Friday, December 03, 2021

The alleged frosting chamber had a ginger bread door

One of the Kings of the Euro-Trash:  "NATO’s Jan Stoltenberg needs to calm it down" (Larison).

"Russia Is Primed for a Persian Gulf Security 'Makeover'" (Escobar). This starts off with mostly unbelievable nonsense (the crazy in red):
"Joe Biden is now facing a hard domestic reality: if his financial team raises interest rates, the stock market will crash and the US will be plunged into deep economic distress.

Panicked Democrats are even considering the possibility of allowing Biden’s own impeachment by a Republican majority in the next Congress over the Hunter Biden scandal.

According to a top, non-partisan US national security source, there are three things the Democrats think they can do to delay the final reckoning:

First, sell some of the stock in the Strategic Oil Reserve in coordination with its allies to drive oil prices down and lower inflation.

Second, ‘encourage’ Beijing to devalue the yuan, thus making Chinese imports cheaper in the US, “even if that materially increases the US trade deficit. They are offering trading the Trump tariff in exchange.” Assuming this would happen, and that’s a major if, it would in practice have a double effect, lowering prices by 25 percent on Chinese imports in tandem with the currency depreciation.

Third, “they plan to make a deal with Iran no matter what, to allow their oil to re-enter the market, driving down the oil price.” This would imply the current negotiations in Vienna reaching a swift conclusion, because “they need a deal quickly. They are desperate.”"
Putin just threw Brandon a lifeline, presumably hoping for a loosening of the (((push))) for WWIII, but Psaki managed to thank by name only Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  The Iran point may not be as crazy as it sounds, as the Khazars, still fully in control of the US, may have to allow Brandon to make a deal, as it is over three years until they get President Kushner back in charge, and a complete Brandon-powered collapse of the US economy would not be 'good for the Jews'.    Of course, there will be a price to pay for kindly allowing the US to conduct its own foreign affairs.

Back to Escobar:
"Essentially, Moscow is reviving the Collective Security Concept for the Persian Gulf Region, an idea that has been simmering since the 1990s. Here is what the concept is all about.

So if the US administration’s reasoning is predictably short-term – we need Iranian oil back in the market – the Russian vision points to systemic change.

The Collective Security Concept calls for true multilateralism – not exactly Washington’s cup of tea – and “the adherence of all states to international law, the fundamental provisions of the UN Charter and the resolutions of the UN Security Council.”

All that is in direct contrast with the imperial “rules-based international order.”

It’s too far-fetched to assume that Russian diplomacy per se is about to accomplish a miracle: an entente cordiale between Tehran and Riyadh.

Yet there’s already tangible progress, for instance, between Iran and the UAE. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri held a “cordial meeting” in Dubai with Anwar Gargash, senior adviser to UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. According to Bagheri, they “agreed to open a new page in Iran-UAE relations.”

Geopolitically, Russia holds the definitive ace: it maintains good relationships with all actors in the Persian Gulf and beyond, talks to all of them frequently, and is widely respected as a mediator by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, and other GCC members.

Russia also offers the world’s most competitive and cutting edge military hardware to underpin the security needs of all the parties.

And then there’s the overarching, new geopolitical reality. Russia and Iran are forging a strengthened strategic partnership, not only geopolitical but also geoeconomic, fully aligned to the Russian-conceptualized Greater Eurasian Partnership – and also demonstrated by Moscow’s support for Iran’s recent ascension to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the only West Asian state to be admitted thus far.

Furthermore, three years ago Iran launched its own regional security framework proposal for the region called HOPE (the Hormuz Peace Endeavor) with the intent to convene all eight littoral states of the Persian Gulf (including Iraq) to address and resolve the vital issues of cooperation, security, and freedom of navigation.

The Iranian plan didn’t get far off the ground. While Iran suffers from adversarial relations with some of its intended audience, Russia carries none of that baggage.

And that brings us to the essential Pipelineistan angle, which in the Russia–Iran case revolves around the new, multi-trillion dollar Chalous gas field in the Caspian Sea.

A recent sensationalist take painted Chalous as enabling Russia to “secure control over the European energy market.”

That’s hardly the story. Chalous, in fact, will enable Iran – with Russian input – to become a major gas exporter to Europe, something that Brussels evidently relishes. The head of Iran’s KEPCO, Ali Osouli, expects a “new gas hub to be formed in the north to let the country supply 20 percent of Europe’s gas needs.”

According to Russia’s Transneft, Chalous alone could supply as much as 52 percent of natural gas needs of the whole EU for the next 20 years.

Chalous is quite something: a twin-field site, separated by roughly nine kilometers, the second-largest natural gas block in the Caspian Sea, just behind Alborz. It may hold gas reserves equivalent to one-fourth of the immense South Pars gas field, placing it as the 10th largest gas reserves in the world.

Chalous happens to be a graphic case of Russia-Iran-China (RIC) geoeconomic cooperation. Proverbial western speculative spin rushed to proclaim the 20-year gas deal as a setback for Iran. The final breakdown, not fully confirmed, is 40 percent for Gazprom and Transneft, 28 percent for China’s CNPC and CNOOC, and 25 percent for Iran’s KEPCO.

Moscow sources confirm Gazprom will manage the whole project. Transneft will be in charge of transportation, CNPC is involved in financing and banking facilities, and CNOOC will be in charge of infrastructure and engineering.

The whole Chalous site has been estimated to be worth a staggering $5.4 trillion.

Iran could not possibly have the funds to tackle such a massive enterprise by itself. What is definitely established is that Gazprom offered KEPCO all the necessary technology in exploration and development of Chalous, coupled with additional financing, in return for a generous deal.
Crucially, Moscow also reiterated its full support for Tehran’s position during the current JCPOA round in Vienna, as well as in other Iran-related issues reaching the UN Security Council."

"Testing the waters: Russia explores reconfiguring Gulf security" (Dorsey):

"Inspired by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the proposal suggests that the new architecture would be launched at an international conference on security and cooperation in the Gulf.

Russia sees the architecture as enabling the creation of a “counter-terrorism coalition (of) all stakeholders” that would be the motor for resolving conflicts across the region and promoting mutual security guarantees.

The plan would further involve the removal of the “permanent deployment of troops of extra-regional states in the territories of states of the Gulf,” a reference to US, British, and French forces and bases in various Gulf states and elsewhere in the Middle East.

It calls for a “universal and comprehensive” security system that would take into account “the interests of all regional and other parties involved, in all spheres of security, including its military, economic and energy dimensions.”

In Mr. Naumkin’s reading, Middle Eastern rivals “are fed up with what’s going on” and “afraid of possible war.” Negotiations are their only remaining option.

That seems to drive men like UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, his Saudi counterpart Mohammed bin Salman, Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Iranian leader Ebrahim Raisi to reach out to one another in a recent flurry of activity.

“These are talks between autocrats keen to protect their own grip on power and boost their economies: not peace in our time, only within our borders,” cautioned The Economist."

It is funny how the Americans, not needing to do diplomacy, and not wanting to concede anything, have no diplomatic ability, leaving the Russians to have to fix the world's problems (while taking a nice cut for themselves).

"The Kurdish project in Syria would be a new Israel in the Middle East" (Bartlett).  Yinon.

The lockdowns and the damage done.  "Why Has the Press Ignored Retailers’ Crappy Black Fridays, as Experts Warn of Coming Bankruptcies?" (Smith).  "Flattening the curve or flattening the global poor? How Covid lockdowns obliterate human rights and crush the most vulnerable" (Pabst/Blumenthal).  It is amazing how much Britain drove the worst of the stupidity.

The big problem with giving all that snooping and other powers to an organization is that you lose any legal control over it, as the politicians are all terrified of it.  "CIA Pedos Walk Free After DOJ Refuses To Prosecute: FOIA" (Durden).  "CIA Files Say Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children. They Weren’t Prosecuted." (Leopold/Cormier).  I guess the CIA would say this is part of their operations in gaining control over other pedos, but it seems this would be a classic case of a way for a foreign country to infiltrate the CIA through one of the most infamous pressure points.

"Maxwell Trial Day Four: The Five Stages Of Grooming, Contractor Remembers 'Underage Girls'" (Falun Gong).  It is difficult to believe Jizz-laine won't be convicted of something, so her stand-in may have to spend some time in jail while Ol' Jizz is whisked off to join Epstein in Israel.

"Ghislaine Maxwell Stared Directly at Her Court Sketch Artist and Drew Them Right Back" (Van Brugen).  Scary.

Awakening the normies:  "Kyle Rittenhouse’s Vindication Proves Just How Important Local Elections Are" (revolver) (is there a Democrat answer to this?):

"On his War Room podcast, Steve Bannon has urged America-first patriots to take over low-level precinct officer positions within their communities and within the Republican Party, in order to combat election fraud. Patriots have responded with vigor, and as of September more than 8,500 new Republicans had signed up as precinct officers, election inspectors, or similar low-level political posts. The Regime media meltdown over Bannon’s localist “precinct strategy” is as good a testament as any to its potential effectiveness.

Similarly, Christopher Rufo’s campaign against critical race theory has highlighted the powerful role of local school boards in determining public school curricula and policies. Conservatives have responded by electing anti-CRT candidates across the country.

This is a positive trend. Now, patriotic Americans must translate this selective interest in local politics into a more broad-based movement to take control on the local level across the country. Constant engagement with the national news media cycle should no longer distract us from competing in this neglected local arena which is not only more easily winnable, but in many respects is actually far more consequential to our daily lives.

The corrupt globalist ruling class has taken control of day-to-day life by being attentive to such opportunities as the only ones seemingly interested in getting and using power. If they can be fanatically committed to what is evil, then we can be at least as passionate about what is good. We must take our country back—one precinct at a time."

Bannon seems to be channeling Assange:  "Steve Bannon’s Jan. 6 Legal Strategy: ‘Blowing Up the Whole System’" (Pagliery).

New Jack isn't wasting any time.  "Antifa getting shoahed on Twitter".  "Twitter deleting accounts for "undermining faith in the NATO alliance".".

The key is to never tell the truth:  "WSJ Report: Companies Step Up Efforts to Get You to Cough Up Your Data, in the Face of Policy Changes by Apple and Google" (Scofield).  "Satyajit Das Exposes Fintech's "Flim-Flam" Innovation Games".  "Sir Tim Berners-Lee's global internet standards body W3C is 'no longer fit for purpose after being hijacked by Google', claim campaigners" (Duell):

"MOW [The Movement for an Open Web]  pointed out that Google 'has 106 employees assisting W3C in its work, while most other companies have just one'.

It added that an antitrust report by the US House of Representatives noted Google representatives significantly outnumbered those of other members at 106.

This US report also quoted a participant who gave evidence, saying W3C 'gives the impression of being a place where members collaborate to improve the web platform, but in reality, Google's monopoly position and aggressive rate of introducing new, non-standard features frequently reduces them to discussing and codifying Google's features and rubber-stamping decisions Google has already taken'.

A MOW spokesman said: 'In theory, the W3C is an open forum where tech companies work together on assessing the impact of proposed software and technology changes and agreeing steps that need to be taken to ensure unlimited access and fair competition for all.

'But this has not been the case where Google's new 'Privacy Sandbox' is concerned.'

This was a reference to Google planning to replace third party cookies with a new 'Privacy Sandbox'.

It means that instead of these traditional cookies, where advertisers can track individuals across the websites they visit, users will be split into cohorts.

But MOW claims this would restrict open web competition by reducing the amount of information other tech, advertising and publishing firms can gather on users.

MOW said it is 'now calling for the authorities to investigate whether the processes and procedures operating at W3C favour Big Tech and are compatible with antitrust laws'.

It added: 'If they are not compatible, MOW is looking for the application of suitable remedies.'"

Feels like a 1995 hack:  "Someone is hacking receipt printers with 'antiwork' messages" (Dent).

(((Seth Rogan))) and (((Sarah Silverman))) decided to make a virulently anti-Christian 'Christmas' movie, and the trailer went up on YouTube, but some moron employee at YouTube neglected to cancel the comments, so they received a massive collection of anti-Semitic Christmas-themed puns, some quite clever, before pulling the plug!  "RT Says Jews Should Stop Whining About All the Hate They Create" (Anglin).


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