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"Sitrep Operation Z: + consequences = petty Tabaquis howling" (Saker Staff).  I liked the references to historic battles in the HistoryLegends video.

"Gonzalo Lira: Lysychansk, fire control, retreat and truth". 

"Russia Continues Donbass Offensive, Cuts Interest Rates Inflation Falls, Scholz Ukraine Cannot Win" (Mercouris).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 26.05.2022 (correct version)" (Military Summary).

"Inside Donetsk airport after 8 years of War" (Lancaster).  Superb video.  Exactly the eighth anniversary of the war.  Poroshenko sent Nazis to kill civilians the day after he was elected, and Ze has carried on this Ukrainian tradition, despite campaigning for the exact opposite.  Note the site of the reporter Lawrence interviews at the end.

"The Danger of Underestimating Russia" (Smith).

Game changers

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 92".  "Timeline: Week 13 of Russia’s war in Ukraine" (Psaropoulos).

"Briefing by Russian Mod on Morning of May 26, 2022" (South Front).

"Russia 'Cuts off" Severodonetsk, Eyes Zaporozhye, As Ukraine Says Plans Counteroffensive" (Mercouris).  <s>The mythological Ukrainian Super-Army of late August, trained in Poland, and fully armed with the most modern lethal weapons available, will prevail!  The reason the current Ukrainian Army is losing so badly is that the Super-Troops are being held back so they can take Moscow and execute Putin in the fall!</s>

"Ukraine Propaganda - BBC Tries To Sell Telegram Rumors That Make No Sense" (Moon of Alabama).

You know who is having the worst war ever?  Even worse than the Ukrainians/NATO?  Bellingcat!:

I wonder what the 'negotiated' peace deal will look like if Ze won't make a single concession:  "‘Never going to happen’: Ukraine blasts trading land for peace".  "Zelensky Rejects Kissinger Concession Comments, Says "Russia Must Also Leave Crimea"" (Durden). "Ukraine Should Cede Territory and Become Neutral State, Kissinger Says" (Leiroz). I thought the coke was saying that the war would only be over when the Nazis sweep into Russia and take Moscow.

"2022.05.25 Everyone Is Positioning Themselves For The Incoming Ukrainian Disintegration" (Lira).

"Ukraine after 90 days of war" (Bhadrakumar).

"Customs and Border Protection bulletin: American fighters headed to Ukraine questioned at U.S. airports" (Swan/Miller) (CBP is the American Customs and Border Protection):

"Daniel Vajdich, president of Yorktown Solutions, which represents and lobbies for Ukraine’s state-owned energy industry, told POLITICO that the Kremlin will cheer the document.

“This document and its explicit reference to supposed ‘neo-Nazi’ groups in Ukraine is going to be music to the ears of the Kremlin and Russia’s propaganda machine,” he said. “They’ll cite it to justify their invasion of Ukraine and the destruction of Mariupol.”

“It’s like CBP is telling the Russians, ‘Yes, we agree with you that Ukraine is full of neo-Nazis,’” he added. “This was the Kremlin’s entire basis for invading Ukraine, and we now have a U.S. government agency agreeing with that. Incredible.”"

The article goes on to quote from the notorious fabulist Rita Katz! 

"Let’s Talk Game Changers in Ukraine and the Future" (Johnson).  Why are drones not having the game-changing effect that they had in the the Armenia and Azerbaijan war?  Drones are the one area where Ukraine is competitive with, and probably ahead of, Russia, although Russia has demonstrated that it has excellent anti-drone defenses.

"About Force Multipliers And Game-Changers. By Larry." (Martyanov).

"Nuland-Pyatt Tape Removed From YouTube After 8 Years" (Lauria).  The book burners at YouTube are hilariously unconcerned about the appearance of absolute crookedness in service of Empire.

"[ BROKEN NEWS ] IAEA: Fate of 30,000kg of Plutonium & 40,000kg of Uranium @ Zaporizhzhia NPP unknown" (Defense Politics Asia).  It sounds like just more anti-Russian PR.  Sadly, my conspiracy brain can't help but think that the corrupt Ukrainian authorities have used organized crime gangs to illegally dispose of this material, which is otherwise highly expensive to store safely, and they are using a story that the Russians stole it in order to prepare for the inevitable discovery of the fact that dangerous material cannot be accounted for.

"The EU Needs More Than $1 Trillion for Plan to Ditch Russian Oil and Gas" (Rystyd Energy).  Peanuts when you consider the importance of protecting the sacred borders of Ukraine allowing a dying evil Empire to struggle on for a few more years, before its inevitable collapse, sweeping its foolish and corrupt minions with it.  You could have picked China and a prosperous future, but you decided to commit suicide instead.  Do you think the Euro-trash are aware that they are surely going down in world history as the worst set of 'leaders' ever, or are they just concerned with keeping those pedo tapes off TV?

"Hedges: No Way Out But War".  Note that the $40 billion could have fixed American infrastructure, with huge trickle-down effects in construction jobs, etc..

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Real losses

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 25.05.2022" (Military Summary).  Retreat and roads.

"[ Popasna Front ] Russian forces captured Bilohorivka & Nahirne; Bakhmut-Lysychansk route broken" (Defense Politics Asia).

Does the ease with which Russia is making these strategic moves represent a overall superiority in Russian strategists over the presumably NATO/US/UK planners calling the shots for Ukraine?  If so, NATO is in really big trouble (and Sweden and Finland, sticking their necks out for 'protection', look even dumber).

"Azov Criminals to Face Trial in Donetsk People’s Republic" (South Front).  I wonder if some of the Nazis will be executed.  This is better optics for Russia as well.  After all, it is the people of eastern Ukraine who have suffered at the hands of these monsters, so it is fitting that they mete out the justice.

"Russian Strikes Destroyed Motor Sich Plant in Ukraine (Video)" (South Front).  Now this is really hilarious.  The crooks in Kiev stole the plant from its Chinese owners:  "Ukrainian Court Seizes Aerospace Company Motor Sich From Chinese Investors".  Russia would never have bombed it if China still owned it.  Now, Ukraine has lost this very important national asset, based again in the ubiquitous Ukrainian corruption.

"Ukrainian Military Command Hide Real Losses – Ukrainian POW" (South Front).  I'm sure the average Ukrainian has no idea of how much lying Ze does every day.

"Polish Revanchism, Coincidence or Lie?" (South Front).  One big Nazi family.

"New Coalition of the Willing for Retreating Ukrainian Forces" (South Front).  It is quite brash to use the 'world food crisis' as another way to escalate NATO involvement in the war, creating clashes which could easily escalate into nuclear WWIII, when it was your own actions which created the world food crisis.

"Iran Deal Has Sunk As Biden Keeps IRGC On Terror List; Tehran "Evaded" Nuclear Inspectors For Years" (Durden).  A nice clear example of how the interests of all Americans are subjugated to the interests of a tiny group of crazies in Israel, and their (((supporters))) in the US.  Venezuela's bargaining position in getting the gold stolen from it by Britain has just improved a lot.

A way of determining whether you are reading a good satire site:  "Babylon Bee's List of Fulfilled Prophecies".  What happened to The Onion, anyway?

All the best features of AIDS and COVID in one Bill Gates production:  "Monkeypoxmania" (Hopkins).  

Patriotic education

"NATO vs Russia: What Happens Next" (Escobar).

"A new war is being prepared for after the defeat in the face of Russia" (Meyssan).
"Russia to Reach Record Trade Surplus – The West’s Financial War Has Failed" (Araujo).  "Russian oil shipments hit record high".  "Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Latest Statements on Relations With the West" (South Front).

"Andrei Martyanov: Austin about VSU, some facts from the front, larger geopolitical issues. ISR, targeting.".

"Military Crisis Donbass, Ukraine Admits Heavy Losses, Arguments about Resuming Peace Talks in DC" and "UK Media Says Russia 'Close to Major Victory' in Donbass, Western Unity Crumbles in Davos" (Mercouris).

"Battle for Liman and Liberation of Svetlodarsk. Situation in Morning of May 24 (Video, Photos)" (South Front).

"Sitrep Operation Z: Yes, it is ‘The Grind’" (Saker Staff).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Slow and Steady, Russia Continues to Move Forward" and "Ukrainian Servicemen Refuse to Fight and Leave Their Positions Left and Right (Videos)" (South Front).

"Only the Most Extremist Foreign Fighters Now Entering Ukraine to Fight Russians" (Antonopoulos).

"Leaked Videos Reveal Patriotic Education of Children by Azov Nazis in Ukraine (Videos 18+)" (South Front).

"Debating Scott Ritter" and "The Truth About the $40 Billion Ostensibly Being Spent to Arm Ukraine" (Johnson).

I'm wondering how the Empire is going to spin the $40 billion when it becomes impossible to maintain the illusion that Ukraine has a chance to win.  It is real money, going into real pockets, but obviously, from a political point of view, completely wasted, and wasted just at the turn to the obvious inevitability of Russia's winning.  You can see why Congress was in such a hurry to pass it..

"What's The Deal With The US Four-Star Generals?" and "A Profound LOL..." (Martyanov).

Incendiaries, flechettes, drones

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 91". 

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 87-88 (21-22/5) Summary - Rumors: Polish troops? Ukr massing in the South?" and "[ BROKEN NEWS ] Hungary declares State of Emergency... for no reasons whatsoever" and "[ Bakhmut Front ] Russian forces captured Svitlodarsk, Myronivskyi and Vidrodzhennya" (note the Ukrainians tried to blow up their own dam, which would have caused mass casualties of their own people, all in a desperate attempt to stave off the Russians) (Defense Politics Asia).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 20.05.2022" and "Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 21.05.2022" and "Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 22.05.2022" and "Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 23.05.2022" and "Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 24.05.2022" {Military Analysis).

We can see over the last four or five days the Russians setting up for their current accelerated successes.

"Back To The Russia Ukraine War Frontline Villages (As Promised)" and "Ukraine Fires Incendiary(Phosphorus) shells On Civilian Homes says Residents" and "Frontline Battle Rages For Control Of Donbass In The Ukraine - Russia War(Special Report Under Fire)" (Lancaster).  The first is distributing food, the second contains testimony that Ukraine is using incendiaries on civilians, and the third is classic 'Panic' Lancaster, hiding from a Ukrainian drone, and ending with evidence that Ukraine is using flechettes (something the Lรผgenpresse is accusing Russia of).

More to come, as I dig out from under.

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 I'm back, having survived the derecho.  It was quite impressive, lasting only a couple minutes, but wreaking havoc.

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No power here so I can't complete posting, but I'm posting on a phone and will try to fix it tomorrow morning, assuming internet wire isn't also down.

Every paragraph of this article, written by some of the world's finest 'journalists', is hilarious:  "Russia’s claim of Mariupol’s capture fuels concern for POWS" ( Becatoros/Stashevskyi/McQuillan).  Russia is going to rebuild Mariupol as a showcase city dedicated to the processing of the hydrocarbons under local waters.

"Russian Media Says Head Of Azov In Custody After 2,439 Total Fighters Surrender At Steel Plant" (Durden).

"Russia Says Luhansk Under Full Control Soon, US Considers Supplies of Anti-Ship Missiles to Ukraine" (Mercouris).

After the Russian victory, I wonder if there will be an attempt by the (((media))) to walk back some of the insane glorification of National Socialism.

"In the wake of Russian victory in Mariupol" (Bhadrakumar).  I think Putin now wants the entire south, across to Odessa, now that the liberation of the Dombas from the Nazis is guaranteed.  Odessa has an historical connection as a 'Russian' city, and is of course the place where the martyrs of Odessa were murdered.  In addition, constructing a land blockade to the sea is much more effective than a sea blockade, which may even attract NATO intervention, while land-locked Ukraine can be easily coerced into staying neutral and passive by threats to cut if off from the sea merely by enforcement of Russian customs regulations.  After the most important part of the Ukrainian army is wrecked in the east, it should be relatively easy to fully secure the south, on the existing front lines, just extended west to Transnistria.  The biggest problem from this war for Russia is ensuring compliance from Ukraine, a country which has proven itself unable to keep any agreement, and this land blockade would neatly solve the issue, while gaining some nice treasure for Russia to compensate it for having to fight the war.

"Operation Z – Dumb Bombs Go to School" (Smith).

Fixing the homelessness problem by giving the homeless a 'home' in jail (you'd think it would be cheaper just to give them real housing rather than pay the outrageous prices of corporate prison companies, but where's the fun, and profit, in that?):

I Am Indeed Out For Blood

Just 'normal country' stuff: 

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 87". 

"Australia ousts conservatives after nine years, Albanese to be prime minister" (Kaye/Feast). All you need to know:
"Albanese said he aimed to be sworn in swiftly so he could attend a meeting of the Quad security grouping in Tokyo on Tuesday."

It looks like the old government, with more identity politics. It resembles the Canadian shift from Harper to Blackface Trudeau, the same old shit + 'diversity'.

Obvious insult to Thailand:  "U.S., other APEC delegates walk out on Russian speaker" (Peck).

"No, The Ukraine War Has Not Stoked A Global Food Crisis." (Moon of Alabama).  "Michael Hudson: Interview with RT – Transcript" (interviewer is Peter Scott):

"PS: As inflation and consumer prices keep rising in the US – Joe Biden maintains that it’s all Russia’s fault. Does it look like American taxpayers are buying that story, though?

MH: The press is very one-sided here. I think a lot of people are buying the story because Russia has not been very good on public relations here. The reality is, for instance, that in Ukrainian food exports, Ukraine cannot export its grain because Ukraine itself has mined the Black Sea. If you have mines that are going to block up ships in the Black Sea, that means insurance companies aren’t going to be willing to insure ships carrying the grain. All of this is blamed on Russia but Russia didn’t put the mines there – Ukraine did. But right now there is such a race hatred of Russians, that Americans are indeed buying it all and Russians are being blamed for everything. Such a thing happened when WW1 broke out. I live in Forest Hills in NYC and German families here had to change their name -away from a German name- and pretend to be Swedish or something else. Families like Donald Trump’s family had to pretend to be Swedish not German. There was such an anti-German family. Then you had the Japanese being interned in camps in WW2."


"PS: The seizing of Russian economic assets – hundreds of billions of dollars – in the West has certainly become a controversial precedent. Moscow has called it theft. What sort of impact has this situation had on the US economy and the dollar itself, as a global reserve currency?

MH: No impact at all on the US economy as such. If Russia loses the $300 billion that was stolen, it will be a great victory for Russia. That’s because what America has said is that no country’s savings in the United States are safe. Any country that denominated its trade in US dollars, any country that invests in the United States, if you don’t have your government follow American dictates, then we can simply grab your money -like we grabbed Russia’s money, Afghanistan’s money, Venezuela’s money. So the act against Russia has been essentially the US destroying foreign faith in the US economy and the safety of the US government. For the last 75 years, the US dollar and US Treasury Bills, loaned to the US government, bonds, have been the safest investment in the world. Now they’re the most risk investment. So what this means is that the American economy has decoupled itself from the Asian economy, from the Latin American and African economies. The Americans have decoupled and yet America is not self-sufficient. It relies on foreign countries, especially China and other Asian countries, for its industrial exports and it relies on Russia for much of its helium, titanium, iridium, palladium… all of these exports which it’s not going to be getting anymore. So America has basically committed trade suicide and economic suicide. Russia seems to have lost the $300 billion but on the other hand it now gets to compensate itself with all of the foreign investments that are in Russia, that it’s picking up, and its position in the world affairs as a trustworthy economy has gone way, way up relative to the United States." 


"PS: Looking to a time after the war. What do you think the relationship between the US and Russia, or the EU and Russia look like?

MH: Permanently hostile for 20 years until Europe collapses and until the United States goes into a long depression. There is no rapprochement. There will be no settlement because the United States industrial economy can only make military arms. The only thing the United States can offer other countries is bombers and military arms and weaponry. Not anything to raise the living standards. The situation in the United States will be one of increasing hostility towards the rest of the world. The great threat is that it will say, “Well, we’re just going to blow up the world.”The people who are in charge of US policy think that way, they’ve been thinking that way for 20 years. I’ve worked with these people before and they really are willing to blow up the world if they can’t turn the other world into dependencies. That’s a real danger for the rest of the world and it’s forcing it to withdraw from the US orbit. I think it was Henry Kissinger who said that, “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but. “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.” Well, the US friend who’s really in danger is Europe. The enemies are going to do OK because they’re at least friends with each other." 

Read the whole thing. 

"Finland & Sweden Seek To Calm Russia By Ruling Out NATO Bases & Nuke-Hosting" (Durden).  It is easy to say this now, but the (((neocons))) are going to start showing up in Helsinki and Stockholm on the regular, with bribes and Maxwell-style tapes of the degenerate Euro-trash, and how long will they be able to resist?  Remember, Russia is going to decisively win the war against Ukraine, beyond even the abilities of the (((media))) to spin, and without Russian regime change, so there is going to be a big (((neocon))) push to make Finland/Sweden into the new Ukraine, cannon fodder for another attempt.

"New Evidence of Butcha Massacre Raises Suspicions. Kiev Fakes Do Not End" (South Front):

"The video seems plausible until you look in detail. There is a lawn in the background with the green grass, which means the video was made very recently an dnot in March. The first soldier is in uniform, but the second is wearing civilian shoes and an American helmet, there is also no bulletproof vest. The acting is also questionable, so we can conclude that this is a fake one."

The walls are closing in:  "Clinton ordered leak of bogus ‘Russiagate’ story to press, ex-aide tells court". 

""I Am Indeed Out For Blood": Musk Says 2016 Hillary Tweet 'Absolutely' Disinformation, Asks Parag To Weigh In" (Durden). 

Ever closer

Such an attack fits squarely within the existing Russian protocols for a preemeptive nuclear strike against the US:

Cloud formations

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 86 (20/5) Summary - Russian forces continue to gain grounds around Popasna" (Defense Politics Asia).  With a tribute to the bravery of Patrick Lancaster.

"Complete Surrender Of Ukraine Forces In Mariupol" (Lancaster).

An interesting thread with a nice Nazi greeting at the end:

Big fish

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Mariupol’s Final Ukrainian Chapter, Russia Writes New Book" (Johnson).

"Ukraine SitRep - Russians Break Through U.S. Bolsterism" (Moon of Alabama).

I should note that I don't take the JYT's 'Opinion' at face value.  We tend to be incapable of detecting deception when somebody blatantly lies to us, but (((neocons))) do it all the time.  It is a big part of their technique.  Lite Zionists also do it all the time, outright lying about what they really believe about Israel, secure in the knowledge that the lie will have no effect on the facts on the ground.  If the JYT really believed what it is saying, why did it wait until the $40 billion to Ukraine was already almost  passed by Congress?  Since the $40 billion was clearly going to Ukraine, and the US support for the proxy war is guaranteed, the JYT took the opportunity, seeing how badly the war is going, to stake a position that they were against it all along!

"Russia Rewrites the Art of Hybrid War" (Escobar).  "Pepe's Excellent Take." (Martyanov).

""Evacuation" Continued..." and "About Symbols." and "Inevitability Or As They Say..." (Martyanov).

"Azov Commanders Surrendered. First Interview of Commander of 36TH Marine Brigade (Video)" (South Front).

"Andrei Martyanov: Feeling Sitrepish on May 20".

"The Azov Steel Plant surrendered to the Russian army and caught the "big fish". The good show has just been staged" (What China Reads).

"War in Eastern Ukraine Looks a Lot Different in Person Than it Does on CNN" (Parker).

"$65 Billion in Western ‘Aid for Ukraine’ Is neither Aid nor Is It for Ukraine" (Bosnic).  I don't think people notice that the vote in Congress to waste $40 billion was one of the most amazing, and ridiculous, events in American history. In the language of warmongers, 'billion' is the new 'million', and has no connection to the real world.  This is particularly striking when we see that the US can no longer print money and expect no inflationary consequences.

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Flower

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 20.05.2022" (Military Analysis).  'The Flower'.  

Mariupol, done: "[ Mariupol ] Russia announce complete "liberation" of Mariupol; last group of 531 "evacuated"" (Defense Politics Asia).  I wouldn't be surprised if they keep finding grizzled Nazis in the catacombs for the next fifty years, like Japanese soldiers thinking WWII is still going on decades after it was over.

"[ Popasna Front ] Russian forces captured Vyskryva, Stryapivka and Lypove" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 85 (19/5) Summary - Ukrainian retreat route for Hirske and Zolote closing..." (Defense Politics Asia).

"Popasnaya New Stronghold for Russian Advance" (South Front).

"Russia Says Luhansk Under Full Control Soon, US Considers Supplies of Anti-Ship Missiles to Ukraine" (Mercouris).

"Battle For Ugledar: Russian Frontline Under Fire" (Lancaster).  A nice nature walk, with explosions.

"Russian Strikes Hit Kharkiv, Zhitomir and Odessa Regions in Ukraine (Video)" (South Front).

Small drama

"2022.05.20 I No Longer Trust Scott Ritter" (Lira). 


 "Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 86".

A thread (also, from May 8):

 "Desna Is Just One Disaster for the Ukrainian Military" (Johnson).

"Timmermans: Paying for Russian gas in rubles is not normal".  Neither is attempting to sanction a country to death, Euro-trash! 

"Stop The Denial: Ukraine Is A Proxy War That Will Lead To Wider World War" (Smith).

The latest attempt by the lying JYT to constrict a war crime at Bucha, the first having failed miserably (it was based on lies about the date of the video, which appears to have been shot in early April, not mid-March):  "New Evidence Shows How Russian Soldiers Executed Men in Bucha".  As with the first attempt, the video evidence may have been shot while the Russians were in charge, and the deaths occurred after they left, but we'll have to see.  In any event, as we all know, anything in the JYT has to be treated as a lie until conclusive evidence to the contrary can be produced.  At least the corpses don't appear to have the tell-tale white armbands of the first set of lies!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Phantom army

With the anecdotal evidence of large numbers of Ukrainian desertions and surrenders, largely due to Russian bombardment coupled with Ze's insistence that there shall never be any kind of strategic retreat (as it would look bad on Twitter), and all lines must be held until the last Ukrainian soldier is dead, I'm starting to wonder if these entrenched Ukrainian positions are mainly phantom positions, with the soldiers having long disappeared.

World War Oil

"Surrenders Azovstal Continue, Ukraine Surrenders in Donbass, Turkey Hardens Against Finland-Sweden" (Mercouris).  Note the diplomatic failure to ensure all NATO members were on side with NATO swallowing up Sweden and Finland!

A thread:

"[ Popasna Front ] Russian forces captured Trypillya, Volodymyrivka, Novo Kamyanka and Troitske" (Defense Politics Asia).  Fast collapse of Ukrainian lines.

"2022.05.19 Lost Ground Can Be Recaptured—But Dead Soldiers Are Forever" (Lira).  It is possible that the Kharkov Twitter stunt of Ze to push up to the Russian border left Ukraine exposed to the  Popasnaya breach, another example, like Snake Island, that the Ukrainian PR war is damaging the Ukrainian war effort (such as it is).  The soldiers in the north would have been very useful to the south-west, but Ze needed his Twitter and TikTok PR.

"Gonzalo Lira: Possible Bio-Weapons False Flag Attack". 

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 19.05.2022" (Military Summary).

"Ah, The "Backtracking" By Khodaryonok" (Martyanov).  I'd like to see a program where all these CNN 'analysts' are forced to defend their 'analyses' after Russia has decisively won.

The (((neocons))) are going to get their nuclear WWIII, as Yinon in Syria is more important to every single one of them - (((Nuland))), (((Blinken))), (((the Khabinet))), etc. - than the safety of the United States and Europe:  "U.S. Aims to Cripple Russian Oil Industry, Officials Say" (Wong/Crowley).  It is a tragic shame that American politicians are still controlled by those Maxwell tapes.  Unfortunately, the crime scene some call 'Israel' firmly believes it needs Yinon in Syria in order to be able to deliver the gas stolen from Lebanon and the Palestinians to Europe, the proceeds of which are considered to be an existential matter for the crime scene.

"Russia says opening Ukraine ports would need review of sanctions".  Ha!  I can see Russia allowing shipments to friendly countries and poor countries, but requiring 100% sanctions lifting for one grain of wheat going anywhere else.  Russia has so many real levers of power it hasn't used yet, while (((neocons))) plan more of the disastrous sanctions and secondary sanctions.  Truly, this is an empire disappearing before our eyes based entirely on pure stupidity, and the insane need of (((neocons))) to kill people and steal their land in the Middle East.  I wonder what Americans will think about (((neocons))) in a year or two.  Mind you, the (((neocons))) have already wrecked America, with no repercussions whatsoever.

My sides

"Mariupol - The War Crime Cars" (Phillips). 

"As New Somali President Welcomes US Troops, Analyst Believes the West Is Likely Pulling Strings" (Reed):

"Since 2018, the country’s implementation of a three-way security agreement with neighboring Ethiopia and Eritrea has symbolized a growing regional solidarity that one political commentator claimed was “destabilizing the Horn of Africa.”

The Joint Declaration on Comprehensive Cooperation Between Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea, or “Tripartite Agreement,” as it’s more commonly known, established a framework for state-to-state collaboration, especially in defense, where all three nations have historically faced similar threats from both jihadists and US-backed Tigray separatists. According to Azikiwe, the situation in Somalia is “undoubtedly” related to this emerging cooperation in the Horn of Africa."

"Who Misread Whom in Ukraine War Debacle?" (Enzweiler).

What about the gold the Bank of England stole on behalf of the Americans?:  "Venezuela to Engage with Oil Companies as Washington Eases Restrictions" (Chรกvez Alava).

If you thought things were bad now: "China's Response to Japan and the Concept of Nuclear Sharing" (Viable Opposition).


"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 85".

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"[ Kharkiv Front ] Russian forces recaptured Ternova and Rubizhne in a counteroffensive" (Defense Politics Asia).  Instant self-caldron.

"On My Brief Response To Scott Ritter." (Martyanov). 

This is the most insidiously (((neocon))) warmongering article I've read at Anti War (and makes me wonder about what the whole site is really up to):  "Ukraine: An Antiwar Dilemma" (Levinson).  It is clever, as it contains all the usual anti-war platitudes, but the thrust is clearly anti-Russian.  For example, why the hell would Putin need a "face-saving way out"?

History of the Azov batallion: "The Fall of the Azov" (dreizinreport).

Is Stoller retarded?:

Blackface Trudeau kicked RT out of Canada; Russia eventually retaliates by kicking out the CBC, and we get this:  "Trudeau Accuses Russia of ‘Silencing’ Media After CBC Office Shut in Tit-for-Tat Move":

"“Putin’s decision to expel Canadian media from Moscow is an attempt to silence them from reporting the facts, and it is unacceptable,” Trudeau said. “Journalists must be able to work safely – free from censorship, intimidation, and interference. That is something Canada will always stand up for.”"

This is Blackface Trudeau in a nutshell, and partly explains why he is an international laughingstock.

"I’ve Decided Not to Run for the Green Party of Canada Leadership. Here’s Why." (Lascaris).  I've seen all I want of the Green Party, whether in Canada - where it turned into the Zionist Party of Canada! - or elsewhere.  What Canada needs is a real socialist party, to replace the corrupted NDP and also deal with environmental issues.  The Greens in Germany have been revealed to be a pure fascist party, essentially the continuation of National Socialism (green-brown).  The basic contradiction in modern socialism is that unions, essential backers of a real left party, aren't keen on losing well-paying resource extraction jobs, the very jobs that can't exist if the planet is to be saved.  Somebody needs to develop a non-fascist, real socialist party that can figure out how to maintain union support.  In Canada, unions were so successful at raising working-class wages that union members started seeing themselves as being in the managerial class, and thus stopped supporting the NDP, leaving it without its tether to reality, leading to monsters like the current federal leader, Singh, Trudeau's WEF brother-in-arms.  It is a fucking mess.

Don't mention the Germans

"Azovstal Surrender Continues, Russia Donbass Offensive Intensifies, Erdogan Blocks Finland Sweden" (Mercouris). 

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 83-84 (17-18/5) Summary - Ukr defenses collapsing in Luhansk Southern Front" (Defense Politics Asia).  Note the first trial of a Nazi has started today in Russia.

If you have been following the analyst videos, it is pretty clear that the Russians have finished the set-up on the battlefields of eastern Ukraine, and are ready to finish off most of the Ukrainian Army.

"Timeline: Week 12 of Russia’s war in Ukraine" (Psaropoulos).

The (((neocon))) view is different:  "Russia suffers series of military, economic, diplomatic defeats" (Psaropoulos).

This has blown up all over Twitter (I wonder if Bush has a conscience and it is bothering him):

"Scott Ritter’s Unforced Error" (Johnson). 

"They Are Getting The Message, 2.0." (Martyanov).

"What's the Deal with Germany?" (Whitney).  The Russians haven't forgotten what Germany tried to do to them, and the millions they slaughtered in trying.

"Potential Exchange of Azov as Path to Russia’s Defeat" (South Front).  Everybody is afraid that Putin is too nice a guy and will fall for one of Ze's tricks.

"Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine, Military Expert’s Opinion – Interview" (Bosnic interview with Colonel Wolf):

"When it comes to the media campaign aimed at Russia, again, it’s not new. Portraying Russia as bad has been the norm for quite some time now, but the current crisis has pushed this to the extreme, virtually war footing, as if the West is preparing their public for war with Russia. The information people are being fed may be outright false, but it doesn’t matter. The endgame is quite obvious. Pushing Russia into another 1990s geopolitical irrelevance, so it could then be plundered and slowly dismantled, piece by piece. This would accomplish two very important goals for the West. First, the removal of a top geopolitical, primarily military rival, and second, it would provide the West with access to Russia’s limitless resources. This has been the goal of all Western geopolitical actors for nearly a thousand years now, from the Teutonic Knights to Napoleon, Hitler, and NATO nowadays. It’s so obvious, that all you need to do is take a map and compare the staging areas of each of these invaders. They’re virtually the same."


" – The actions of the Russian Armed Forces aim to prevent large-scale casualties among the civilian population and even huge losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A good example is the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kiev in order to avoid large-scale civilian casualties. In this, Russia’s tactics differ from the actions of the United States, which completely destroyed cities such as Mosul and Raqqa. How do you assess the difference in the actions of the two armies?

The difference is primarily doctrinal. The United States and NATO are heavily focused on airpower. Without it, their style of warfare effectively crumbles. Land forces of NATO countries never engage in combat without complete air dominance. And even then, they hesitate, as was the case in my country, where they didn’t dare to conduct a land invasion, as the terrorist groups they armed, funded and directly supported by providing air cover were soundly defeated by our (Yugoslav) army. Their command assessed there would be unacceptable losses on the ground, so they resorted to the mass bombing of civilians and civilian infrastructure. It worked, as our government realized the civilian casualties which were in the thousands by that moment would soon turn into tens of thousands if the bombing was to continue. Not to mention the worsening humanitarian disaster which was already affecting millions.

Iraq was unfortunate to experience this over a span of several decades. There have been millions killed in Iraq, which is a testament to NATO’s brutality and complete disregard for the safety of the Iraqi people. Given that the US has been bombing Iraq intermittently for decades, I don’t see why they would suddenly start caring about civilians now or ever. Worse yet, the ISIS attack on Iraq was a direct result of US aggression in the Middle East. In order to save face and push the terrorists back into Syria, so they could continue the regime-change operation there, the US intervened, but refused to send land forces, with the exception of intelligence and special forces. And even they were used as an integral part of the bombing operation. This is why all these cities in northern and western Iraq suffered tremendously.

There’s also one major difference between the actions of the US in Iraq and Russia in Ukraine. The US doesn’t see the Iraqi people as their own. The Iraqi people, and Arabs in general, have been demonized by US and other Western media for quite some time. This has had a dehumanizing effect which resulted in high casualties among the Iraqis. Russia, on the other hand, sees the Ukrainian people as its kin. President Putin himself has been saying it for years and it’s quite obvious that the Russian military is going out of its way to protect civilians in Ukraine, even at the expense of its own troops in some cases, which is an extremely rare occurrence in military operations of such magnitude. I have certainly never seen anything even closely resembling this during any operations conducted by NATO. Russia’s withdrawal from northern areas of Ukraine also proves this. By limiting large-scale operations to Donbass, the Russian military is trying to reduce the territorial scope of the fighting. Obviously, the goal is to finish the operation as soon as possible and force the government in Kiev to capitulate or at least sign a peace treaty favorable to Russia." 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


"In Video: Russian Drone, Artillery Destroy Ukraine’s New M777 Howitzers" (South Front).  I note that Ritter didn't mention the howitzers, the presence of which had caused him to become a pessimist, in the interview I posted yesterday.

"Sitrep Operation Z: NATO surrenders in Azovstal" (Saker Staff).

Technically speaking, this is a superb blog posting (and Hudson has a remarkable crystal ball):  "How Europe Was Pushed Towards Economic Suicide" (Moon of Alabama).  I know the pressures on the 'leaders' from industrialists and bankers would be extreme, so stupidity just doesn't provide enough of an explanation.  The pressures must be personal, and amount to high treason.  I would say pressure due to taped evidence of sexual depravity, like Maxwell's operation created, but it is possible that Schwab has them tied up in some bizarre quasi-religious cult, with extreme deindustrialization part of their religious quest to 'save the planet'.  In any event, they all have to go.

"Kiev’s Lies and Russia’s Victories in Eastern Ukraine" and "Military Overview: Recent Russian Strikes on the Territory of Ukraine" and "Russian Ministry of Defence Revealed Details on Failed Counterattack of Ukrainian Forces in Zaporozhie Region (Video, Photos)" (South Front).

"[ Kharkiv Front ] Ukraine captured Zarichne & Khotimlya on east bank of Severskyi Donets River" and "[ Mariupol ] Number of surrenders bloated to 959soldiers; mysterious prison truck convoy in Taganrog" and "[ Luhansk Front ] Russian forces captured Druzhba, Orikhove and Toshkivka; Fighting at Trypillya" and "[ Donetsk Front ] Russian forces captured Novoselivka and Novoselivka Druha; Fighting at Kamyanka" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 18.05.2022" (Military Summary).  Oodles of strategy.

"Ukraine Forces Target Russian Orthodox church "Everyday" (Special Report Church Under Fire)" (Lancaster).  Another classic, set in a rather impressive Orthodox religious compound/monastery, where the Nazis, heroes of the West, managed to burn down the church.

"2022.05.18 “Surprised By The Intensity of the Conflict”" (Lira).  I've been thinking that the Ukrainian Army, though not technically a NATO army, but trained by NATO, is the best possible NATO Army, by far.  They are tough as nails, and determined, and brave.  The actual NATO armies are pathetic in comparison.  Can you imagine the new Swedish NATO army, 1/3 women in high heels, 1/3 pedos in high heels, and 1/3 troons in high heels (of course)?  Despite NATO air cover and artillery, the Russians will cut through these diverse, inclusive and equitable 'armies' like a hot knife through butter.  Scoff if you like, but prepare to get w-r-e-c-k-e-d.  You can only pray before this happens that you find some way to forcibly remove your 'leaders'.

I have no idea what is going on here, as the Americans obviously aren't going to let Ze stop until the last Ukrainian is laid to rest  (note the comment above in the video by Defense Politics Asia that it was only supposed to be the injured evacuated from Azovstal, and everybody was surprised to see the uninjured soldiers escape): "Western Military Strategy for Ukraine Changes for Conciliatory Tone" (Araujo).

"Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Not Happening in ‘Any Form’ as Ukraine Toughens Stance" (DeCamp).

"The 16 Biggest Lies the U.S. Government Tells America About the Ukraine War" (Ochs).

Has Putin finally had enough of the Israelis in Syria, and has sent a warning?:  "Russian Military Fired S-300 Missiles at Israeli Fighter Jets During Last Attack on Syria" (South Front).

Finnish swastikas

"959 Ukrainian Militants Surrendered at Azovstal Plant So Far" (South Front). 

"Azovstal Surrenders as Russia Continues Offensive in Donbass" (Mercouris).  Started closer to desertion rather than surrender with Ukrainian government blessing, but once the numbers got out of hand Ze agreed to the 'evacuation'.

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.  None of these Azov guys should ever again see the outside of a Siberian work camp, if the eastern Ukrainians allow them to make it that far alive.  Funny evolution of reporting by the lying 'journalists', who only started telling the truth when the lies became too risible.

A long thread on Finnish swastikas:

Finnish 20th century history is nothing short of monstrous, which they have managed to hide behind recent high human development indices and being 'Scandinavian'. Now we conclusively know what the Finns really are.

This is how the ingrate Nazi Finns repay Stalin's kindness:  "Why Finland allied itself with Nazi Germany" (Roberts).

"Zelensky opens Cannes Film Festival, links war and cinema".

Azov Battalion has decided to pursue other opportunities

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 84".

"Finnish parliament approves proposal to join NATO" (Peters):

"In an opinion piece published the same day, the editorial board of the Washington Post demanded that the war in Ukraine continue and that efforts to negotiate a ceasefire be halted. While recent efforts on the part of France, Germany and Italy to end the bloodshed were “understandable,” opined the newspaper, “the risks of relaxing the pressure on Mr. Putin before he is thoroughly beaten, and maybe not even then, are too high.” [Emphasis added.] It insisted that Paris, Berlin and Rome not let “their desire to shorten this destructive war—and thus limit the damage both to Ukraine and to their own hard-pressed economies” stand in the way. 

If a “thoroughly beaten” Putin is not enough, what is? The answer is: War with Russia until the very end, until Russia itself is destroyed.

The fact that, as the Washington Post tacitly acknowledges, Ukraine will be turned into a wasteland and the economies of Europe plunged into crisis as a result is the cost of doing business."

"Correction: Oleksandropil is not captured by Russian forces; Rozovka is apparently a tiny village" (Defense Politics Asia).  Minor name confusion, but correcting it removes the evidence that Russia was preparing to encircle a large caldron.

"More Ukrainian Squirrels for the Desperate West to Chase" (Johnson).

"An Interesting Detail." and "Larry Johnson And Hyperbole. Mikhail Khodaryonok." (Martyanov).

Mariupol in the context of modern big city sieges:  "The Siege of Mariupol & modern urban combat" (RWA Samizdat).

To make non-Russian sources of hydrocarbons, including, eventually, American fracked LNG, permanently competitive, at the expense of European consumers and European industrial competitiveness!:

Just imagine how blackmailed the Euro-trash must be! 

"Cold War Relic Threatens Europe's Plans to Ditch Russian Oil" (Nicola/Graham).

"Putin: Oil Sanctions Will Be Europe's "Economic Suicide" On Orders From "American Overlords"" (Durden).

"The Jewish Hand in World War Three" (Dalton).

"“Ukraine, the Lifeblood of Russia: Part I, Ukraine and Russia” by Dr. Eugene Lewicky:  From the magazine Der Deutsche Krieg, 1915 issue" (Shoccolocco).

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Portable border post

"Azovstal: Surrender of the Nazis (ะะทะพะฒัั‚ะฐะปัŒ: ะบะฐะฟะธั‚ัƒะปัั†ะธั ั„ะฐัˆะธัั‚ะพะฒ)" (Phillips) (minimal content here). 

"Scott Ritter on Turkey, NATO, Azovstal, the Arctic Council, Poland, Ukraine and, Future of the USA!" (Through the eyes of).  Much wider scope than most Ritter interviews.  Once he gets into American politics, that's the end of analysis, so if you are not interested in his politics - quite liberal (he's mad about 1/6 and judges 'lying' when being asked about abortion on being vetted for the Supreme Court) - you can quit then.

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 17.05.2022" (Military Summary).  Interesting issues of new caldrons, and the possibly massive number of Ukrainians hidden in Azovstal.

"French former Marine returns from Ukraine shocked".

"Biden Will Ease Sanctions On Venezuela's Maduro Amid Scramble For Alternative Oil" (Durden).  "Unsuccessful Maneuvers of the US-European Allies on the Iran Nuclear Front" (Mikhin).

"Nato Expansion and Turkey" (Murray).  The Greek militarization angle of Turkey's objections to Sweden and Finland in NATO.

High Ze, very high, and a portable border post for the Ukrainians who made it up to the Russian 'border':


"Azovstal, UK Media calls it an 'evacuation' w/Gonzalo Lira (Live)" (The Duran with Lira). 

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"They Tried Again..." (Martyanov).

"NDP onboard with Cons, Liberals in warmongering over Ukraine" (Engler).  That bloody warmonger Heather McPherson again.

"NY Times Blasted For Writing Ukrainian Fighters "Evacuated", Didn't Surrender At Azovstal" (Durden).  I wonder if Ze and the Ukrainian PR spinners were influenced by the stellar work of Bagdad Bob.

Swastika pizza topping

"Putin, game master? - Jacques Baud".  First, the point that the war was always set up by the Americans to isolate Russia.  Secondly, the point that Russia knew it was going to receive maximum sanctioning no matter what it did, even if it only went into the Donbas, so the Russians naturally concluded they might as well go in for a maximal occupation to reduce the danger posed by Ukraine as much as possible.

Comment by The Rev Kev at Naked Capitalism:

"“Ukrainian troops evacuate from Mariupol, ceding control to Russia”

I came across this guy’s comment elsewhere, but cannot verify it as I don’t know Russian, but he said that two days ago that a patrol of the “Vostok” battalion found a small hidden tunnel which was used by Azov to get access to the Kalmius river and water. The tunnel was shut down so if this was true, this would explain this surrender. No water would mean no hope as you only last very few days without water.

Meanwhile on the TV news here in Oz they were talking about the heroic defenders who had ‘won the hearts of the world’ and yes, the news presenter actually said that. I found that example of white (supremacist) washing absolutely amazing. But then again, western media refuses to recognize the Donbass or Luhansk forces as such but refers to them as pro-Russian military like in this article. Don’t recall the media referring to the old Afghan army as the pro-American military in all the years that they were fighting."

"Ukraine - For Laughs" (Moon of Alabama). 

"It's over for Azov & Ukraine at Azovstal In Mariupol?" (Lancaster).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 82 (16/5) Summary - Ukrainian forces crosses river in Kharkiv region" (Defense Politics Asia).

The Surrendering Begins

There's a lot of material today, and a much of this is stuff that didn't fit in the previous posting. 

"An Azovstal Day (Special Reportage, May 12th-16th)" and "Azovstal: The Surrendering Begins!! (May17th morning update)" (Phillips).

"2022.05.16 Why The Wolfowitz Doctrine Inevitably Leads To World War" (Lira).  This would have been infinitely better had he mentioned that the primary motivation of (((Wolfowitz))) is Zionism. This may be a wave, or not, from the infamous rigged European bad song contest: "ESC winner shows Nazi salute — RT DE" (Gentzen).

"Cutting Off Russian Gas Would Be "Catastrophic", German Industry President Warns" (Durden).  So I guess the German government will inevitably do it.

"Salvini: Ukraine war must end before 20 million African migrants head to Europe over food shortages" (Albert).  It is already too late to stop the inevitable consequences of the extraordinary corrupt selfishness of the Euro-trash.

"Life in the village" (Doctorow).

"Charlatans From Economics." (Martyanov). 

"(new favourite) military summary & analysis" (Niqnaq).  Two map videos by Military Summary And Analysis.

Cringey as fuck:  "[ THE REAL Ukraine War Day 80 Catch Up ] Strategic Situation Briefing by DPA" (Defense Politics Asia).  A summary of the whole campaign.

"America the Feckless" (Giraldi).

"Tucker Carlson Tonight 05/16/2022". "Greenwald: The Demented - And Selective - Game Of Instantly Blaming Political Opponents For Mass Shootings".

"Biden Orders US Troops Back To War-Torn Somalia, Reversing Trump Withdrawal" (Durden).

Twitter as an integral part of the Imperial war machine: 

I always wanted to cut off a head

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 83".

"Updated: First Azov Fighters Evacuated From Azovstal (Video)" (South Front).  The Ukrainians and the (((media))) are somehow spinning this abject surrender as some kind of Ukrainian victory.  I very much doubt the Russians will agree to swap any Nazis for Russian prisoners, especially as they have a superabundance of non-Nazi Ukrainian POWs to swap.

"Azov Battalion Giving up the Ghost in Avostal" (Johnson). 

"How Long Before Kiev and CNN (BBC) Declare This A Victory?" (Martyanov). 

"The News Media’s Ukraine Whitewash Grows Worse" (Carpenter)

The new heroes of the ADL:

"Germany Weighs Possible Consequences of Heavy Weaponry Supplies to Ukraine" (Antonopoulos).

Mitch looks like the cat that swallowed the canary, the canary being Sweden and Finland:

"Positional Battles and River Crossings Result in Losses for Both Sides" (South Front).

"[ Donetsk Front ] Encirclement of Avdiivka; DPR captures Oleksandropil; Niu-York closes on 2 sides" and "[ Velyka Novosilka ] Russian forces captured Blahodatne (South of Velyka Novosilka)" and "[ Izyum Front ] Russian forces captured Yarova and Drobysheve; Red Cloud Explosion at Mazanivka" and "[ Luhansk Front ] LPR captured Kalinova Popasnaya & Novozvanivka; fighting at Pylychatyne & Vyskryva" and, a rare possible Ukrainian win "[ Kharkiv Front ] Ukraine forces captured Petrivka, Mykhailivka & Pishchane; reported crossed river" and, appropriately sarcastic, "[Mariupol Surrender] Ukraine declare end of "combat mission"; 300+ Azovstal defenders PONAWed so far" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Gonzalo Lira: The Pentagon Says: Russia No – But China Yes" (Lira).  Lira mentions the Nazis in the Ukrainian government, which I thought was the one thing he couldn't say.  Despite the $40 billion and all the arms, the Americans are acting as if Ukraine has already lost, and are moving to the next front.

The howitzers that turned Scott Ritter (there is no confirmation that these weapons are actually in Ukraine).  Note the fourth picture, proudly displayed by a Ukrainian PR outlet:

"What Happens if US Designates Russia ‘a State Sponsor of Terrorism’?" (Bosnic).  As far as Europe is concerned, it sounds like a circular firing squad.

Robinson is solid, but he runs into some heavy weather:  "EVIDENCE TO PARLIAMENT".  Here's the thug Heather McPherson, of the 'socialist' party led by famous Canadian traitor Singh, the man who holds up the cruel dictator of Canada, Blackface Trudeau.  The psycho McPherson throws around the term 'genocide', probably unaware that the Russians consider the Ukrainians to be identical people to them and it is the Ukrainians who call the Russians 'orcs', based on their weird racist theory that Ukrainians are actually Scandinavians, not the hated Slavs.

"Analysis: Neutral Switzerland leans closer to NATO in response to Russia" (Revill).  You really have to wonder what the Americans have over these women.

Europe in six months (I hope):

"Reuters Mocked For Using Paintball Training Photo In Ukraine War Report" (Durden). 

Replacement theory:

"Here’s Why ‘Demography Is Destiny’ Fell Apart For Democrats After Obama" (Devore).  The Democrats are viciously attacking Republicans and Carlson for talking about 'replacement theory', when the entire basis of Killary's campaign was based on it!  The theory was that Hispanic immigration would soon replace white voting supremacy, as Hispanics would all vote for Democrats.  Unfortunately for the Democrats, Hispanics accurately saw the Dems as The Black Party of America, and ran as fast as they could from it, a phenomenon that is only going to get worse with Brandon's wise leadership.  It turns out that Hispanics, or whatever the SJWs have decided to call them today, much prefer getting the concrete material benefits Democrats never deliver, rather than voting as racists.

Aangirfan is kinda back!  I wonder if Google is hearing about Twitter and heeding the Zeitgeist, that book burning is no longer fashionable.

"The Last Days Of Ukranazistan XXI" (Raghead the Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist).