Saturday, January 08, 2022

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"Emma  Watson post shows Israel's anti-Semitism smears are beginning to break down" (Winstanley):

". . . it's important to note that the Israeli government has always fabricated anti-Semitism smears against its enemies.

This goes right back to the foundation of the State of Israel itself in 1948, upon the mass graves of Palestinians.

The first to be smeared in this way were the Palestinian people themselves. False allegations of anti-Semitism concocted by Israel and the Israel lobby against the Palestine solidarity movement are thus in fact an extension of the Zionist settler-colonial project's disinformation campaign against the Palestinians themselves.

Israeli diplomats and propagandists have long maintained that the Palestinian people's opposition to their dispossession from their own land was not motivated by any sense of injustice, but merely by anti-Jewish racism. This is deemed, in the standard European-imperialist Orientalist framework, to be mysteriously endemic in Muslim and Arab societies.

This is, of course, a nonsense. More than a nonsense, it is a poisonous and racist lie.

Palestinians oppose the Zionist movement – and its creation, Israel – because it has meant and continues to mean expulsion, massacres, apartheid, military dictatorship and dispossession for them and their children and their children's children.

The fact that Israel classes itself as a "Jewish state" is irrelevant. Palestinians would oppose any political and/or religious project that expelled them from their own lands in the same or similar manner.

It is precisely because Israel's injustices have become more and more clear for more and more people that the Zionist movement and the Israel lobby have come to increasingly rely on fabrications of anti-Semitism.

Israel's propagandists know that they cannot win the arguments in open debate. So instead of trying to beat the activists by defeating their arguments, they instead try to shut them down, cancel them, ban them and – in Palestine especially – jail them.

But the maliciously false allegations of anti-Semitism against Israel's enemies have become so egregious that most people no longer believe them.

Weaponised anti-Semitism – a tool in the Israeli arsenal almost as powerful, in its own way, as the undeclared nuclear weapons it has – is beginning to lose its potency."

"Maxwell May Get A Second Trial, But What About the Rest of Epstein’s “Significant Others”?" (Turley).  "‘It’s an absolute disaster’: Now prosecution appoint counsel for rogue juror who said he swayed jury during jury deliberations with chat of his own sex abuse experience as defense calls for mistrial" (Collins).

"How Effective Are the Current COVID-19 Vaccines Against the Omicron Variant?" (Viable Opposition).  It is funny to watch politicians doing awful things on the justification of 'following the science', yet when the science clearly changes, there is no change in the actions of the politicians.  We're deep, deep, deep into guillotine territory.  "CTV deletes and edits headline admitting pandemic of the vaccinated" (Bexte).

"CSTO in Kazakhstan annoys US" (Bhadrakumar).

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