Sunday, December 26, 2021

Test Your Stupidity

"Early Zionist leaders tried to keep out thousands of 'unhealthy' Jews fleeing pogroms".  One of the reasons behind the Holocaust that Khazar leaders concocted with Eichmann was an attempt to clean up the Khazar gene pool, corrupted by interbreeding with Slavs, and keeping the crime scene known as 'Israel' as pure as possible fits with that motive.

"After 70 years on the sidelines, AIPAC will now officially fundraise for politicians" (Kampeas).

"Israel’s cyberwarfare industry had a bad year" (Nassar).

"Meet Edward Isaacs, the student waging a campus war for Israel" (Klarenberg).

"Israel says will ‘double settlements’ in occupied Golan Heights".

Test Your Stupidity.  Of course, it is a lot more than $38 billion.

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