Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Poland-Germany war of 2022

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 216".  Another $12 billion from Americans to the Nazis.

"Gas leak on the underwater section of the Nord Stream" (Macgregor).

"LIVE: Tuesday September 27th 2022 - News From Saint Petersburg" (iEarlGrey).

"BREAKING NEWS | Lyman Operationally Encircled | Lyman Counteroffensive [Ukraine War Map Update]" (Weeb Union War Updates).  "[ Lyman Front ] MASSIVE RIVER CROSSING by Ukraine; Lyman nearing encirclement; Kreminna threatened!" (Defense Politics Asia).  I can't understand the complete lack of concern over Liman.

"Zelensky Reveals How Much US Taxpayers Give Ukraine Monthly" (Durden).

"The War On Germany Just Entered Its Hot Phase" (Moon of Alabama).


I used to foolishly think Jews didn't care for Nazis, but I have been set straight: 

"U.S. Hypocrisy Knows No Limits" (Lindorff). 

"[ Bakhmut Front ] Wagner PMC forces enters the settlement of Zaitseve and Odradivka, Donetsk Region" and "[ Ukraine War TINY SITREP ] Day 215 (26/9) - Russia counterattack east of Ridkodub, North of Lyman" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 215 (26/9): Ukraine defeats Rus' counterattack North of Lyman (Krasnyi Liman)" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Ukraine War: Frontline Referendum Special Report Donetsk - Avdeevka" (Lancaster).

"Lagarde, EU outlook darkening. NS1 NS2 pressure drop, leak or sabotage? Snowden RU citizen. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"FULL INTERVIEW: #Labour MPs acted to throw the election so that #Corbyn would not be Prime Minister" (Galloway).  "What really happened during Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism crisis’" (Al Jazeera Investigative Unit).  Imagine the utter devastation and misery that could have been avoided had Brits all laughed when accused of 'anti-Semitism'.  I'm serious - the Khazars have literally led a whole country by the nose to the grave.  Can you imagine that a bunch of Khazars got together and decided they would start a campaign to remove Corbyn, of all people, for being an 'anti-Semite'?  Labour kicked out Jews with the wrong ideas about Palestine - anything less than full genocide for the Palestinians is wrong - as if it was the Nazi Party of Great Britain.

"Ukraine War Day #216: Provody (continued)" (yalensis).

"How Bad Will the German Recession Be?" (it took many, many people to write this).  We've never seen the experiment of many countries voluntarily committing financial suicide, so who knows how it will play out.  One thing for certain, it will be much worse than all the 'experts' predict.

"Yellow Haired Horde from Ching Chong Russia Ready to Swallow Swishy West" (Dinh). 

We will bring an end to it

While the average Euro-trash 'leader' is dedicated to the degenerate, video-tapeable, blackmailable, 'flour', lifestyle, the average European is dedicated to the cuck lifestyle, literally to the point of self-annihilation (as the whitest of white people, they have been well taught that they have to suffer for the sins of their race, the ultimate assertion of white supremacy).  Thus, the evidence of how the US is actively fighting a war against Europe will not be met with any negative reaction - other than, of course, to blame Russia, which is odd as Russia can, and did, voluntarily shut off the taps, and Russia might still find selling gas to Europe a lucrative choice, especially when coupled with the complete lifting of European sanctions - as the new evidence of sabotage increases the evidence of the cuckoldry, exactly what cucks desire.  It seems clear that the (((neocons))) feared common sense creeping into Europe, and had to thus prevent the ultimate disaster of Nord Stream 2 being reopened.

A doomsday cult

"I Already Touched On It In My Video..." and "And Why I Am Not Surprised." and "Larry Gives A Superb Treatment To..." and "Is Intellect Enough?" (Martyanov). 

"More on the Referendum Game Changer" (Johnson).  Yet another rationalization for the Russian Running Away in the north!

"Kiev Wastes No Time, Pushing Forward" (South Front).

A splendid thread:

"6 things you should know about the Glazer family, the Jewish owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers" (Klein).

The paradox is that 'autocratic', 'despotic' Russia has much, much, much freer media than is available anywhere in the West:  "Draft evasion in today’s Russia" (Doctorow).

Newsweek continues to push gently against the (((narrative))):  "Has the West Guaranteed Higher Energy Prices this Winter? | Opinion" (Depetris).

The essential (((problem))) is always the same:  "Please Some Straight Talk from the Peace Movement" (Giraldi).  We're not going to escape from this (((madness))) until it is universally acknowledged that being an 'anti-Semite' is the highest condition a  human being can aspire to.

"Unpacking the Ukraine ‘Game Change’; Is a Major Conflict Inevitable?" (Crooke):

"Ukraine’s symbolic expression now serves multiple ends: Principally, as distraction from domestic failures – ‘Saving Ukraine’ offers an (albeit false) narrative to explain the energy crisis, the spiking inflation and businesses shutting down. It is icon too, to the framework of the ‘enemy within’ (the Putin whisperers). And it serves to justify the control regime currently being cooked-up in Brussels. It is, in short, politically highly useful. Even perhaps, existentially essential."

"Kherson Counteroffensive Update | Vuhledar | Bakhmut [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates). 

"2022 09 27 The Americans Declared War On Europe" (Lira).  The funniest thing will be watching Europeans fall all over themselves blaming this on Russia.  Cuck watching is the most fun!

Anything but trivial

"Apparent Sabotage Disables Nord Stream 1 and 2, Cutting Off All Direct Gas Supply to Germany from Russia" (eugyppius):

"Government officials assume that the damage is intentional, and the result of an attack by foreign forces:

Due to the timing, the fact that three separate pipelines were affected1, and the severe pressure losses in Nord Stream 1, officials expect the worst. “We can no longer imagine any scenario other than a targeted attack,” said a person privy to the assessment by the federal government and federal authorities. They added: “Everything speaks against a coincidence.”

Such an attack on the seabed would be anything but trivial; it would have to be carried out with special forces – for example, by navy divers or a submarine, people informed of initial assessments said.

With regard to responsibility for the alleged attacks, two possibilities are being discussed. First, according to initial speculation, Ukrainian or Ukrainian-affiliated forces could be responsible. With the temporary shutdown of the Nord Stream pipelines, gas deliveries from Russia to Germany and Central Europe would only be possible via the Yamal pipelinje running through Poland or the Ukrainian pipeline network."


". . . President Biden said in early February that in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, “there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2, we will bring an end to it.” It’s well within the realm of possibility that such an attack would’ve been carried out with the tacit approval (or even upon the request) of the Scholz government, to relieve them of political pressure to open Nord Stream 2 or seek terms for a restoration of supply to Nord Stream 1 as the economy continues to circle the drain. The Greens are in government here, and Green-adjacent journalists have gone so far as to demand the dismantling of the pipelines to hurt Putin, so this too is far from crazy.

The second scenario investigators are contemplating, according to the linked Tagesspiegel report, is of course a “‘false flag’ operation by Russia,” carried out to “drive up the price of gas,” “exacerbate the European energy crisis” and “fuel additional uncertainty.” Russia will surely be blamed for the attack as soon as it is confirmed, I have no doubt of that."

Russia has absolutely no reason to sabotage its own pipelines as long as there is a chance that rationality will return to Europe, and the gas starts flowing again. That's the one escape from the sanctions from Europe, so why would Russia throw it away?

Monday, September 26, 2022


"How the US Benefits from Coaxing the EU to Commit Economic Suicide" (Sleboda).

Blind Items Revealed #5:

"This foreign born A- list actress who was part of her country's delegation to the big funeral, wanted no part of the hotel lounge sing-a-long, led by the current leader of her country.

Sandra Oh/Justin Trudeau"

Critical situation

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 26.09.2022" (Military Summary).


This should be good!:  "Hungarian premier Orbรกn announces referendum on Russia sanctions".

The people who are dimwitted are the European peoples, white supremacists who think they have the luxury of following superior European 'norms and values', and, if that fails, there is always time to build guillotines and take out the 'trash before things get really bad.  Sabotage to Nord Stream 2 proves that Europeans do not have the luxury of that kind of time.  The time to act was months ago.  Now Europe is irretrievably lost.  I see Europe turning into a kind of Africa, utterly poverty stricken but with nice churches and art galleries, a place for Asian tourists to visit and marvel at how people can be that stupid.  Shelley wrote about 'Europe'.

Nord Stream 2 sabotage

"Ukrainian Territories To Be Absorbed Into Russia By Week's End: Lawmaker" (Durden). 

"Chris Hedges: Fascism is Returning" (Hedges).  Hedges loses most of his credibility when he engages in sloppy liberal thinking like this:

"The U.S. has its own version of fascism embodied in a Republican party that coalesces in cult-like fashion around Donald Trump, embraces the magical thinking, misogyny, homophobia and white supremacy of the Christian Right and actively subverts the election process." 

Hedges is thus equally bad as the people who he criticizes for leading us to this state, and just as responsible for it. 

"The U.S. Is Winning Its War On Europe's Industries And People" (Moon of Alabama).  Dimwitted?  Does that explain it?  An entire continent of 'leaders' who suffer from low IQ?  Nobody can be that stupid.  It is a combination of falling under the Schwab death cult, and the usual bribery/blackmail that now completely defines world politics.

A thread on today's sabotage of Nord Stream 2 (in case Europe wants to save itself from utter destruction and penury, that option may now be gone):

Snowden a Russian

"[ Lyman Front ] Ukrainian forces captured Shandryholove; attacking Zelena Dolyna - BREAKING NEWS!" (Defense Politics  Asia).  Ukraine continues to make gains in the north, with no acknowledgment from the 'experts' that anything might be going on that could be dangerous for Russia.

"Ukraine war map | Ukraine has success near Izium | Kherson offensive moving Backwards | Mobilization" (New World Econ).

"Russia Counterblow, NYT Admits Ukraine Massive Losses in Stalled Offensive; UK Teeters on The Brink" (Mercouris).

"Meloni wins. Italy must prepare to take on Ursula and EU" (The Duran).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"US Tightens the Screws on Turkey Over Cooperation with Russia " (Gallagher).

We will fight it standing tall!

The (((neocons))) are laughing at Europe, but the Europeans seem to be happy with destroying their continent to benefit the 1% of the world's least most psychopathic group of people, the Americans, so it is a win-win situation:  "Europe Faces An Exodus Of Energy-Intensive Industries" (Slav).

"The Israel Files: Wikileaks Docs Show Top Hollywood Producers Working With Israel to Defend Its War Crimes" (MacLeod).

A thread:

It is comforting to know that at least one person involved in the school system isn't completely evil:  "Dinner lady breaks down in tears over child poverty in her school" (PoliticsJOE).

"Calls for “Decolonisation” Aim to Contain Russia’s Growing Power" (Adel). 

"Does Russia Need Iranian Drones?" (South Front).

"US Spinning the Narrative as It Threatens Russia and China With Nuclear Weapons" (Bosnic).

"Russia’s Yevgeny Prigozhin admits owning Wagner mercenary force".

"West May Be Trying to Make Color Revolution in Tehran" (Leiroz).  We already know the sleazy connections of the coup planners.  Having said this, I don't know why Iran, a country that has demonstrated it can make world-leading high-tech drones, needs a medieval 'morality police' terrorizing people.  It seems like an unnecessary relic of a country that was under outside attack and lacking in self-confidence.

"Italy elections, Giorgia on my mind. Sullivan, Blinken warn Russia. Heating sidewalks. Update 1" (Christoforou).

Leaving aside the legalities

"[ Ukraine War TINY SITREP ] Day 214 (25/9) - Ukraine defeated Russian counterattack North of Lyman" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 213 (24/9): Ukraine defeats Rus' counterattack North of Lyman (Krasnyi Liman)" (Defense Politics Asia). 

"Lyman Counteroffensive Latest Update | Ukraine Major Success & Resistance [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Ideology and positions on the war in Ukraine: pro-war vs pacifism" (The Barricade).

"Ukraine War Day #215: Love It Or Leave It" (yalensis).

Diplomatic long ball

"[ Donetsk Front ] Fighting reported at Pobjeda (NEW!), Marinka, Pavlivka - Breaking News!" and "[ Lyman Front ] Ukrainian forces recaptured Karpivka & Nove; armored offensive against Shandryholove" and "[ Eastern Front ] Fighting reported at Pidhorodne (NEW); Russia attack across entire Eastern Front" (Defense Politics Asia). 

"Bakhmut Front Update | Russia Assaults the City and Surrounding Villages [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Inside Mariupol Ukraine Referendum To Join Russia" (Lancaster).

"The Odd Prisoner Exchange" and "Kiev Hit Kherson With Himars, Killed Civilians" (South Front).

"White House Sent Multiple Threats to the Kremlin via Backchannels" (Anzalone).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 215".

"Understanding Why Current CIA Analysis Generally Is Useless" (Johnson).  Brennan did a tremendous amount of damage to the CIA, and to the US.

"The New York Times on Ukraine: Vietnam Dรฉjร  Vu" (McGovern).

"Man Shot For Nothing, Man Flinging Shit, Man Sleeps On Woman's Porch" (Dinh).

Bhadrakumar oddly sees Putin's message to Russian Jews as some kind of improvement in relations with Israel:

The message itself sounds like more of a threat of consequences should the Jews do the usual, and attempt to weaken Russia by stirring up internal conflicts:

 "“The Rosh Hashanah holiday turns believers to high moral guidelines which lie at the foundation of all global religions – humanity, piety and mercy, inspires them to do good deeds.

It is very important that while retaining their loyalty to old spiritual traditions, Russia’s Jews make a hefty contribution to the preservation of cultural diversity in our country, to strengthening interethnic concord and the principles of mutual respect and religious tolerance.”"

"Meloni's Right-Wing Alliance Wins Clear Majority In Italian Elections" (Durden). 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Every which way is a winner

"The Status of Lysychansk #2 Donbass, LNR" (Phillips). 

"Roundtable #23: James Lindsay, Murray Allen" (Lira).  On wokeness.

"“Fags Out”: Canadians Stage Protest Against Teacher with the Fake Milkers" (Anglin).  The new alternative theory from 4chan - so it must be true - is that he was a based guy who thus fell into disfavor with the school board, and this is his revenge.  It is perfect, as he can make fools out of the members of the board while they have to fall all over themselves supporting him.  The key point is that the troons are unsatirizable, as nothing you can do as a public art stunt mocking them could possibly keep up with the ridiculousness of the reality.

Strange idea

"See Ukraine Port City's Referendum (Backed By Russia) To Join Russia" (Lancaster).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 25.09.2022" (Military Summary).

"What is Really Behind Iran's Unrest?" (The New Atlas).

A  thread:

"Europe’s Biggest Enemy Isn’t Russia Nor Islamic Terrorism, but Israel" (Jay). 

Slicing up Russia:  "Decolonisation of Russia 2.0" (Ovchinsky).

"Holding Ground, Losing War" (Macgregor).

A string of mysterious deaths

"About Those Rumors Of A Chinese "Coup"" (Durden). 

"As Democracy Dies In The EU, Von Der Leyen Reveals Its Sins" (Luongo).

"Russia’s Lavrov vows ‘full protection’ for any annexed territory".

"How can Truss save UK from collapse? Step 1, talk to Russia and roll back sanctions" (The Duran).

"Lavrov UN masterclass. EU forbids Cyprus to meet Lavrov. Iran CCTV. Collective Jacinda. Update 1" (Christoforou).


"Russia Prepares Knock Out, Ukraine Stalls; Rumours, Saudi Deal Giving Donbass, Kherson to Russia" (Mercouris).

"Unequal Prisoners Exchange: First Testimonies" (South Front).

"News from the home front: Russia under conditions of partial mobilization" (Doctorow).

"Drowning Of Russian Executive Latest In A String Of Mysterious Deaths" (Bateman).

"All the Young Dudes, Carry the (Russian) News" (Escobar).

"Are They as Stupid as They Look? By Helmholtz Smith".

An envoy of God on earth

"Europe's Energy Crisis Will Not Be "A One Winter Story"" (Paraskova). 

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 214".

"Ukraine War Day #214: Cossacks To the Voting Booth!" (yalensis).

A hint that India may be succumbing to (((neocon))) threats of American secondary sanctions:

"๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ Russian Federation - Minister for Foreign Affairs Addresses UN General Debate (English) | #UNGA" and "Russian Federation on Ukraine | Press Conference | United Nations (24 Sept 2022)".

"International Observers Show At Ukraine Referendums To Join Russia" (Lancaster).

"[ Strategic Analysis ] Lyman Front - 25 Sept 2022 - DPA Ukraine War Map Analysis" (Defense Politics Asia).

The calamity

"[ Lyman Front ] Ukraine overun at least 7 settlements after Break Through; BREAKING NEWS (literally)" and "[ Bakhmut Front ] Wagner PMC defeats strongholds east of Odradivka; entrenched SE of Zaitseve" and "[ Southern Front ] Ukrainian forces preparing for new major Kherson Offensive; Pontoon Op disrupted" and "[ Ukraine War TINY SITREP ] Day 213 (24/9) - Russia Special Military Operation in Ukraine" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 213 (24/9): Ukraine broke thru north of Lyman, racing towards Borova-Svatove" (Defense Politics Asia). 

"Lyman Counteroffensive In Depth Analysis | What Will Happen [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates).

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Late visa blues

This seems to be the official culmination of the Russian PR plan.  Pretty good!

Some reason or other

Some videos that didn't get posted for some reason or other.

"THE DURAN: Putin's Escalation Of Ukraine War, Referendums, Partial Mobilization" (Hinkle).  The Duran guys are on until 51:00.

"Geopolitics Today | Italian Elections W/ Mazarin Geopolitics" (New World Econ).  Stefano is a far better analyst than almost all of the guests he has on his channel.  The video eventually cuts off for some reaso

Point of no return

"Q & A: Point of no return" (The Duran). 

"Russia-Ukraine War: Battles of Lyman, Bakhmut, Dvorichne Bridgehead - September 24th" (THETI Mapping).

"Ukraine War Map Update | Kherson Counteroffensive | Lyman | Kharkiv [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Italy, Berlusconi comeback. Referendum sabotage fails. Iran drones, game changer. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"Russia Storming Bakhmut Suburb Zaitsevo, Mobilisation Continues; US Giving Moscow Nuclear Warnings" (Mercouris).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 24.09.2022" (Military Summary).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 212 (23/9): Ukraine continue to make headways in the Lyman Offensive" (Defense Politics Asia).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Ukrainian Forces Targeted Crimea With Chinese-Made Drones" and "First Evidence: Russia Uses Iranian Mohajer-6 UAVs in Ukraine" and "Russia’s Geranium-2 Uavs Hit Targets in Odessa" (South Front).

"Not Really The News..." (Martyanov).

Frozen chicken

"Ukraine War Day #213: Are Iranian Drones All They Are Cracked Up To Be?" (yalensis). 

"Will Europe Break With the United States?" (Johnson).

"How The Ukraine War Could Become A Nuclear War" (Davis).

"Russian Partial Mobilization: And Then There Were None" (Helmer, etc).

"Conditioned for War with Russia" (McGovern).

"Lavrov puts spotlight on ‘impunity’ in Ukraine".

"Scott Ritter Extra Ep. 12: Ask the Inspector" (U.S. Tour of Duty).

Yoga ball (x 2)

"My Friday Sitrep..." (Martyanov).

The 'gamechanger'!:  "About the Appearance of Iranian Drones…" (Colonel Cassad).

"From Suicide to Dead and Buried… Germany Now Provokes China" (Cunningham).  Habeck turns Germany's now newly disappeared economy away from China!  You can see the wires running from the (((neocons))) directly to Habeck's mouth.

Un messaggio MAFIOSO

"Mobilization in Russia; Annexation Referendum in Ukraine; True Side of the Un; With Scott Ritter." (Through the eyes of). 

"Cognitive Warfare - The Fight for your Heart and Mind" (ร–sterreichs Bundesheer).

"LIVE: Friday September 23rd 2022 - News From Saint Petersburg" (iEarlGrey). 

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"“Get Up! The War Has Finally Begun!”" (Vinnik).

Northern dangers

Multiple big dangers for the Russians, which don't seem to be reported by anybody:  "[ Oskil Front ] Ukrainian established bridgehead opposite of Dvorichna; Ukraine to surge E.Kupyansk!" and "[ Donetsk Front ] Russia resume assault ops as referendum starts across Russian-occupied Ukraine" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 211 (22/9): Ukraine breaking Russian lines as occupied regions go to polls!" and "[ Lyman Front ] Ukrainian forces successes north of Lyman; Krymky & Oleksandrivka falls to Ukraine" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Kupyansk Front Update | Supply Lines Analysis [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" and "Lyman Latest Update | Ukraine Advanced Towards Significant Villages [Ukraine War Map Update]" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Update From Ukraine | Referendums held in Occupied territories | Ukraine Gaining Ground near Lyman" (New World Econ).

We have tools

"Proven: US intel is helping Ukraine, leaked secret intel papers" (Nikolov). 

"Scott Ritter - Ukraine Russia War Update" (Napolitano).

"Russia Mobilizes, Referendums Underway: What Will Change and Why?" (The New Atlas).

"Two short news and some US week-end music" (The Saker).

"That What This Is All About:" (Martyanov).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 213".

"Ukraine War Day #212: Did NATO Shoot Its Wad?" (yalensis).

"Historic Context Of The Referenda In Ukraine" and "Rekindling Its Iraq WMD Fiasco The New York Times Is Back At Printing 'Officials Said'" (Moon of Alabama).

A thread:

"Russia Proceeds with Referendums, Partial Mobilisation; Ukraine Conflict Enters Moscow's End Game" (Mercouris). 

"Lavrov UN speech. Macron, EU not at war. Referendum begins. Munich and Minsk. Update 1" and "Boris, Putin 'inspirational leadership.' Germany nationalises theft. NATO targets China. Update 2" and "Ursula, 'we have tools' if Italy votes wrong way. Peskov, Russian constitution after vote. Update 3" (Christoforou).

Friday, September 23, 2022

The US is losing world domination and is fighting over this issue with China

"Referendum day, Peskov issues warning. Zelensky running out of road, what next?" (The Duran). 

"Donbass - Referendum Moments!!! (Lugansk, LNR - today!! )" and "Donbass - Referendum Moments 2!!! (Lugansk, LNR - today!! )" (Phillips).

"Referendums To Join Russia Start In Ukraine" (Lancaster).  The First Deputy Minister of Health is based!

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 23.09.2022" (Military Summary).  Shocking - absolutely shocking! - that Ze didn't take the opportunity of the referenda to kill civilians.

More to come.


"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 212". 

"[ Lyman Front ] Ukrainian pincer broken through Russian lines | Lyman under threat of encirclement!" (Defense Politics Asia).

The obfuscations in the Western narrative

"Lyman Front Update | Ukraine Widens the Flank [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates). 

"The Anti-Russian Propaganda Campaign Kicks Into High Gear" (Johnson).

"Message from Moscow" (Bhadrakumar):

"The obfuscations in the Western narrative — this is about aggression, national sovereignty, UN Charter, democracy versus authoritarianism, etc — are no longer sustainable. Pared to the bone, a titanic power struggle looms ahead. Both sides are preparing to fight tooth and claw, the outcome of which will phenomenally affect world politics and fundamentally alter the world order. For Russia, the struggle is no less than its survival as a civilisational state, while for the US, this boils down to the preservation of its global hegemony — the “rules-based order”."

"Confirmed: Russia uses swarming Shahed-136 loitering munition" (Nikolov). 

"Russia Preparing for Winter Military Campaign in Ukraine" (South Front).

"How Could Joining Russia Help Parts of Former Ukraine?" (Bosnic).

The spies all walk out:

Thursday, September 22, 2022

General Winter

"The Roundtable #22: Alex Christoforou, Larry Johnson, The New Atlas" (Lira). 

Emotional connection to Russia:  "Mobilization Reaction. 300k Reserves To Ukraine. Flights Out Of Russia Sold Out." and "It's 1941 Again In Russia. Aslin and Pinner RELEASED ALIVE." (iEarlGrey).

"At UN General Assembly, Biden Says Russia Can’t Take a Country’s Territory by Force" (DeCamp)!

Stopping the referenda

"Donbass Referendum - Lugansk is Ready!!!" (Phillips).  You have to love the big, simple, paper ballots. 

"With Scott Ritter: New stakes of the war? On Russian mobilization and referendums in Ukraine" (The Barricade).  Gets a little heated!

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 22.09.2022" (Military Summary).

"Russia vs Ukraine War Update | Kupyansk, Karkiv Oblast | Stories from the Front" (New World Econ).

"Russia Reaches Bakhmut Centre, Prepares Major Winter Offensive, Defends Liman, Exchanges Prisoners" (Mercouris).

"Ep2.04 Emmanuel Navon: "The Abraham Accords, the Changing Geopolitics of the Middle East,"" (Mazarin Geopolitics).  Basically Bibi in the form of a professor.  Only useful in seeing how blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist psychos construct their elaborate rationalizations.

"Israel reportedly permitting anti-UAV system transfer to Ukraine" (Crumley).  It is going to be tough to ever reestablish good Russia-Israel relations.

"Brainwashed for War With Russia" (McGovern).

Colonal Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Why Ukraine referendum is a big deal" (Bhadrakumar).

From July:  "Forde Inquiry exposes Labour’s biggest problem: Keir Starmer" (Cook).  Starmer/Corbyn is a very instructive example of how shekels work.

Extreme, harmful, and irreversible life choices

"FULL INTERVIEW: Chris Hedges" (Galloway). 

"Saudi Arabia POW exchange. Russians, fight or flight. Protests Brussels. EU, remove VETO. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"Point of no return w/Garland Nixon (Live)" (The Duran).

"Ukraine War Front Update | 22/09 Full Situation Report Latest News [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"The GOP’s “Transgender” Strategy Is Dangerously Off Track" (revolver):

"But at the same time, focusing so much on girl’s sports is a distraction. The worst part of the transgender mania isn’t that girls face unfair competition. The worst part of this insidious ideology is that it is an assault on the good and the true. It is a radical campaign to deny all physical, biological, and even spiritual differences between “male” and “female” which have been acknowledged and recognized in every human culture and religious tradition for all of human history. Such a bizarre and Sisyphean effort to overturn the natural order has led to such absurdities as the imposition of “preferred pronouns,” and the compulsion, under threat of economic ruin, to affirm the delusional sexual fantasies of very troubled people.

Of course, we would be remiss not to acknowledge the profound human cost of a mania, a social contagion, that is inflicting profound irreversible lifelong harms on America’s children in the pursuit of the insane lie that a man or woman can be “born in the wrong body.” The chief victims of the transgenderism explosion are not girls losing out on swimming trophies. The chief victims are the mentally vulnerable people suffering from gender dysphoria who are being “transitioned,” mutilated every which way; physically, psychologically, and spiritually, and manipulated into extreme, harmful, and irreversible life choices.

And of course, such a profound subversion of the moral order takes a psychological and spiritual toll on the rest of us who have to deal with an endless parade of demoralizing sexual propaganda in the public square, in addition to the government and corporate “civil rights” mandates and the psychological terror and intimidation campaign accompanying it."

I was cheered up to hear about a new movement against book burning, until I found out the books in question were troon propaganda being removed form school libraries by concerned parents (after they were surreptitiously placed in libraries through a troon/teacher conspiracy). 

"These two Canadian farmers used Roundup on their crops for decades. Then they were diagnosed with cancer" (Caldwell):

"Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma has been referred to as "a farmer disease," Elenko says in the documentary. 

"It's almost to the point of not whether you get it — it's when you get it.""

"The real US agenda in Africa is hegemony" (Escobar). 

"Ed Snowden: America's Open Wound - The CIA Is Not Your Friend".

What in the hell

"Russia is in Shock: People are Fleeing from Mobilization and War - Scott Ritter | 21.09 Interview" (ะกะฐะณะธะฝะดั‹ะบ ะฒ ะŸะพะธัะบะฐั… ะกะผั‹ัะปะฐ). I stopped watching when he rolled out the Deplorables arguments against those Russians - he claims, 20% of the population! - who support the war.  He is just another credentialed full-of-himself jerk from the managerial class that wants to fit into the 'norms' of the American Democrats.

"Russia’s Putin Is in Trouble" (Laruelle).

"Ukraine War Day #210: Kherson Puts On Weight, Ukraine Gets Skinnier" and "Ukraine War Day #211: Russia Mobilizes (Partially)" (yalensis).

"The Roundtable #21: Suzie Dawson, John Kiriakou, Ray McGovern" (Kira).  Lots of discussion of Brennan and Assange.

"Mysterious naval drone found; POW exchange facilitated by Turkey : Day 210 (21/9) [ Ukraine SITREP ]" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Russia ups the ante in Ukraine" (Robinson) (my emphasis in red):

"The impact of the forthcoming referenda in Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhe and Kherson provinces will be more immediate. The legal framework for what the Kremlin euphemistically calls the ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine does not allow the use of conscripts outside of the territory of the Russian Federation. It would, of course, be relatively easy for the Russian government to adopt a new framework, but for economic and political reasons it wishes to avoid doing so. The annexation of the four Ukrainian provinces provides a neat work around. For once they have been absorbed into Russia, their territory is no longer foreign soil according to Russian law, and therefore conscripts could be legally deployed there"

This does not mean that the Russian army will necessarily do so. The political optics of deploying conscripts to the war zone remain poor. But the option will suddenly become available, and even if conscripts are not sent to the front, they could be sent to the newly annexed lands to free up soldiers currently engaged in activities behind the lines. The impending annexations offer up important opportunities for Russia to solve its manpower problems."


"Beyond that, the likely absorption of Ukrainian territory into the Russian Federation severely complicates any potential peace negotiations. Although it was clear from the start of the current war that Russia intended eventually to annex Donetsk and Luhansk, it was less clear that it had this intent with regard to other Ukrainian territory it had occupied. Indeed, it seems likely that the initial plan was to use such territory as a bargaining chip that could be traded in for Ukrainian concessions on other matters. The outlines of a peace deal were something along the lines of Ukraine agreeing not to join NATO and accepting the loss of Crimea and Donbas, and in return getting back its other lost territories.

That deal is now firmly off the table. In 2020 the Russian Constitution was amended to state that action “directed at alienating parts of state territory as well as calls to such will not be permitted.” Once the four Ukrainian provinces become part of the Russian Federation, the Russian government will be constitutionally forbidden from giving them back to Ukraine as part of a peace deal. Moreover, it will also be unconstitutional for anybody in Russia even to suggest such a deal. Exchanging land for peace is no longer a possibility.


"What In the Hell Was Washington Thinking?" (Stockman). Easily understood when you realize the (((country))) the (((neocons))) work for isn't the USA.

Saudi mediation

"Ukraine War Map | Ukraine to attempt to STOP Referendums in Kherson / Zaporizhzhia | Attack Imminent" (New World Econ). 

"Scott Ritter - Putin’s Speech - The Ukraine Special Military Operation Takes a New Direction" (Nixon).

"Me With Some Comments Today." (Martyanov).  I can only note that forcing Putin to mobilize was a huge part of the (((neocon))) plans for Russia.  I'll bet there was a raucous party at the offices of ISW last night.

Ten Foreign Mercenaries:

"Russia Releases Ten Foreign Mercenaries Captured in Ukraine After Saudi Mediation" (South Front).  Saudi mediation?  This appears to be a swap of some mercs and some Azov guys - some of whom may be in the bunch that was reported to have been executed - for the Ukrainian politician and Putin friend, Viktor Medvedchuk.  MbS gets thanks as this swap resolves a thorny problem for Putin, the conflict between hardliners demanding these Nazis be executed, and international public opinion being strongly against it.  It doesn't really fit with the stated Russian goal of denazification, though.

I don't want to be too cynical, but Putin may have allowed MbS to 'mediate' this to score MbS points with the Washington crowd who still hate him for his bone saw.   Note that BHL thanks 'US congressmen' for fighting for the release of these Nazis.

A rather vague concept

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 209 (20/9): Ukrainian forces recaptured both Bilohorivka and Spirne" and "[ RUSSIAN ESCALATION ] Mobilizing 300,000 Reserves; Referendums; Nuclear Threats; Withdrawal Scam" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Russian Partial Mobilization Update | What Happens Next? [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" and "Zaporizhzhia Counteroffensive Update | Russia Strikes Another Dam [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" and "Lyman Front Update | Ukraine Advances Further Aiming To Encircle Lyman [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Russia-Ukraine War: How Will Partial Mobilization Affect The Course Of The Conflict???" (THETI Mapping).

"Donbass and the Day of Destiny" (Phillips).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 211".

"The Rantings and Ravings of Vladimir Putin–He’s on the Ropes" (Johnson).

"From ‘special military operation’ to open war" (Doctorow):

"The merger of the Russia-occupied Ukrainian territories with the Russian Federation will mark the end of the ‘special military operation.’ An SMO is not something you conduct on your own territory, as panelists on the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov talk show remarked a couple of days ago.  It marks the beginning of open war on Ukraine with the objective of the enemy’s unconditional capitulation. This will likely entail the removal of the civil and military leadership and, very likely, the dismemberment of Ukraine.  After all, the Kremlin warned more than a year ago that the US-dictated course of NATO membership for Ukraine will result in its loss of statehood. However, these particular objectives were not declared up to now; the SMO was about defending the Donbas against genocide and about de-nazification of Ukraine, itself a rather vague concept."

This mentality must be overcome

"Putin Announces Partial Mobilisation, Additional 300k Russian Troops to Be Sent to Ukraine" (Mercouris).

"Russia, partial mobilisation. Shoigu, 300,000 reservists. Putin, this is not a bluff. Update 1" and "China reacts. Collective West, referendum 'sham.' Trudeau, Bohemian Rhapsody. Update 2" (Christoforou).

"Russian economy strengthens. EU economies in tatters" and "Rolling Blackouts. EU LNG lies come back to haunt Collective West" (The Duran).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 21.09.2022" (Military Summary).

"Russia Announces Partial Mobilization" (Moon of Alabama).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 210".

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022


"Russia Partial Mobilization and Is Ready to Use Nukes [Ukraine War Map Update]" (Weeb Union War Updates). 

"Putin sets partial mobilization in Russia, threatens enemies" (Ritter).  "'I'm not bluffing': Putin says he has 'lots of weapons' to reply to West's 'nuclear blackmail'".  "Russia’s Putin signs decree on partial mobilisation for citizens".

Declaration of war?

I'm waiting for the YouTube experts to tell me that mobilization would have been an utter disaster, Putin completely tricked and manipulated by the (((neocons))), but partial mobilization is the most brilliant geopolitical decision in world history.

"Russia-Ukraine War - Referendums In LPR, DPR, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia - September 20th" (THETI Mapping).

"Lyman Front Update | Ukraine Pushed Back but Flanks Russia [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Geopolitics Today | Vladimir Putin to address Russian Nation, Likely to Declare WAR on Ukraine" (New World Econ).

"Game Changer in Ukraine–Referenda" (Johnson).

"Something on Referenda." and "From Different Corners." (Martyanov).

The separatist republics may need to execute their NATO merc prisoners before the referenda, due to the fact Russian law might prohibit the death penalty.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Anti-Imperialism of Fools

"Biden’s Allegations About Russia’s Supposed Nuclear Escalation in Ukraine Are Hypocrisy" (Bosnic).  We tend to call it 'projection'. 

"On The Upcoming Putin Speech And Announcements" (Moon of Alabama).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

This is very well structured and well written:  "Ukraine War, Divided Left: “Social Patriots” and the “Anti-Imperialism of Fools”!" (Pierce).

"Italian journalist Mattio Sorbi almost became a new victim of Ukrainian nationalists from “Mirotvorets”" (Terada).

"New evidence emerges showing Israel deliberately targeted Shireen Abu Akleh as family files ICC complaint" (Kattenburg).

"Fall of 2022 the Summer of 1914?" (Dinh).

Over all of Europe

"Game Changer? Immediate Referendums, Ukraine's Spent Reserves - Russian Ops in Ukraine 09/21/2022" (The New Atlas). 

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 20.09.2022" (Military Summary).  Were the referenda a Russian strategy to make Ukraine mad, leading to risky behavior and attacking before they are ready?

"Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s introductory remarks at the opening of the exhibition of archive records on the 250th anniversary of the reunification of the peoples of Russia and Belarus":

"This year we will time a meeting of the foreign ministry collegiums of our countries in Minsk in November to another common date – the 210th anniversary of the Battle of Berezina and the victory in the 1812 Patriotic War. I’d like to emphasise that this was a victory not only over the French but actually over all of Europe that was united under Napoleon."

Lithuanian Elves to NAFO

The activities and techniques of a group called 'Lithuanian Elves' - anti-Russian trolls - has been standardized and weaponized by British intelligence:  "How British intelligence globalized online trolling" (Klarenberg): 

"These efforts are rather chilling, given for many years Vilnius has keenly embraced and perpetuated the dangerous, duplicitous myth of “double genocide” - namely, that Nazi liquidation of Lithuania’s population, in particular its Jews, during World War II is absolutely equal to political repression practiced during subsequent decades of Soviet occupation.

In 2010, the UK ambassador to Vilnius was lead author of a joint diplomatic letter expressing grave concerns about this push - he was forced out of the post not long after. That same year, Vilnius passed legislation significantly restricting public discourse about the Holocaust, and apportioning blame for mass slaughter of Jews exclusively to the Nazis. In reality, Lithuanians began carrying out this genocide before Axis forces had even reached the country.

Once they arrived, many citizens were actively complicit in large-scale pogroms, resulting in 90 percent of Lithuania’s estimated 250,000-strong Jewish population being exterminated. In all, more Jews were killed, in both percentage terms and total number, than in the far larger and more populous Germany.

A core component of this Holocaust revisionism is deification of the Forest Brothers, a band of anti-Soviet resistance fighters who for over a decade following World War II fought an ill-fated insurgency against Communist authorities across the Baltics. It is an established historical fact that overwhelmingly, these individuals were former Waffen SS collaborators and/or had been part of ‘stay-behind’ battalions created by Nazis as they prepared to evacuate the region, in advance of the Red Army’s arrival.

Yet, Lithuania - along with neighboring Estonia and Latvia - is committed to whitewashing the Brothers’ true nature, instead presenting them as courageous freedom fighters. Disturbingly, this bunkum has now been overwhelmingly accepted by Western governments and power structures, despite the vast readily available evidence to the contrary.

For example, the EU’s official position is that any suggestion the Brothers were “Nazi collaborators, criminals and terrorists” is Russian “disinformation”. Even more shockingly, in 2017 NATO released a slick film reinforcing this grossly distorted reading of history.

There are good reasons to believe production of that sordid propaganda, and in turn Western endorsement of “double genocide”, was heavily influenced by the Elves - with, as we shall soon see, the assistance of British intelligence."


"The proposition that Lithuania’s Armed Forces just so happened to fortuitously stumble upon the Elves is difficult enough to accept on its own terms, but is rendered especially implausible given the contents of leaked files documenting the internal workings of Integrity Initiative, a covert Foreign Office intelligence operation.

These papers show that in 2015, at the same time as the Elves were being touted by NATO, the Initiative forged a “close link” with the Lithuanian Armed Forces Stratcom division. Several passages dotted across the trove strongly suggest there is little meaningful distinction between this unit and the Elves.
Integrity Initiative diagram of its Lithuanian operations
For example, the Initiative initiated a direct line between the Stratcom team and British Army online psyops battalion 77th Brigade, which resulted in the Brigade “adopting Lithuanian techniques.” In turn, the organization received sizable sums from the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense to arrange monthly trips abroad for its Stratcom staff, so further internet armies explicitly based on the Elves model could be taught in “infowar techniques” practiced by the group.

“Lithuania has become particularly important in our network due to its expertise in dealing with Russian malign influence and disinformation,” one document states. “We are sponsoring a network of ‘Elves’, set up to counter Russian trolls.”"


"By early 2018, the Dutch, Norwegian and Spanish defense ministries had also received direct training from the Elves and 77th Brigade, resultantly creating corresponding “units within their own ranks.”

Comparable divisions will have inevitably been created elsewhere in the years since. The organization had grand plans to circulate these and other meddling methods to the US, and a separate chapter in the aforementioned Disinformation and Fake News handbook moreover indicates former British colony Singapore has taken lessons from the Elves in tackling online “disinformation”.

There are clear indications too that Integrity Initiative was involved in the production of NATO’s Forest Brothers promotional clip. One file notes the organization is in receipt of “funding from NATO HQ for educational video films,” and been provided a camera team free of charge by the military alliance for the purpose, at precisely the time the clip was published. Two years later, it published an essay criticizing “Kremlin disinformation” regarding the Brothers on its now-defunct website." 


"Integrity Initiative “linked directly” Lithuania’s Stratcom team - and thus inevitably the Elves - with Kiev’s StopFake, “to exchange practical experience.” The Kiev-based organization has received sizable US and UK government funding, and serves as one of Facebook’s dedicated in-country factcheckers for Ukraine, despite its lengthy history of whitewashing neo-Nazism, and cohering ties to white supremacist elements.

StopFake is far from the only entity determined to sanitize Kiev’s open, state-level embrace of fascism. Numerous Western media outlets have declared this demonstrable reality fake news, while legions of web activists stand ever-poised to malign anyone and everyone daring to acknowledge the truth - the most prominent and belligerent example of this phenomenon being NAFO - the self-styled “North Atlantic Fellas Organisation”.

A vast online nexus identifiable by “doge” profile photos, they independently and in coordination counter “disinformation” about NATO and Ukraine - and its alleged disseminators, who are derisively labeled “vatniks” - with an inexorable blend of absurdity, ad hominem, memes, and ridicule, all while raising money for Kiev.

NAFO has claimed responsibility for chasing a Russian diplomat offline, and endlessly mass reporting accounts and tweets until offending users are temporarily or permanently suspended. Such trolling also has a real-world component.

On August 4th, Amnesty International published a report on Kiev endangering its population by basing forces and weaponry in residential areas, including schools and hospitals, which constitutes a war crime. Three days later, CBS broadcast a program revealing only 30 percent of Western arm shipments to Ukraine reach the frontline. NAFO took a lead role in harassing the two organizations subsequently, and corralling bulk submissions of complaints to official bodies over their output.

What impact these coordinated actions may have had in isolation is difficult to quantify - they were just one component of a much wider on and offline backlash against Amnesty and CBS for highlighting the realities of Ukraine’s war effort, which in sum proved highly effective in crushing dissent.

Amnesty issued an apology for the “anger and distress” its factual reporting may have caused, while CBS pulled its documentary, and an accompanying promotional trailer and article, from the web outright. It has since been “updated” to claim “the situation has significantly improved” since the documentary was filmed, and “a much larger quantity now gets where it's supposed to go.” Which is reassuring.

High-level support for NAFO is clear. For example, Paul Massaro, US government foreign policy advisor and two-fisted cheerleader for Kiev, has referred to the ensemble as “one of the most effective counter-disinformation campaigns in history.” The Economist, Politico and Washington Post all published fawning billet doux to the Fellas within 24 hours as August became September. Their actions have even inspired a range of branded merchandise."

Dotcom tries to engage with an internet roomful of these NAFO morons (one guy named 'Manny' is particularly stupid):