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It takes one to know one

"How to break the Ukrainian trap?" (Shurigin).  The roots of the current problem lie in the failure by Russia to act decisively to clean up Ukraine in 2014.  Instead, Russia decided to be nice and trust in the good will of Americans, never a good idea.

Freedom Convoy leadership is interviewed by the non-mainstream media.  More interesting than I thought it would be.  Not getting pulled into allowing partisan politicians to use them, the cost of truck parts, hoax hate, reactions to O'Toole and The Nazi and Prime Minister Blackface, dealing with media lies, other political issues that need attention, the non-political future of the movement, etc.

"Millionaire Book-Writer And Professional Board-Sitter Chelsea Clinton Attacks Substack Authors As "Grifters"" (Quoth the Raven).

Wouldn't that have been something?:

Airstrikes frequently kill civilians

"Natan Sharansky and Bernard-Henri Levy sign NYT ad urging protest of Beijing Olympics over Chinese persecution of Uighurs" (Hanau).  Two of the worst people in world history, and the son of a third, sign an ad in the JYT.

Mr Blackface, the goof Premier of Ontario, and the universally despised mayor of Ottawa, are all obsessed with the completely irrelevant swastika, proving it was a fed plant.  I guess I can't blame them - every time a politician disses the swastika, a guy named Shlomo comes round with a big bag of shekels.  Other than in Ukraine (!), the swastika is just a weird kind of anti-symbol, pulled out for PR purposes.  What sense would there be for a legitimate protestor to display something he or she knows will elicit contempt against the protest and its goals?

He thought that confetti came out of those bombs, maybe a little candy for the children:  "Pentagon Professes Shock That U.S. Airstrikes Frequently Kill Civilians" (Maass).

Trump was an amateur at trying to use lawfare to stay in power after he'd won reelection; the Dems plan to do better after they lose:  "The Big Lie 2024: A Peek Inside the Ruling Elite’s Playbook to Kneecap Trump, Purge Military, and Neutralize MAGA" (revolver).

"Virtual Ukrainian invasion virtually imminent" (Shumkova).  Identifying the false-flag as probably coming from eastern Ukraine, an attack on the rest of Ukraine. 

Also Ukrainian (((oligarchs))), the real cause of the suffering of Ukrainians:

Added:  Viva Frei in Ottawa, to uncover all the disinformation:  "Live in Ottawa - Freedom Convoy 2022".  I'm starting to watch this - Frei's infectious friendliness is making for a superb stream (real Canadians are nice people).  Also:  I thought Frei was a relatively obscure law streamer, but everybody seems to know him.

Minor correction

"Tucker Carlson-fueled Republicans drop tough-on-Russia stance" (Swan/Solender).  "GOP faces divisions over siding with Ukraine against Russia" (Marcos). Carlson says something )))sane and obvious(((, and the (((media))) loses its mind.  The old Con Inc. guys still monger for war, bribed by the MIC/Jewish billionaires, and blackmailed by Maxwell.  There is a clear break with the new generation of Republican leaders.

"Who Are We Arming and Supporting in Ukraine?" (Day):

"And what in the name of God does a senior officer mean to imply by stitching the uniform patch of a Ukrainian Nazi brigade onto a United States Army uniform, as Colonel Brittany Stewart, military attaché to the US Embassy in Kiev, did last fall?"

Trudeau has to pass on his orders from Schwab to the Canadian people:  "Trudeau will address Canadians as anti-vaccine mandate protest enters 3rd day in Ottawa" (Tunney).  The truckers don't seem to be in any hurry to leave.


Improved version:

"ABC/Ipsos Poll: 76 Percent of Americans Oppose Biden’s Pledge Only To Consider Black Women for Court Vacancy" (Turley).  Brandon fucked this up, and in the most racist way imaginable.  You don't lead by saying you are going to make an affirmative action hire.  Now, for her entire career, the new judge will have all her actions judged on her being the best black woman available, not the best judge available.  What he should have done is announce his best possible candidate, who just happens to be a black woman.  Of course, perhaps the Black Party of America, losing popularity with everybody, including black voters, needs to emphasize the racist nature of the appointment, and doesn't care about the reputation of that judge.

Added:  "U.S. Sends Military Advisors To Peace-Ravaged Country" (The Onion).  I don't think it is satire if it is actually happening.  CBC Pitchbot fell into the same problem, producing the craziest and most Evil possible idea for a CBC presenter to say, only to find she had already said it:

Added:  Yet another satirical tweet, taken as fact by Twitter responses: 

I'm afraid there is a whole generation of people suffering from serious brain damage.

Four-Month Free Promo

I had my suspicions, but it has now been confirmed - the attack on Rogan at Spotify was an advertising campaign for Jeff Bezos:  "Neil Young Pushes Amazon Music Four-Month Free Promo After Exiting Spotify" (Spangler).

"US has secret weapon against Russia – Nuland" (Tickle).  Sanctions for the Jews are targeted at hurting poor people in the target country, at the expense of low and middle class people in America, for the sole benefit of the Khazars and their khleptomania. The big issue here is that any meaningful sanctions will blow back obviously on the American people in the cost of energy, making the next two election cycles even more of a debacle for the Democrats.  The 'Americans' like Nudelman-Kagan have a whole other set of Republican warmongers ready and eager to replace them, so it makes no difference how much Americans are aware that their suffering is being caused for land theft.

Stoltenberg confirms that 'Ukraine' is partly about getting Europeans to pay a lot more for American energy:  "NATO has Russia warning for Europe" (Tickle).  Of course, once the Americans get their foot in the door, they will use their power over the supply to ensure the Europeans don't get any more uppity ideas about running their own continent for their own interests.  'American' interests are the only interests that count.

"War Danger, Boorish Diplomacy, and US’ ‘Cossacks in Europe’: Best Bits From Lavrov’s Big Interview" (Tsukanov):

"“I will mention, in brackets, that the US response, against the background of the document that was sent to us by NATO, constitutes almost a model of diplomatic decency. From NATO the reply was so ideological, reeking so much of the ‘exclusivity’ of the North Atlantic Alliance, ‘its special mission, its special purpose,’ that I was even a little bit ashamed for those who wrote these texts,” Lavrov revealed."

"How the West plays innocent over NATO expansion" (de Zayas): 

"It seems, however, that we in the West have become so used to what I would call a ‘culture of cheating’, that we react in a surprised fashion when another country does not simply accept that we cheated them in the past, and that, notwithstanding this breach of trust, they should accept the ‘new normal’ and resume ‘business as usual’ as if nothing had happened. Our leaders in the US, UK and EU contend that they have a clean conscience and refuse to consider the fact that the other side does feel uncomfortable about having been taken for a ride. A rational person, a fortiori a statesman, would pause and try to defuse the ‘misunderstanding’. Yet the US culture of cheating has become so second nature to us that we do not even realise when we are cheating someone else, and we seem incapable of understanding that denying our actions and reneging on our words adds insult to injury.

The culture of cheating is in the family of the doctrine of ‘exceptionalism’. We self-righteously claim the right to cheat others, but do not accept that others can cheat us. Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi (that which Jupiter can do is not permitted for the bovines). This constitutes a kind of predator behaviour that neither religion nor civilisation has succeeded in eradicating. We mount false-flag operations and accuse the other side of the same. The CIA and M15 have been caught red-handed on so many occasions, yet no one seems to be asking whether, in the long run, such conduct is counter-productive, whether our credibility is shot.

Perhaps one explanation for this kind of behaviour is that we have elevated the culture of cheating to a kind of secular virtue – equivalent to cunning, daring and boldness. It is seen as a positive attribute when a leader is ‘craftier’ and ‘sneakier’ than his/her rival. The name of the game is to score points in an atmosphere of perpetual competition where there are no rules. Our geopolitical competitors are just that – rivals – and there is no interest whatsoever in fraternising with adversaries. Co-operation is somehow perceived as ‘weak’, as ‘un-American’. ‘Dirty tricks’ are not seen as dishonest but as clever, even patriotic, because they are intended to advance the economic and political interests of our country. In a way, ‘dirty tricks’ are perceived in a positive light, as artful, ingenious, adventurous, even visionary. This curious approach to reality is facilitated by a compliant and complicit corporate media that does not call our bluff and, instead, disseminates ‘fake news’ and suppresses dissenting views. Unless an individual has the presence of mind to do his/her own research and to access other sources of information, he/she is caught in the propaganda web."

"Are we training future coup leaders and creating new terrorists in West Africa?" (Turse).  Of course they are, that's the whole point (besides stealing resources).

"As Congress moves to enshrine Abraham Accords, a look at promised ‘peace’ today" (Hartung).

The World's Biggest Asshole has decided to spend a few months pretending to be helpful:  "Is Erdogan Trying to Revise his Foreign Policy?" (Kulikov).  "Why is Turkey trying to mediate the Ukraine-Russia crisis?" (Farooq).

There was even a fed with a swastika flag, which made Reddit overjoyed:

Trudeau seems to have sneaked off to get instructions from Schwab.  The Liberals apparently find the 'fringe minority' more of a threat than they are letting on.  

Where the fuck are our guillotines, as we all have a massive clean up job to do:

Khleptomania is the world's most powerful force:  "‘How do they expect my children to grow up and not be full of hatred?’" (Abraham).  A thread on this particular lawfare:

My favorite thing is old Khazars crying over all the genocides they had to commit, with the terrible effect it had on their 'souls':
Jewish Privilege Card news:

"Apple's AirTag uncovers a secret German intelligence agency" (Gallager). Any country can hide an intelligence agency behind some vaguely named government institution created for the purpose.

A thread on what happens to the poors who are grudgingly let into the Education Club:

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Ugly truths

This CBC 'journalist' has no problem whatsoever in taking a partisan political position:

"Did Justin Trudeau Pick the Wrong Fight With Canadian Truckers?" (Bridge).

"Covid Mandates: Canada Has Had Enough" (Skripac).

"“China will impede vital US strategy to stop Ukraine-Russia conflict: Former defense official”" (Lang). 

"Call to Action: Stop the War With Russia Over Ukraine!" (US Peace Council).

"How the Iran 'threat' led to Arab-Israeli alliance" (Massad).

"Reuters has finally dropped the misleading 'Houthi rebels' narrative" (Ahmed). 

Eliot Higgins debates (deflects) his levels of corruption with Mark Ames.

"Ex-Barclays Chief Jes Staley Reportedly Begged JP Morgan To Keep Epstein As Client" (Durden).

"Leonard Peltier Tests Positive For COVID-19" (Bendery).  "Framing Leonard Peltier".

"New Legal Filing in Mumia’s Case" (Fernández). 

"Jeanine Áñez and Juan Guaidó: Professional Swindlers" (Llamos Camejo).  Car thieves.  

So close!:

Breyer is always described in the (((media))) as a 'liberal' judge:  "Stephen Breyer’s Legacy of Destruction" (Stoller).

"Nuclear Intersectionality & Woke Grift" (Dreher). 

"BLM's millions unaccounted for after leaders quietly jumped ship" (Kerr).  Shouldn't that be 'billions'?  At least the money didn't go to waste:  "Black Lives Matter sent millions to Canada charity to buy mansion" (Vincent).

There was a huge danger that the former definition covered what Israel does, every day:  "ADL Changes Definition Of Racism So Only Whites Can Be Labeled As Racist"

"Capitol Offense: The Ugly Truth Behind The Five Deaths From January 6th and 7th" (Hansen).

The Star is prepping the sheeple for the planned Trudeau tyranny based on the excuse of fighting 'hate' (hint:  the upshot will be Canadians won't be able to criticize Israel in any way without doing hard time, and the rest of the phony concern is cover):  "Canada’s hate laws are too ‘weak’ to deter ‘repeat offenders’" (Cribb/Roy/Buckley/Butt) (pay-walled original).


"Putin splits NATO and cuts out Biden: Russian president agrees to hold talks with Germany, France and Ukraine as squabbling NATO countries fail to decide joint troop deployment and Joe says he'll go it alone" (Reyes/Phillips/Earle).  This is the only format with even the possibility of leading to a positive resolution.  As an aside, you can see why the US isn't ready to fight WWIII - Brandon can't even conduct a phone call without it turning into a PR disaster.

A lying explanation for why Brandon fucked up so much on the infamous Ze phone call:  "Why 'imminent' pisses Zelenskyy off" (Ward/Forgey).

This guy crowd funds to get himself into battle zones:

"A War Only America & Britain Seem to Want" (Lauria).  Britain is just a lackey (and Boris needs a distraction).  It is basically a few thousand beneficiaries of the MIC, and the Khazars, and the (((media))) who retypes their lies.

"Tangled Tale of NATO Expansion at the Heart of Ukraine Crisis" (Lauria).  I know, just have the sane European states insist that Russia be allowed into NATO.  Why not?

"And They Complain About Russian Disinformation!" (Robinson).  The CBC must go.  Warmongering lying to lead to a World War is the single worst crime any human being can commit.  There is no coming back from such a Nuremberg-level lie.

"The Pressure Campaign on Spotify to Remove Joe Rogan Reveals the Religion of Liberals: Censorship" (Greenwald).  "The Center for Countering Digital Hate is Dumb" (eugyppius).  'Antiracism' grifters are moving to the more lucrative anti-anti-vaxx grifting.

"VIDEO: New, Incredible Plan Unfolding at Freedom Trucker Protest in Ottawa" (revolver).  "Protests against COVID-19 mandates could stretch on, officials say":

"No incidents of violence or injuries had been reported . . . "

Though if you read Reddit and Twitter, you'd think the entire city was on fire. 


Another white supremacist trucker:

Sorry about the Rebel News link, but this is hilarious (I wonder if she learned anything, or just went home to post on Reddit):

Explains everything: 

"Trudeau Claims Truckers Only Hate Him Because He's Black" (Babylon Bee).  Trudeau finally lost it - jumped the shark - when he called the truckers a 'fringe minority'.  He could only get away with this with his Reddit/SJW audience because the over 50% of the population who agree with the truckers have zero access to the media.  Of course, according to the CBC, this majority of the population are just agents for Putin.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Russian actors

OK, I've always been against it, but it is now officially time to end the CBC, with nothing lost except ridiculous wokeness and lies:

The rat is leaving the sinking ship:

Added:  "With Trudeau In Hiding, CBC Suggests Putin Behind Truckers' Freedom Convoy" (Durden).  Also, weird tweet from Ottawa Police, who were fine and seemed to have a much better grasp of the Canadian Constitution than Trudeau (the truck image and the word 'grieve' caused the SJWs to conclude the police sided with the truckers):

One thing you might have noticed was missing from the live streams from Ottawa - complete lack of official Canadian media, who are trying to pretend nothing is going on. 

A thread:

Mein Jüstin

"Trudeau Bunker Live Footage" 

"Hitler - Trudeau Parody".  The Tofino reference is to Trudeau declaring a national holiday over imaginary bones, and, instead of using the day to visit with natives, went surfing at Tofino, B.C. (very near to the West Coast Indian tribes he could have visited instead).  Then he apologized.  Classic Jüstin.

r/CoronavirusCirclejerk is a good Reddit on the subject.

Added: BearHug

Added:  "Canadian Convoy 2022 Live IRL".  It is around minus twenty Celsius.

Added:  "🔴LIVE Ottawa - RAW Footage: Freedom Convoy 2022 - Parliament Hill - Saturday Jan 29 pt 2"

Pump vodka through Nord Stream 2

Good summary with lots of links of where the 'American' attack on Russia is today:  "The West Leaves Mummy’s Basement" (Armstrong). 

"Press stunned as Ukraine leader points finger at west" (Vittachi).  "Ukraine’s Zelensky ready to meet with Putin in any format, but not in Sochi".

"#ReleaseTheTranscript Trends After Biden-Ukraine Phone Call Malarkey" (Durden).

"Croatian president calls PM 'Ukrainian agent’".  "US Asks Hungary To Host Troops Aimed At Russia, Despite Long Snubbing Orbán" (Durden).  Added:  "US considers Germany ‘unreliable partner’ because of its stance on Ukraine".

Whenever you start to think that 2% of the population doesn't control everything so they can kill people and steal their land, the (((media))) pops up to remind you: 

Zionism runs into the US Constitution, a thread:

"PM goes into hiding as convoy protest arrives in Ottawa" (Donovan).  Except for massive over-reliance on vaccination (and complete disregard of more important pandemic-stemming measures), and fighting a war over the sacred borders of fucking Ukraine, Trudeau has completely dropped the ball on every single major issue facing the country - inflation, housing costs, supply chains. He's done nothing; he plans to do nothing.

"Snubbing Russia’s Red Lines, the U.S. Shows Strategic Hand".  "Pump vodka through Nord Stream 2 – Nuland" (Guest).  Here's hoping the bribed and blackmailed Euro-trash can see there is a serious (((problem))) here.  Victoria 'Fuck the EU' Nudelman-Kagen hates you.  She literally finds whether you live or die hilarious.  Remember, 'they are crazy'.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Holding unacceptable views

More relevant than ever:  "What Did Clinton Know and When Did She Know It? The Russiagate Evidence Builds" (Sperry) (my emphasis in red):

"J.D. Gordon, who held a position roughly equivalent to Sullivan’s on the 2016 Trump campaign, said in an interview that he hopes Durham adds Sullivan and other Clinton aides to his criminal investigation, “if he hasn’t already.”

He suspects Sullivan was “the Russiagate hoax mastermind” and hopes that he and other members of Clinton’s 2016 team — as well as the candidate herself — are subpoenaed for testimony and document production just as he and other Trump advisers were targeted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, based almost entirely on rumors started by the Clinton machine. He called the Clinton-funded smears “depraved” and “nationally destabilizing."

"In addition to outright surveillance via the fraudulent FISA warrant against Carter Page, many of us were hit with federal and congressional subpoenas, subjected to grueling Senate and House investigations, special counsel interrogations and resulting harsh media spotlight,” he said. "I appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senate Judiciary Committee, House Intelligence Committee and produced requested documents to the House Judiciary Committee. Three times I was summoned before the special counsel, the first of which in August 2017 was apparently leaked to the Washington Post.”"

That's Jake Sullivan, Clinton's de facto campaign manager and Biden's National Security Advisor. 

Some historical context:  "Chicken Kiev or Chicken Little?" (Lieven).

"Putin Has The Power To Intensify Europe's Energy Crisis" (Zaremba).

Any one NATO member can veto the admission of Ukraine to NATO, so any one NATO member - e.g., Iceland, North Macedonia - could promise Russia to veto the admission of Ukraine.  How could Russia secure such an agreement so it couldn't be reneged upon?  What could Russia give in return?

Ze would be wise to accept, as the latest Biden call made it clear to him that Ukraine, not to mention Ze himself, is just bait for the 'Americans':  "Russian Foreign Ministry offers Zelensky to come to Russia for talks".  "Ukraine's President Tells Biden To "Calm Down" In Phone Call" (Durden).  The ground is sure taking a long time to freeze in a Ukrainian winter!

"Ex-Russian president reveals Moscow's thinking on China" (Tickle).

"Big War CEOs: There’s chaos in the world and our prospects are excellent" (Clifton).  Did you know that Northrop Grumman was a promoter of global human rights?

Another Brzezinski with the standard neocon argument of the necessity of maintaining Imperial credibility:  "'Morning Joe' Panelist Argues U.S. Must Demonstrate It Has "Stomach" To Fight For Ukraine" (Hains).

"One third of Biden’s Cabinet are Jewish Zionists" (Polya).  And almost everybody involved in the warmongering.

The trampolinist fell on her head again, knocking some sense into herself:  "German foreign minister defends refusal to send arms to Ukraine".  They are sending helmets (ha!).  I wonder if the Germans are kind enough to pre-stamp the helmets with the Nazi logos.

Finding starting WWIII over the borders of Ukraine ridiculous makes you part of the "right wing authoritarian Internationale":

Yeah, nobody who participated in pandemic authoritarianism - which seems to be getting worse even as the pandemic itself runs out of steam - should ever be allowed to criticize anybody else for being 'authoritarian'. It is the same logic that wrecked anti-abortion arguments in the US.  Once you throw out bodily autonomy for jabs (or, for that matter, for pedo contact), bodily autonomy loses all meaning.

"Canadian aid ‘fuels the conflict’ in Ukraine, Russian ambassador charges" (MacCharles):

"Stepanov responded directly to remarks by Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland that Canada and its allies are standing “strong” against authoritarianism and seeking to uphold the “international rules-based order.” The ambassador laughed, and dismissed it as “bewildering” rhetoric and a meaningless slogan.

“It’s just an attempt of the collective West, the former, actually, colonial nations to invent those rules for themselves and to try to impose those rules on the rest of the world,” he said.

It’s regrettable, Stepanov said, “to hear when representatives of western governments including Canada try to present what’s going on right now in the sphere of European security or in Ukraine as kind of a struggle between forces of dark and light, or good and evil, and putting labels on sovereign countries or their leaders, kind of naming them authoritarian or dictatorship or et cetera. It’s not how intergovernmental relations are built and it’s not how you do diplomacy.”"

The article continues, in the best American (((media))) style, to note how wise Canada's participation in starting WWIII really is. 

"Where Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Money Going?" (Goldstein).  It appears that the Mossad and the (((donors))) are recouping some of their money on kickbacks from selling assets at huge discounts.

Long account of the Randy Andy interview that seems to have ruined him:  "“It Was Catastrophic”: Inside Prince Andrew’s Misguided Bid to Explain Away Epstein" (Seal):  "Open these bloody gates, you buffoons!"

"The Army’s new infantry assault buggy is a useless garbage pile".  Standard American military procurement.

I don't think I've seen a case where it is as obvious that the judges are the ones who should be in jail:  "Chevron’s Prosecution of Steven Donziger" (North):

"Chevron’s onslaught continued after the RICO trial, when it demanded access to Donziger’s electronics. He declined, arguing that his cell phone and computer records would allow the corporation to snoop on his communications with his Ecuadorian clients. At first, Chevron pursued a civil case to hold Donziger in contempt and force him to produce the electronics. Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, a large corporate law firm, has been a major Chevron legal representative for years, and it started to prepare the civil case. I got access to documents that show that the Gibson firm billed Chevron more than $3,028,000 between January 2018 and April 2019. About a dozen Gibson Dunn employees worked on the case.

Then, in a move that surprised legal experts, in July 2019 Judge Kaplan changed the charge to “criminal contempt.” Judge Kaplan initially followed standard procedure and asked the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York to prosecute Donziger. The US Attorney declined. Martin Garbus, the veteran human rights lawyer who is part of the Donziger legal team, explained: “It was only a misdemeanor case. US Attorneys understand they should be concentrating on corporate and bank frauds, on heavy drug and violence cases, and on government corruption.”

But Kaplan stunned legal scholars by asking a “private prosecutor,” Rita Glavin, who worked for a private law firm, Seward & Kissel (which later turned out to have business ties to Chevron), to bring a case against Donziger. Donziger argues that Gibson Dunn’s long-standing relationship with Chevron was likely indispensable to putting him in prison. Donziger said: “Glavin’s submissions from the very beginning of the criminal case against me were very sophisticated, and cited very esoteric portions of the record that she would have no way of knowing about.”

The documents show that Glavin and her assistants met in person with Gibson Dunn’s lawyers at least 32 times. E-mails show numerous additional telephone conferences between the two. In one December 3, 2019, e-mail, Glavin is scheduling a phone call with a lawyer from Gibson Dunn at 10 PM. Charles Nesson, a professor at Harvard Law School who has followed the case for years, and already cites it in his courses, told me, “The biggest evidence of Chevron’s involvement is the size of the legal docket. The docket sets records in legal docketry. Who paid for all of that legal stuff?

Donziger said, “It seems very clear that Gibson Dunn was either writing her legal papers, or heavily editing them, or writing her drafts, or telling her where parts of the record were. It was a clear, deep collaboration.”

Gibson Dunn insists that it “donated” the hours that it consulted with the Glavin team about prosecuting Donziger criminally. This claim, even if narrowly true, raises plenty of suspicions. Chevron has surely paid Gibson Dunn millions to pursue Donziger. Nesson said, “Chevron and Gibson Dunn have carried out their war against Donziger for years. The idea that Gibson ‘donated’ time is almost laughable.”

What’s more, Gibson Dunn didn’t stop billing Chevron from April 2019 onward—but the sum since then is a secret. Judge Loretta Preska, who presided over Donziger’s criminal contempt trial, allowed Gibson Dunn to submit that figure to her alone, and she declined to make it public, contending that “the amounts billed for hours billed relating to Chevron is confidential law firm information.”"

Trudeau's going to get truck convoyed in Ottawa this weekend (with an impressively huge turn-out across rural Canada as it crosses the country over thousands of kilometers), and Trudeau-loving Twitter, having never heard of the Canadian Constitution or freedom of speech or association, is in an uproar, as if this represents the apocalypse.  Stores and restaurants in Ottawa are actually closing for the weekend in terror of rednecks (although a sizable proportion of truckers in Canada are actually East Indians). Trudeau's innate authoritarianism is only just under the surface:

"Slave blooded traitor", where's the lie!: 

The real fear seems to be that this will turn into some kind of Canadian populist party, but I expect the Conservatives will get their fangs into it and ruin it. 

"Honduras inaugurates first female president, Harris vows closer U.S. ties" (Hunnicutt/Palencia).  Hilarious.  The only way Honduras got to this point was by escaping the vile plans of Killary.

"Some Crazy Shit I Learned Today: Jim Morrison Might Have Been Taken Down By The Israelis".  "Jim & George Morrison and the USS Liberty" (Đumišić).  "Was Jim Morrison murdered because his father proposed attacking Israel?".

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Containing containment

The trials of Ze:  "RAGOZIN: Zelenskiy swimming in the shark infested waters of friends and foes":

". . .  throughout the year Zelenskiy has been forced to devote significant time and attention to an attempt by the radical part of the security community, close to Poroshenko, to launch an impeachment process through the so-called Wagnergate affair. They claimed that Zelenskiy committed an act of treason through a last-minute cancellation of a madcap plan, hatched by Ukrainian military intelligence, which envisaged the forced landing of a civilian Turkish plane carrying mercenaries from the infamous Russian Wagner group. The affair resulted in an open rebellion by the military intelligence chief, which Zelenskiy had to put down in September.

By the time the US went into red alert mode over “imminent” Russian aggression, Zelenskiy was clearly more preoccupied with domestic politics and the threat of a coup. His messaging became confused as he tried to link his foes, such as oligarch Rinat Akhmetov and ex-president Poroshenko to Russia, while it was clear that if any great power were behind them, then it would be the United States of America.

Akhmetov is one of the top sponsors of the Atlantic Council. The militant street movement, which backs Poroshenko and keeps the threat of a new Maidan alive, is run by Andriy Levus, an activist and former security official directly linked to diaspora organisations created by Nazi collaborators who found refuge in North America under the auspices of the CIA."

Containment:  "America’s Armed ‘Sentinel State’ Encirclement" (Crooke).  I wonder if China has discussions with MbZ over what the fuck he is doing trying to control the Maritime Silk Road by fighting a war in Yemen.

"Is Lockheed Martin Dictating Politico’s War Propaganda Articles in Secret? Hell No–They’re Doing it Right Out in the Open" (Kuzmarov).

"Blinken’s response to Russia NATO demand is frankly disturbing" (Stanley).

"Biden Spits on Putin's Request for Security" (Whitney).

Sorry about freezing to death, Europe, or, as (((they))) say, 'Fuck the EU':

"The Ukraine crisis, sponsored by US hegemony and war profiteers" (Maté):

"A negotiated solution to the Donbas war has been in place since the signing of the Minsk II accords in 2015, as Anatol Lieven of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft has repeatedly stressed. The prospect of NATO expansion appears to be the pact’s main obstacle to implementation. Minsk II calls for granting autonomy to the Donbas region in return for its demilitarization. But Ukraine has "[refused] to guarantee permanent full autonomy for the Donbas", Lieven writes, out of fear "that permanent autonomy for the Donbas would prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and the European Union, as the region could use its constitutional position within Ukraine to block membership."

In Lieven's view, this could change with one critical shift: "If the United States drops the hopeless goal of NATO membership for Ukraine, it will be in a position to pressure the Ukrainian government and parliament to agree to a '"

"Russia and the West: Piercing the Fog of Hysteria" (Escobar).

The rules-based international order

I'm going to stick my neck out here and suggest that the grandfather of The Nazi did not die "to establish the rules-based international order", unless that is what she means by the Third Reich, and dying means moving to Alberta: 


As expected, coming from (((those))) who want WWIII:

"REFEED: Lavrov gives statement following US response to Moscow security demands".  The video actually starts as late as 1:24:40.  Lavrov presents what amounts to the Golden Rule in international relations. 

A thread:

"How A Tiny NATO Country Went Rogue & May Prevent War With Russia" (Ehrlich). "What Explains The Croatian President’s Criticism Of NATO’s Anti-Russian Policies?" (Korybko).

"Putin Holds Economic-Development Meeting With Italian Executives Amid Rising Tensions With West" (Durden).

(((Ze))) may simply be a part of the larger Khazar plot for WWIII - actually, I would fall down dead in amazement if anyone could prove he wasn't - and doesn't give a shit what happens to Ukrainians:  "What’s Actually Happening in Ukraine?" (Snider).

From June, to celebrate Give Us More Wars, Goyim! Day, the most seriously disgusting day of the year:  "Google's head of diversity is slammed for saying 'Jews have insatiable appetite for war and killing' in 2007 blog post which argued they should have more 'compassion' because of the Holocaust" (Ibbetson). 

Frum's face is starting to reflect his black soul:  "Greenwald: The Neocons' Primary War Tactic - Branding Opponents Of US Intervention As Traitors" (Greenwald).  You are a traitor to America if you don't fight WWIII, a War Solely For The Jews, over the borders of Ukraine!  I don't want to give the monstrous mass-murdering Khazars any hints, but who thought it would be a good idea to role out the same neocons for the same kind of trick that has ended in a disaster Every Single Time, but one that this time could actually result in the nuclear destruction of the US, or, at the very least, the bill coming due for all the Wars For The Jews due to the loss of the reserve status of the dollar?

"The US-Russia Commitment Gap: And Its Tragic Potential" (Sjursen):

". . . there is an enormous and decisive gap – Biden and media rhetoric aside – between Moscow’s intensive, and Washington’s/Brussel’s minimal, commitment regarding Ukraine and the east end of Eastern Europe writ large.

In other words, Russia has demonstrated a will, and deployed military capacity, to win – and win fast – if this thing goes hot, that America and its divided, and oft-impotent, NATO allies simply can’t match. Therefore, the West would lose – full stop – to say nothing of the reality that it shouldn’t even consider fighting in the first place. That makes the whole matter pure madness, and the fact that Biden and Blinken won’t admit this inconvenient truth, well, blatantly criminal."

I hate to keep flogging the same dead horse, but this lack of commitment is exactly what you would expect from a country which is constantly being forced into wars which aren't in its national interest. 

So what is the response?  The sole issue, the status of Ukraine, remains off the table, according to the 'Americans' who have stolen American foreign policy for the national interests of the most creepy and Evil foreign country.  So Russia has to arrange to get Ukraine off the table.  Doing really serious things, like missiles in the Americas or on the borders of Europe, is unnecessarily provocative, and contradicts the Golden Rule position of the Russians.  The most direct approach is the one suggested by Bhadrakumar, roll into eastern Ukraine, essentially unopposed - if the neo-Nazis put up a fuss, calm them down with minimalist levels of missile attacks on military bases in Ukraine proper - set up a provisional government, and sue for some kind of federal system.  This will block NATO by force, accomplishing what negotiating with the (((people who are crazy))) could not do.  The Russians may have to do the same thing with Georgia.  It will be a bit messy, but nothing the Russians can't handle easily.

Of course, the 'Americans' will scream bloody murder, and attempt to stir up NATO - even the Euro-trash won't take that bait - and go the maximum sanctions route, until the brilliant Europeans come to realize that the 'Americans' are really proposing to sanction Europe to let it freeze in the dark, or pay ridiculous prices for American LNG.  There will still be the possibility of WWIII in the next American Administration, but at least the Russians can deal with that without missiles on their borders.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

On behalf of the robots

Gab (Aangirfan):

"'Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.

'We received your unlock request on January 26, 2022. On behalf of the robots, we apologize for locking your non-spam blog. Please be patient while we take a look at your blog and verify that it is not spam.'"

Lit timelines on fire

Until, as was the case with Anne Frank, some Jew turns you in (I suspect we will be hearing less of old Anne and her Bic pen in the future!): "RFK Jr. Likens Anti-Vaxxer Struggle To Holocaust Victims, Including Anne Frank" (Ellington) (requisite apology).

Does Anne Frank = cancellation?  Where's Aangirfan?

The $600 that Brandon couldn't find for Americans to survive a pandemic is being put to good use:

Another thread on the pressing issue of the age, Khazar khleptomania (and its implications for world war):

Trudeau can't raise an eyebrow without the prior written consent of Stephen Bronfman, so here we are: "Canada should refuse to extradite Hassan Diab to France, supporters say" (Cochrane).

"Maybe the Story is More Complex than Russia Bad, Canada Good" (Engler).

The Old Cons haven't changed their maximum war stance since the era of Dick Cheney and John McCain, but there are some new voices on the right:  "Populists on the right are now openly challenging Republican war lust" (Hunter).  Massie and Gabbard are one thing, but Kirk, who is consistently awful on all issues, is a good bellwether here.  It would not surprise me if a big bag of shekels immediately arrives and he changes his tune (that's how he rolls).

"Why Are Republican Legislators So in Favor of War?" (Bandow).  I'm not sure how Putin is 'acting badly'. 

A thread (I have no idea about the validity of the material):

"Leonard Peltier Pleads For Help Amid Constant COVID Lockdowns In Prison".

"Turkey’s Sociopolitical Crisis is getting Worse" (Odintsov).  Pedal to the floor on every crazy idea, particularly building a Turkish Empire, is starting to take a serious domestic toll.

The one thing the world hasn't got enough of is hasbara:  "The new hasbara campaign Israel doesn’t want you to know about" (Benzaquen/The Seventh Eye):

"The plan is to transfer money indirectly to foreign organizations that will spread Israeli propaganda in the countries in which they operate, all while hiding the fact that they are backed by the Israeli government."

Pfizer is at that state of a pandemic where considerable machinations are required to keep the gravy train going:  "Pfizer Launches Clinical Trial for Omicron Booster Awfully Late….What Gives?" (Smith).

"Durham: DNC lawyer Marc Elias has given grand jury testimony" (Techno Fog).

Our eastern flank countries

The (((media)))'s acceptance, even celebration, of neo-Nazi military forces in Ukraine is perhaps the single most telling aspect of this latest warmongering nonsense:

It is really looking like the plan is to replace Ze with this clown, who is actually worse than Ze:  "Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko allowed to remain free in treason case amid war crisis" (Melanovski). As bad as he is, Ze might be a little too sane for the job (((they))) have planned:  "Is The US Preparing To Sacrifice Zelensky In Order To Justify Russia’s Containment?" (Korybko).

When the 'Americans' drew their plans up for Russia/Ukraine, the best possible solution on the white board is a full Russian invasion of all of Ukraine.  This would:

  1. provide the PR to cut Russia off from Europe, thus allowing very lucrative over-priced American LNG sales to replace Russian gas;
  2. lead immediately to the fullest possible European and American sanctions against Russia;
  3. encourage the Europeans to finally devote the amounts of money to NATO that Trump was insisting on;
  4. allow the Americans to effectively reinvade Europe with a new standing American army for 'protection';
  5. allow all the American weapons, smack dab against the borders of Russia;
  6. start the drum beats for the regime-change-causing WWIII once President Trump is installed, thus ending Russia's vile 😁 peacemongering interference in the Middle East.

The Russians are fully aware of the 'American' plans.  "A 'Parthogenetic' Conflict - There Is No Russian Invasion Threat To Ukraine" (Moon of Alabama).  Now, I do believe the Russians would like to rescue the Russian-speaking inhabitants of Ukraine from the Nazis, and, if they thought they could get away with it, would do the mini-invasion mentioned by Bhadrakumar in order to force adherence by Ukraine to Minsk 2.  If explained to them, sensible Europeans should be able to find this reasonable.

"Moscow to Washington: "Remove the Nukes on Our Doorstep and Stop the Eastward Push"" (Whitney).  Some of the condescending 'journalists' are saying that Putin got out over his skis and needs a face-saving way to step back, but the reality is that it is the American Empire that needs the way out.  The (((neocons))) are making the same argument they have made over and over again with respect to each successive War For The Jews, which is that the Empire can't make any concessions on any issue ever without permanently ruining the Imperial brand, which consists of being the sole, unchallenged, shot-caller.  The most obvious solution to this is for the Europeans to refuse to die - what a concept! - leaving the Americans the face-saving out that the people they are trying to protect are idiots, but what can you do.  A way to get to this point is for the European, Russian, and Ukrainian negotiations to revive Minsk 2, which would, however, require a 180 turn by Ukraine.  What Ukraine really needs is to fix its (((oligarch))) corruption problem, which needs to be done as a precursor to getting the big outside investment funds it needs to be able to move forward.  It would be a lot cheaper for Europe to pour money into Ukraine - assuming it is all not immediately stolen, which is the case today - than suffer through WWIII.  How do we get from here to there?

"For God’s Sake Boys, Stop This War S**t!!!" (Wright).

Where the hell are Bellingcat's laser eyes when you need them?:  "Satellite Images of Russia – A Puzzlement By Walrus".

I guess the western flank is Taiwan:

Tucker's honesty is dangerous to those who want to see WWIII:

Everybody needs a face-saving escape route, and this is a smart analysis, though it depends on a modicum of good faith from the British judiciary which I fear doesn't exist:  "Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day Oh God It Never Ends" (Murray):

"Now some of the appeal points which the High Court refused to certify as arguable and of general public interest, were important. One point was that the diplomatic assurances by the United States promised not to engage in certain illegal practices amounting to torture, but made that assurance conditional on Assange’s future behaviour.

Now, legally prohibited treatment of prisoners does not become lawful if the prisoner does something wrong. That ought to have been a slam-dunk argument, even without the fact that the decision on Assange’s future behaviour would be made by precisely the same authorities who plotted to kidnap or murder him.

All of which was not certified as an arguable point of law of general public interest.

What is certified and going forward is the simple question of whether the diplomatic assurances were received too late. Rather peculiarly, the High Court judgement of Burnett and Holroyde, against which Julian was seeking leave to appeal, blamed extradition magistrate Vanessa Baraitser for not having asked the United States for diplomatic assurances at the earlier stage.

The doctrine that a judge should suggest to counsel for one party, helpful points to strengthen their case against the other party, is an entirely new one in English law. The United States could have submitted their diplomatic note at any stage, but chose not to do so, in order to see if they could get away with making no commitment as to Assange’s treatment. They only submitted a diplomatic note after they lost the original case. It was not for Baraitser to ask them to do it earlier and the suggestion is a ludicrous bit of special pleading by Burnett.

This is more than just a procedural point. If the assurances had been submitted to the magistrate’s court, their value could have been objected to by Assange’s defence. The self-canceling conditionalities within the assurances themselves could have been explored, and the United States’ long record of breaking such assurances could have been discussed.

By introducing them only at the appeal stage, the United States had evaded all scrutiny of their validity.

That was confirmed by today’s judgement. Questions of the viability of assurances that, inter alia, make torture a future option, were ruled not to be arguable appeal points.

So the certified point, whether assurances can be submitted at the appeals stage, is not really just about timing and deadlines, it is about whether there should be scrutiny of the assurances or not.

However it does not look like a substantial point. It looks like just a technical point on timing and deadlines. This is very important, because it may be the screen behind which the British Establishment is sidling slowly towards the exit. Was Lord Burnett looking to get out of this case by one of the curtained doors at his back?

If any of the other points had been certified, there would have been detailed discussion in court of the United States’ penchant for torture, its dreadful prison conditions, and its long record of bad faith (it is an accepted point of law in the United States that domestic authorities are not bound by any assurance, commitment or even treaty given to foreign governments). For the Supreme Court to refuse Assange’s extradition on any of those grounds would be an official accusation against the United States’ integrity, and thus diplomatically difficult.

But the Supreme Court can refuse extradition on the one point now certified by the High Court, and it can be presented as nothing to do with anything bad about the USA and its governance, purely a technical matter of a missed deadline. Apologies all round, never mind old chap, and let’s get to the claret at Simpson’s.

Can there really be an end in sight for Julian? Is the British Establishment quietly sidling to the exit?"

This isn't a joke, it is serious anti-rape advice: