Friday, January 28, 2022

Holding unacceptable views

More relevant than ever:  "What Did Clinton Know and When Did She Know It? The Russiagate Evidence Builds" (Sperry) (my emphasis in red):

"J.D. Gordon, who held a position roughly equivalent to Sullivan’s on the 2016 Trump campaign, said in an interview that he hopes Durham adds Sullivan and other Clinton aides to his criminal investigation, “if he hasn’t already.”

He suspects Sullivan was “the Russiagate hoax mastermind” and hopes that he and other members of Clinton’s 2016 team — as well as the candidate herself — are subpoenaed for testimony and document production just as he and other Trump advisers were targeted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, based almost entirely on rumors started by the Clinton machine. He called the Clinton-funded smears “depraved” and “nationally destabilizing."

"In addition to outright surveillance via the fraudulent FISA warrant against Carter Page, many of us were hit with federal and congressional subpoenas, subjected to grueling Senate and House investigations, special counsel interrogations and resulting harsh media spotlight,” he said. "I appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senate Judiciary Committee, House Intelligence Committee and produced requested documents to the House Judiciary Committee. Three times I was summoned before the special counsel, the first of which in August 2017 was apparently leaked to the Washington Post.”"

That's Jake Sullivan, Clinton's de facto campaign manager and Biden's National Security Advisor. 

Some historical context:  "Chicken Kiev or Chicken Little?" (Lieven).

"Putin Has The Power To Intensify Europe's Energy Crisis" (Zaremba).

Any one NATO member can veto the admission of Ukraine to NATO, so any one NATO member - e.g., Iceland, North Macedonia - could promise Russia to veto the admission of Ukraine.  How could Russia secure such an agreement so it couldn't be reneged upon?  What could Russia give in return?

Ze would be wise to accept, as the latest Biden call made it clear to him that Ukraine, not to mention Ze himself, is just bait for the 'Americans':  "Russian Foreign Ministry offers Zelensky to come to Russia for talks".  "Ukraine's President Tells Biden To "Calm Down" In Phone Call" (Durden).  The ground is sure taking a long time to freeze in a Ukrainian winter!

"Ex-Russian president reveals Moscow's thinking on China" (Tickle).

"Big War CEOs: There’s chaos in the world and our prospects are excellent" (Clifton).  Did you know that Northrop Grumman was a promoter of global human rights?

Another Brzezinski with the standard neocon argument of the necessity of maintaining Imperial credibility:  "'Morning Joe' Panelist Argues U.S. Must Demonstrate It Has "Stomach" To Fight For Ukraine" (Hains).

"One third of Biden’s Cabinet are Jewish Zionists" (Polya).  And almost everybody involved in the warmongering.

The trampolinist fell on her head again, knocking some sense into herself:  "German foreign minister defends refusal to send arms to Ukraine".  They are sending helmets (ha!).  I wonder if the Germans are kind enough to pre-stamp the helmets with the Nazi logos.

Finding starting WWIII over the borders of Ukraine ridiculous makes you part of the "right wing authoritarian Internationale":

Yeah, nobody who participated in pandemic authoritarianism - which seems to be getting worse even as the pandemic itself runs out of steam - should ever be allowed to criticize anybody else for being 'authoritarian'. It is the same logic that wrecked anti-abortion arguments in the US.  Once you throw out bodily autonomy for jabs (or, for that matter, for pedo contact), bodily autonomy loses all meaning.

"Canadian aid ‘fuels the conflict’ in Ukraine, Russian ambassador charges" (MacCharles):

"Stepanov responded directly to remarks by Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland that Canada and its allies are standing “strong” against authoritarianism and seeking to uphold the “international rules-based order.” The ambassador laughed, and dismissed it as “bewildering” rhetoric and a meaningless slogan.

“It’s just an attempt of the collective West, the former, actually, colonial nations to invent those rules for themselves and to try to impose those rules on the rest of the world,” he said.

It’s regrettable, Stepanov said, “to hear when representatives of western governments including Canada try to present what’s going on right now in the sphere of European security or in Ukraine as kind of a struggle between forces of dark and light, or good and evil, and putting labels on sovereign countries or their leaders, kind of naming them authoritarian or dictatorship or et cetera. It’s not how intergovernmental relations are built and it’s not how you do diplomacy.”"

The article continues, in the best American (((media))) style, to note how wise Canada's participation in starting WWIII really is. 

"Where Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Money Going?" (Goldstein).  It appears that the Mossad and the (((donors))) are recouping some of their money on kickbacks from selling assets at huge discounts.

Long account of the Randy Andy interview that seems to have ruined him:  "“It Was Catastrophic”: Inside Prince Andrew’s Misguided Bid to Explain Away Epstein" (Seal):  "Open these bloody gates, you buffoons!"

"The Army’s new infantry assault buggy is a useless garbage pile".  Standard American military procurement.

I don't think I've seen a case where it is as obvious that the judges are the ones who should be in jail:  "Chevron’s Prosecution of Steven Donziger" (North):

"Chevron’s onslaught continued after the RICO trial, when it demanded access to Donziger’s electronics. He declined, arguing that his cell phone and computer records would allow the corporation to snoop on his communications with his Ecuadorian clients. At first, Chevron pursued a civil case to hold Donziger in contempt and force him to produce the electronics. Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, a large corporate law firm, has been a major Chevron legal representative for years, and it started to prepare the civil case. I got access to documents that show that the Gibson firm billed Chevron more than $3,028,000 between January 2018 and April 2019. About a dozen Gibson Dunn employees worked on the case.

Then, in a move that surprised legal experts, in July 2019 Judge Kaplan changed the charge to “criminal contempt.” Judge Kaplan initially followed standard procedure and asked the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York to prosecute Donziger. The US Attorney declined. Martin Garbus, the veteran human rights lawyer who is part of the Donziger legal team, explained: “It was only a misdemeanor case. US Attorneys understand they should be concentrating on corporate and bank frauds, on heavy drug and violence cases, and on government corruption.”

But Kaplan stunned legal scholars by asking a “private prosecutor,” Rita Glavin, who worked for a private law firm, Seward & Kissel (which later turned out to have business ties to Chevron), to bring a case against Donziger. Donziger argues that Gibson Dunn’s long-standing relationship with Chevron was likely indispensable to putting him in prison. Donziger said: “Glavin’s submissions from the very beginning of the criminal case against me were very sophisticated, and cited very esoteric portions of the record that she would have no way of knowing about.”

The documents show that Glavin and her assistants met in person with Gibson Dunn’s lawyers at least 32 times. E-mails show numerous additional telephone conferences between the two. In one December 3, 2019, e-mail, Glavin is scheduling a phone call with a lawyer from Gibson Dunn at 10 PM. Charles Nesson, a professor at Harvard Law School who has followed the case for years, and already cites it in his courses, told me, “The biggest evidence of Chevron’s involvement is the size of the legal docket. The docket sets records in legal docketry. Who paid for all of that legal stuff?

Donziger said, “It seems very clear that Gibson Dunn was either writing her legal papers, or heavily editing them, or writing her drafts, or telling her where parts of the record were. It was a clear, deep collaboration.”

Gibson Dunn insists that it “donated” the hours that it consulted with the Glavin team about prosecuting Donziger criminally. This claim, even if narrowly true, raises plenty of suspicions. Chevron has surely paid Gibson Dunn millions to pursue Donziger. Nesson said, “Chevron and Gibson Dunn have carried out their war against Donziger for years. The idea that Gibson ‘donated’ time is almost laughable.”

What’s more, Gibson Dunn didn’t stop billing Chevron from April 2019 onward—but the sum since then is a secret. Judge Loretta Preska, who presided over Donziger’s criminal contempt trial, allowed Gibson Dunn to submit that figure to her alone, and she declined to make it public, contending that “the amounts billed for hours billed relating to Chevron is confidential law firm information.”"

Trudeau's going to get truck convoyed in Ottawa this weekend (with an impressively huge turn-out across rural Canada as it crosses the country over thousands of kilometers), and Trudeau-loving Twitter, having never heard of the Canadian Constitution or freedom of speech or association, is in an uproar, as if this represents the apocalypse.  Stores and restaurants in Ottawa are actually closing for the weekend in terror of rednecks (although a sizable proportion of truckers in Canada are actually East Indians). Trudeau's innate authoritarianism is only just under the surface:

"Slave blooded traitor", where's the lie!: 

The real fear seems to be that this will turn into some kind of Canadian populist party, but I expect the Conservatives will get their fangs into it and ruin it. 

"Honduras inaugurates first female president, Harris vows closer U.S. ties" (Hunnicutt/Palencia).  Hilarious.  The only way Honduras got to this point was by escaping the vile plans of Killary.

"Some Crazy Shit I Learned Today: Jim Morrison Might Have Been Taken Down By The Israelis".  "Jim & George Morrison and the USS Liberty" (Đumišić).  "Was Jim Morrison murdered because his father proposed attacking Israel?".

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