Sunday, December 05, 2021

Gang initiation

Cold-blooded murder by the IDF: 

The Mossad thinks you goyim will understand if you see the context, but it is still cold-blooded murder: "Palestinians, rights group condemn Jerusalem ‘execution’".

The crime scene that the Khazars like to call 'Israel' is run exactly like an organized crime gang.  Joining the IDF, required for most, is exactly like a gang initiation where a prospective gang member has to commit a murder in order to 1) show his loyalty to the gang, and 2) provide evidence that can be used against him should he turn on the gang.  Since everybody, even those who don't murder with their own hands, is complicit in the genocide, the genocide has almost 100% support, rather than the 95% support it would garner without the gang initiation.

The same model is employed in Mossad honey-trap operations like Jizz-laine's.  By allowing yourself to be filmed committing illegal and socially scandalous acts, you are basically becoming an honorary Khazar, thus meaning you can be safely bribed without any risk of your ever renouncing a slavish devotion to Zionism, or else the blackmail material will be released.  It is not presented as blackmail, no overt threats need to be made.  You are just invited to be a 'friend' to poor little downtrodden Israel.  The downside to refusing does not need to be stated.  Everybody understands.
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