also determined that Feffer is not a wholesome writer.

"Your $1.7 billion of gold is now ours, UK tells starving Venezuelans" (Bartlett).

"Israel's Iran question: To strike or not to strike? - opinion" (Katz).

"Rudolph Changes Name To Rolanda, Dominates Female Reindeer Games" (The Babylon Bee).

Saturday, December 25, 2021

The very existence of this struggle

Petty rebuke from a failing empire that lost yet another battle with China: 

Basically a tax evasion case, with some China bullshit piled on top for the purpose of pushing the usual militarism (very bad luck for Lieber - this all started with Trump trying to push responsibility onto the Chinese for the massive American death rates from COVID, and American academic researchers collaborating with their Chinese counterparts would not otherwise have been on the radar):  "Harvard Professor Charles Lieber Found Guilty of Lying About China Ties" (Cho/Kingdollar/Sochi).

"How LBJ Mooned America" (Guyénot).  With a hint at the end that it didn't happen.

Much more nuance than the usual Dem frenzied attacks on Manchin:  "Manchin Takes Aim at Build Back Better, but His Real Focus is on West Virginia" (Workman).  It is too bad the one thing which seemed to stick in the craw of the billionaires is the child tax credit, which was probably the single best thing the Brandon Administration has done (or will do).  The rich are upset it goes to the 'underserving', with the usual arguments about it being all spent on illegal drugs, so there is an obvious real racism component to this.  It appears that Manchin was ready to give his vote if they could just remove that one part, so I have to assume there is still room for the rest of the bill to pass in 2022.

This title gives me a headache:  "Leaked files expose Syria psyops veteran astroturfing BreadTube star to counter Covid restriction critics" (Klarenberg/Blumenthal):

"In his book, “BreadTube Serves Imperialism: Examining the New Brand of Internet Pseudo-Socialism,” socialist organizer Caleb Maupin likened BreadTube to the “counter-gangs” deployed by British and US intelligence to infiltrate and dismantle insurgent forces from Kenya to Southeast Asia.

BreadTube “speaks in the name of left-wing sounding ideals. In reality, it is likely serving one section of the American ruling elite and the intelligence agencies,” Maupin wrote.

The covert relationship between BreadTube’s Abigail Thorn, Valent Projects, and the Royal Institute appears to validate Maupin’s thesis.

“It does not surprise me at all to find out there is documented evidence that the British Royal Family and an intelligence contractor is bankrolling the work of Abigail Thorn,” Maupin told The Grayzone. “It lines up with everything I have observed about her and the BreadTube trend overall.”

Maupin continued, “BreadTube’s ‘socialism’ is not really socialism, it is mobilizing young liberals to keep dissident elements in line. It’s securing the rule of British and American corporations over the planet by trying to silence those who get in its way.”"

With lots of detail on how this operation follows similar operations by British military intelligence, including the social media PR against Syria.

"Left-wing Victory in Chile" (Iqbal):

"For many on both sides of the political spectrum, Chile’s socialist triumph over an openly fascist figure is devoid of anti-imperialist radicalism. This an upshot of Boric’s unjustified criticism of the left-wing administrations in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. Jorge Castaneda Gutman, a former Mexican Foreign Minister, has rehearsed his old notion of “two distinct political ‘lefts’: a moderate, democratic, globalized, modern left, and an anachronistic, statist, nationalist, and authoritarian left.” While the former is exemplified by Michele Bachelet in Chile, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil, and the center-left Broad Front government in Uruguay, the latter is exemplified by Hugo Chavez-Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, Rafael Correa in Ecuador, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, and the Castros in Cuba.

According to Castaneda, “Boric might not govern like a typical Latin American left-wing populist. Instead, he might operate more like a European social democrat”. This good-bad binary is paradoxically reproduced by the anti-imperialist journalist Ben Norton: “The ‘Pink Tide is coming back in Latin America’ narrative is too simplistic. What we’re seeing is two poles: a revolutionary anti-imperialist left (Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia) and a social-democratic left (Argentina, Mexico, now Chile) that’s weak on US neocolonialism.” This type of dichotomous thinking hardens the variances within the Latin American Left, elevating them to a stark choice between “reform” or “revolution”, or a knee-jerk difference between “good” and “bad” leftism. In response to these framings, Tom Chodor argues that the two Lefts need to be “understood dialectically, in terms of the potentials for radical transformations that arise out of their interaction.”

In other words, while Chile may be more comfortable with the readjustment of relations with the US rather the rejection of imperial power, this process itself creates a range of potentials that might develop in ways suitable to the more radical politics on display in other countries. “One can only speak in terms of potentials in this regard”, adds Chodor, “because the current phase of the struggle over hegemonic rule is only just beginning in Latin America, and its final outcome cannot possibly be known. Nevertheless, the very existence of this struggle, and the consciousness of alternative futures it has raised among millions of previously excluded peoples…cannot be ignored in any comprehensive analysis of…the Latin American region”."

Missile therapy

Merry Christmas!

"Meet the Elites of Northern Europe, NATO’s Hardcore Militant" (Gallo). 

"Israeli judge left High Court because it gave blank check to ‘illegal, immoral’ house demolitions" (Gurvitz).  Is there another country that will send you a bill for doing you the favor of demolishing your house if you don't do it yourself?  The attitude that Shakespeare noticed in the Merchant of Venice - every action, no matter how Evil, is fine as long as there is a law - is still working for the (((same people))).

"Israeli authorities remove original name of neighborhood in occupied Haifa".

"125 countries back opened-ended UNHRC war crimes probe against Israel" (Lazaroff).

"On relations between the Palestinian resistance and Iran" (Tenório).  Hamas is going to be a big part of the Hezbollah-Iran missile therapy for the land thieves.

"Beijing Influence Expands After Solomon Islands Accepts Chinese Offer For Riot Police Help" (Durden).

The forced blockchainification of the world, a thread:

"The Top Takeaways From The Russian Ambassador To The US’ Newsweek Interview" (Korybko): 

"Most importantly, Ambassador Antonov implied a quid pro quo whereby the US can encourage Kiev to finally implement its legal obligations under the Minsk Accords while Russia can help broker a political solution to the Syrian War with Damascus. Through these pragmatic mutual compromises, the trust that’s required to advance Russia’s “security equation” proposal might finally be reached and thus lead to the normalization of ties with the US, which would stabilize international affairs."

(((Blinken))), who in his (((very essence))) wants both Yinon in Syria and WWIII to force Russia to drop Syria, isn't going to see this sane proposal as 'good for the Jews', so it is not going anywhere.

Canadian bureaucrats have finally gone full airborne on COVID, perhaps in a last-minute attempt to dodge the guillotines (they are also starting to force people away from the decorative cloth masks that do nothing):

"How Mark Zuckerberg’s Millions and the Center for Technology and Civic Life Turned Wisconsin Blue in 2020" (Doyle): 

"Democrats seem to know that they cannot win a national election without employing the same tactics that they used to win in 2020. As Nsé Ufot, CEO of the Stacey Abrams-founded New Georgia Project, said “If there isn’t a way for us to repeat what happened in November 2020, we’re f—ed.”

What happened in 2020 involved a highly coordinated and privately funded “shadow campaign” for Joe Biden that took place within the formal structure of the election system itself. Through the injection of over $419 million of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s money, laundered through the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), the professional left presided over a targeted, historically unprecedented takeover of government election offices by nominally nonpartisan, but demonstrably ideological, nonprofit organizations and activists in key areas of swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Our research shows that CTCL spending in Wisconsin generated enough votes for Joe Biden to secure him an Electoral College win there in 2020. We estimate that CTCL spending in Wisconsin purchased Joe Biden an additional 65,222votes,without which Donald Trump would have won the state by 44,540 votes.

Although CTCL and CEIR are chartered as non-partisan 501(c)(3) corporations, our research shows that the $419.5 million of CTCL and CEIR spending that took place in 2020 was highly partisan in its distribution, and highly partisan in its effects. Targeted CTCL and CEIR spending played a decisive role in building a “shadow” election system with a built-in structural bias that systematically favored Democratic votes over Republican votes.

Big CTCL and CEIR money had nothing to do with traditional campaign finance, media buys, lobbying, or other costs that are related to increasingly expensive modern elections. Rather, it had to do with financing the infiltration of election offices at the city and county level by Democrat activists and using those offices as a platform to implement preferred administrative practices, voting methods, ballot harvesting efforts, and data sharing agreements, as well as to launch intensive multi-media outreach campaigns and surgically targeted, concierge-level get-out-the-vote efforts in areas heavy with Democratic voters."

"Biden: ‘Let's go Brandon, I agree’ (VIDEO)".